Why Esports Streamers are Great Role Models

by in General | Sep, 12th 2018

Let’s talk about role models and esports streamers. That’s right, I just used role model and esports streamers in the same sentence. Interesting concept obviously. What comes to your mind when you hear role model? Most likely you will envision a celebrity or athlete – and not someone playing video games.

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong if you think that since we generally place those folks on a certain pedestal. Those who have become famous in their field are looked at with an almost reverence because they are a representation of what we want as people, success. No one can deny the success that celebrities have found in their field since otherwise, we would not be discussing them.

Since these individuals have become stars in their respective areas of expertise and we, as a society, tend to look upon them with star-struck eyes hoping to one day be like them. Some even succeed in these goals and are well on their way to becoming the next Michael Jordan, but many others, don’t.

That logically makes sense since not everyone is going to be a great athlete or a talented musician. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t still succeed. Today, we are going to talk about role models and how following different paths from the traditional may end up being the smartest choice of all.

What’s a Role Model?

The whole idea of a role model is to look upon someone who inspires you to greater levels because they have been there and done that. The path that these role models have taken may have been very hard and filled with obstacles to overcome.

That is a reason why we view these people them as role models since they overcame and succeeded in their goals. This a very admirable quality to look for in a role model, since let’s face it, life is hard, and obstacles seem to pop out from nowhere.

These individuals that we look at as role models found a way to persevere and overcome those obstacles to reach their dreams, and we must follow suit. The question is, which role models should we truly try to follow? Let’s look primarily upon sports stars as role models since many follow them.

Many times, we look upon sports athletes as those beacons of awesomeness we want to aspire to since they are successful, beloved, and are living the dream. It is what most people want to aspire to after all, but honestly, let’s be real, most of us are not willing to put in the true effort that it takes to get there.

You don’t just become the next Jordan or Lebron, but rather you dedicate your heart and soul to the game. There is a laser focus that must get maintained so that those dreams are even possible to attain, and life must be about basketball. Eat it, drink it, sleep it, and then finally you can play it.

Even if you are in the few that are truly willing to put in all that work that it takes to become the next big sports star, it still doesn’t mean you will make it. There is a whole lot of luck involved from meeting the right people to just having some better genetics than others.

You can’t fault people for being lucky. However, luck works in both directions and may provide obstacles to your path of super sports stardom that you can never get beyond. Maybe some injury occurred that prevents you from throwing footballs over mountains, it happens.

Unfortunately, since these obstacles got in the way of the dream and managed to divert it, the road to sports stardom may no longer be an option. With the dream no longer in grasp, this situation can be devastating for many people who sometimes never recover and will bask in their days of old.

If people were able to get a scholarship and an education out of the situation, then they were incredibly successful in their path. Not everyone does that, unfortunately, and if the entire intention was to become a sports superstar, studies might get neglected in pursuit of the dream.

Although following the path of sports stardom can potentially lead down a successful road, most don’t go this route. Their sports skills rarely will come in handy in their life outside of directly dealing with that sport. Which could be a great reason to follow the path of esports streamers instead.

Esports Streamers as Role Models…But Why?

Before you light up your torches and chase me out of town, hear me out on this one. Esports streamers have become very popular in the last few years because frankly, many of them are very entertaining. Aside just entertainment factors though, they have done something great, they have built a brand.

Look at streamers on Twitch like Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, KittyPlays, and many more regarding how they provide great amounts of entertainment to hundreds of thousands of fans. These streamers have built a strong brand, and instead of just playing games for fun, they are representing their business.

This same holds true with sports players too since they become a brand in themselves. The difference with these businesses is that they were built “around” the sports players rather than by them. There are agents, marketers, managers, and a lot of others involved in the sports players brand.

That is one of the big differences when relating the same concept to esports streamers since they built were the ones that built their empires. Streamers were not able to concentrate on their love of the games but also needed to grow their brand while they were also gaining skills.

Following in the footsteps of a sports star may seem glamorous, but what about after the childhood dreams fade away and the real world comes flying at you like a spider monkey? Going down that same line of thinking, if people idolized streamers and fell short, they will have gained many useful skills.

What Type of Skills Streamers Teach People

Streaming itself is not necessarily all that difficult since you record what you are doing pretty much, however, ask random strangers if they can explain the steps of doing it. The process of taking the idea that you want to stream what you are doing and making it a reality.

More than likely they won’t be able to tell you how to do it, what software you need, the hardware you need, and so on. Let alone how to grow audiences, establish a brand, and truly monetize what they are doing to make it a profession rather than a hobby.

The esports streamers who have become successful are not only skillful at their games of choice, but also at the development process, which entails learning how to use digital media programs, software attachments, marketing strategies, figuring out production processes for gear, and so on.

It takes a lot more than simply just sitting in front of a camera, playing a video game, and chatting, and chances of making it big are just as difficult as becoming a professional sports superstar. However, for those that don’t make it, they are armed with a slew of useful skills they can utilize.

Streaming takes different software packages, different hardware configurations, cameras, microphones, setups, tools, and all types of other interesting devices to make things happen. Having a viable understanding of different media, computer equipment, audio, media, and other gadgets will only help.

Aside from learning how to utilize all the equipment and tools that go along with the streaming process, those who are looking to venture into this field will learn editing, troubleshooting, filters, and so much more. All these different skills are valuable assets in many fields and provide a solid foundation.

Esports Streamers and Marketing

Aside from the technical background that people can attain by following the path of streamers, they also gain many communication and marketing related skills that they can utilize in almost all career paths. Think about the multitasking skills that these streamers gain too.

Not only are they focusing on playing the games and doing everything else around them, but they also are interacting with their audience while doing so. But wait, there is more! Streamers tend to get harassed by their audiences or those wishing to cause turbulence in their streams.

The process of learning how to deal with these people who are attempting to disrupt the streams while maintaining business, as usual, is a skill that is invaluable in almost all work environments. The list of valuable skills that people can gain from the streamer path can go on and on.

There is branding to consider as well when talking about streamers since the social media world has changed how we advertise products to the masses. Brand ambassadors have become a standard part of the marketing world, and streamers learn this world quite in depth.


Overall, we want to follow role models that can potentially lead us down a successful path, which is somewhat of a “duh” statement. That doesn’t mean that all role models are created equally and frankly, choosing a role model is more important than its ever been since success is around every corner.

You need to know how to look for that success and determine the best possible path to take you there. Whether it be following in the footsteps of a sports star or on the path that successful streamers have taken. There is no “best” role model, but rather just different paths to follow.

Being realistic, there are an excessive amount of people trying to become streamers as adults for a reason; there is a lot of money involved in the industry. It’s realistic and has a direct pathway to success, not just be “really talented” and hope to get noticed by the right people.

With that in mind, it is incredibly difficult to make it to the big time like any superstar. However, even if a person doesn’t succeed fully on their road to becoming a stream-star, they will more then likely acquire some great skills along the way that they can utilize.

Remember, there is no “best” role model in this world, but rather those we can look up to while we try to forge that path we call life. The times have changed, and therefore the standard role models that we once followed may need to change as well. Only time will tell who the future role models will be.


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