What to Watch in September 2019 | Best Upcoming Esports Events

by in CS:GO | Sep, 6th 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! This article marks the start of a brand new blog series we’ll be pursuing – most notable esports events every month. Since September just kicked off, it’s only logical to start with the most prominent esports events in September 2019!

Without going into too many details, we’re going to list out the most significant esports events along with a few words on the competing teams and their backstories.

You can think of this blog as sort of a guide for upcoming esports events.

Furthermore, we won’t be focusing on the most popular esports titles but all notable specimen in the industry. So, no matter which esports franchise you’re a fan of, this blog ought to be of interest!

Esports Events in September 2019

There are several top-tier esports events in September 2019, and that’s quite surprising considering the fact some of the most significant events are already behind us. Of course, I’m referring to The International 2019 and the final CS:GO Major Championship. Yes, the latter still isn’t all done, but it will be in the next few days.

With those words in mind, let’s stop beating around the bushes and focus on the most prominent esports events in September 2019!

DreamHack Montreal Games

DreamHack Montreal kicks off in just a few hours, and with it, a whole bunch of esports events will take place over the weekend. The most notable ones are Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, and Starcraft II, although there will be a bunch of fighting games on display as well. If you’re close to Montreal, pack your bags and head to one of the biggest BYOC events in 2019!

CS:GO – ESL One New York

CSGO ESL One New York Logo

The players’ break is all over and the second CS:GO Major Championship of 2019 is almost done. However, if you’re an avid CS:GO esports fan, there’s nothing to worry about as there’s another top-tier event just around the corner. ESL One New York is set to start on September 26th and will feature eight tough teams battling for the first Intel Grand Slam S3 trophy.

Team Liquid and Astralis are the obvious favorites, but the likes of ENCE, FaZe Clan and NRG will try to make a statement. There’s $200,000 on the line alongside the first IGS S3 trophy, so these eight teams surely won’t be lacking motivation coming into this event.

CS:GO – BLAST Pro Series Moscow

RFRSH Entertainment’s BLAST Pro Series is returning with the penultimate stop before the first-ever BLAST Pro Series Global Finals. Moscow is the next stop and, as always, there’s a total of $250,000 in the prize pool.

This tightly packed contest will take place on September 13th and 14th, featuring MIBR, NaVi, ENCE, Vitality, NiP, and a wildcard team from the CIS Play-In event. Not only will these six teams be fighting for the biggest share of the $250,000 prize pool but for a place in the BPS Global Finals scheduled for December 2019.

CS:GO – Esports Championship Series Season 8 NA & EU

Another iteration of the popular Esports Championship Series (commonly referred to as ECS) is coming back with the recently revised qualification system featuring series of qualification brackets for both participating regions, NA and EU.

The first qualification tournament kicks off on September 16th and will feature notable names such as Vitality and Astralis in the EU basket as well as Liquid and NRG in the NA basket. A proper spectacle is guaranteed as the most recent ECS S7 quals showed the true meaning of upset potential earlier this year.

Overwatch League 2019 Playoffs

Overwatch League Playoffs Logo

The Overwatch League Season 2 is approaching its business end. The second season’s playoffs started last week, and the pinnacle of the exciting OWL action will be on September 29th with the grand finals match.

Thus far, there have been several upsets but nothing completely out of the ordinary. That said, there’s still roughly three weeks of Overwatch action ahead of us. Overwatch fans reading this will have a ton of matches to watch by the end of the month.

LEC Playoffs

LEC Playoffs are nearing their business end too, posing as one of the most significant esports events in September 2019. There are two matches to go in the coming days: Fnatic vs. Schalke 04 will meet in the losers’ finals tomorrow. The winner of that match will go up against G2 Esports in the grand finals. The franchised LEC seems to be doing great, with viewership numbers and the overall level of competitiveness being through the roof. Let’s hope the final two matches of the Summer 2019 season reach up to the hype that’s been going on in recent days.

European Masters Summer 2019

Right after the end of the LEC Playoffs, there’s another promising LOL event featuring up-and-coming European teams. The name is European Masters Summer 2019, and it brings forth 20 National League champions, pinning them up against each other for the biggest share of the 150,000€ in prize money. Even though the biggest names in the business won’t be competing in this event, it’s still going to be a spectacle worth watching.

PUBG Champions League Summer Playoffs

PUBG Champions League 2019 - Summer Playoffs

Starting on September 25th, PUBG Champions League Playoffs will feature 16 best Chinese teams battling their way for a chance to participate in this year’s Global Championship. Alongside the China-based Champions League, there are several other PUBG events worth mentioning.

The third phases of Korea, Europa and USA based leagues kicked off two weeks ago. They’re packing quite the punch considering the robustness of competing teams. Just like PUBG Champions League, these teams are also participating for their spot on the upcoming PUBG season finale – Global Championship.

Wrapping Things Up

That about does it for the most notable esports events in September 2019. Even though lesser-known esports aren’t doing themselves justice in September, the biggest esports franchises are still going strong, especially CS:GO which is in full-fledge after the players’ break and the final Major Championship of 2019.

That said, if you’re an avid esports fan, there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to in September. So, make sure you stock up on snacks, soda, and get comfy as esports events in September 2019 are bound to keep you at the edge of your seat!


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