EPOS H6PRO Closed Headset Review – Everything It’s Cracked Up To Be

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

EPOS makes incredible audio hardware, and we recently received an H6PRO Closed Headset to review. There are two options for the H6PRO, the Open and Closed models. The open version allows for heat and sound to get through, so you can still hear the world around you. The Closed version, which I reviewed, has audiophiles and gamers in mind. Virtually no sound gets in, and the microphone/noise canceling is incredible. I’ll get into that part soon enough. Plus, it has a very sleek, clean look in two colors – black or white. I have the black model, mostly to contrast my other headset, which is white. When I heard I was going to review an EPOS headset like the H6PRO, I was incredibly excited. I’m a pretty big fan of their audio solutions and have enjoyed using the B20 Microphone I reviewed. But let us get into the EPOS H6PRO review.

The Set-Up

This is an incredibly easy set-up when it comes to the H6PRO. It comes with a pair of cables, a dual 3.5mm cable for input/output on PC and a separate single 3.5mm cable for console use. That’s right, it’s easily used on both PC and console. It’s not as bulky as previous EPOS/Sennheiser headsets it seems on top of that. This is not a wireless headset, and that did admittedly take some getting used to. I had really gotten accustomed to walking around my house with the headset on. The cable is lengthy at least. Visually it’s very sleek and looks like a typical audio headset. You can also remove the microphone and slide a cover onto it if you want. The mic clicks into place neatly and can be done without looking.

There is also an EPOS app to adjust settings, but only if you’re using an EPOS external soundcard. It does not function for me otherwise. I also received the GSX300, but it is not being covered in the review. I’ll talk about it briefly though at the end because it is a neat concept. This is an incredibly simple headset to set up, plug-and-play, and ready to go. You can rotate the ear cups and adjust the band to fit your needs, which is great. I have kind of a big head and big ears. I want to be comfortable while I’m at my desk. It took a little doing, but I got them exactly how I want them.

I will say at first, without adjusting them, I was miserable. They sat at a weird angle and put pressure on my head and near my jaw. It felt like I was being crushed. Not ideal when you have chronic migraines! The closed cups of the H6PRO Closed Headset hold up for comfort in this review though. The fabric is soft, and the memory foam in them is something I could get used to.

The Hills Are Alive (With The Sound of Music)

I have serious hearing loss in one ear, so being able to hear while gaming is incredibly important. Perhaps that’s why I’m so fascinated by doing audio reviews. I’ve used a lot of headsets, gaming or otherwise in my time. This is easily the best listening experience I’ve ever had, and that’s not hyperbole. I hear things that I haven’t heard before in some of my games and in my music. It hasn’t made my hearing better, but it’s made the experience more enjoyable.

H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset
The H6Pro is great for pro players.

One thing I didn’t realize until just today, is that it features a volume wheel in a unique place. It’s on the side of the right ear cup. It’s a dial you can gently rotate to raise and lower the volume. I’ve played a variety of music styles and games with the H6PRO for the purpose of this review, and it’s all been amazing. When playing New World, I could easily immerse myself in nature and made the whole world feel alive. My game of choice though is FFXIV when it comes to MMOs. Listening to each of my mounts’ special background songs was so good. The music was clear in a way I wasn’t used to. It made me appreciate Soken all the more.

When I’m playing shooters like Warzone, it helped to hear the game at a whole new level of clarity. Definitely a fan of these in all games. I listen to a lot of podcasts and music while I’m working (in particular, OSW Review). Music is so great in these headphones. Whether I’m listening to chiptune, video game remixes, 80s power ballads or Ska, it all comes through clearly for me. The sound in these things is amazing, but what about the microphone? I have a trio of mics that have rotated across my desk, but this one takes the take. Why?

Noise Cancelling Masterpiece

My desk is in a very large room, and it’s not exactly built for live streaming/voice chat. Lots of reverb. I also have a roommate whose desk is in this room too. With previous setups, when he’s in voice chat, or when he’s tutoring, you can hear it clearly on my stream. I did a few tests with this because I have another EPOS mic, the B20. I went into a voice call on Discord and on Slack, swapping between the two microphones. The B20 has a very clear sound, but it still picks up the reverb and echo of this room.

That’s not to say it’s a bad mic, I love it. But the H6PRO Closed Headset blew me away in this review. When I switched to it in Discord, my friends immediately said that the audio changed and improved. They could no longer hear anything in the background. When streaming, Colton couldn’t hear my roommate, my PC, the fan, or AC. Only my dulcet tones. When just chatting with someone to test, swapping between them made a clear, noticeable difference. This microphone picks up almost nothing around me. I’m a pretty soft-spoken guy, but it’s very easy to hear me on these.

Now sure, there are better microphones. If you own an expensive XLR or Condenser, you might see it as a downgrade. That’s not to say this microphone is bad, far from it. The noise-canceling is incredible on these. You might not want the microphone and are only looking for a headset solution. These more than fit the bill, and you can easily disconnect the mic. For me, however, this is perfect.


Current Price: $179.99 (EPOS/Amazon)

Speakers: EPOS Engineered, proprietary high-quality speaker system

Earcup Style: Closed or Open

Microphone: Detachable “Studio-Quality” Lift-to-Mute noise-cancelling microphone

322 grams (Closed) / 309 grams (Open)

Connection: 3.5mm wired connection only

Compatibility: PC/Mac, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and any 3.5mm jack input device

Durable build

Memory foam ear pads

Lightweight constructions

Metal adjustment sliders

Headset integrated volume wheel

Available colors: Sebring Black, Racing Green, Ghost White

Final Rating: 9/10 (Excellent)

I absolutely love these in terms of everything they do. I wish they were wireless, but I understand that I could lose quality that way. They fit comfortably, they sound great, and the audio quality is superb. The noise-canceling is the biggest part for me. The price is a bit high I understand, but the quality is well worth it. Though I did also receive a GSX 300 external sound card for these. That part wasn’t really working as well for me, unfortunately. The microphone connected to it easily, and it was simple to download the soundcard’s drivers. However, the audio chat was incredibly quiet in it. No matter what I did, the audio was just too quiet for me.

That might not be the case for everyone, but when I swapped it back to simply being plugged into my PC, I could hear everyone just fine again. The price point is high on the H6PRO Closed Headset, but it holds up in this review. It has quickly become my favorite headset at my desk. It’s easy to set up, comfortable to wear and keeps external audio out when I’m gaming or simply need to focus on what I’m listening to. It’s 100% worth owning. Both the Open and Closed versions cost the same and have the same quality microphone technology as well.


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