eFootball 2022 FAQ | Answering the Most Common Questions About Konami’s eFootball 2022

by in Sports Games | Aug, 3rd 2021

At first, people thought Konami might be onto something with full cross-platform support and a true free-to-play model. People thought that, for once, Konami might be a step ahead of EA and their FIFA franchise. Little did they know the reveal trailer would…well, reveal all of the game’s flaws. It’s safe to say the reveal trailer brought more questions than answers, and our eFootball 2022 FAQ is here to give you all the necessary info to wrap your head around the matter.

eFootball 2022 FAQ

Earlier today, Konami featured a Twitter thread with some of the most common questions and answers regarding their upcoming cross-platform soccer simulation. You can check the thread yourself; we’re here to explain the answers further and speculate on how certain things will be executed.

Let’s roll!

Is eFootball 2022 Just a Mobile Game for Consoles?

This is the question that’s on the minds of everyone who watched the eFootball 2022 reveal trailer. According to eFootball’s Twitter thread, the game is primarily focused on consoles. But, they emphasize the fact that it’s made to be entertaining for everyone, no matter which platform they’re using. They also stated that the game would use the maximum graphical power of every platform.

All this is nice to hear, but it doesn’t answer anything since they didn’t answer whether the reveal graphics were from mobile or consoles. The logic suggests it’s the latter since companies always showcase games in the best possible light. If that’s the case, we can only assume the mobile version will have even worse graphics.

Will Next-Gen Graphics Have to Be Downgraded When Playing Against Mobile Users?

The folks over at Konami claim they’ll adjust the graphics on smartphones in a way, so it doesn’t interfere with other platforms. In other words, there won’t be any graphical downgrades on next-gen consoles… or current-gen, for that matter.

Can Cross-Platform Matchmaking Be Turned off or Filtered Out?

Yes, players will be able to turn cross-platform matchmaking off with several different filters. There’s no further information on this, so we don’t know which filters will be available at launch.

Will the Game First Launch as a Demo?

Konami stated that, in most cases, the game would first launch as a demo. That’s because they want to ensure the players get a feel for the game as soon as possible. This means the game will first go out with a limited number of playable teams and game modes. It’s a double-edged sword, but it could be a great way to polish the gameplay before the official release.

What Exactly Is Going to Be Free in the Official Release?

The first release is expected this fall. The game won’t have any microtransactions at release. Everything will be completely free to play. However, everything won’t be much! The release will only feature the basic game modes and a few playable teams. 

eFootball 2022 will get more content as time goes on, hopefully before the end of fall. Fingers crossed, we learn more information in the coming weeks!

Can Players Play Against AI/CPU on Launch Day?

Yes, players can play against AI/CPU right away. This will be available in the Local Match game mode, one of few available on launch day.

Will eFootball 2022 Feature Edit Mode and Option File Customization?

Unfortunately, Konami stated that Edit Mode/ Option File wouldn’t be available right off the bat. Considering the game will be first released as a demo, this comes as no surprise. Another thing that doesn’t come as a surprise is that EM/OF will be added as free DLCs for PS5, PS4, and PC. That’s right, mobile is out of the equation, just like Xbox. 

When Will Master League Be Added Into eFootball 2022?

Questions about Master League were on everyone’s mind following the game’s reveal trailer. It didn’t take too long for Konami to clear up some of the burning questions. We already know that the game’s most popular mode won’t be available on launch.

What we also know is that it will come out in the form of a paid DLC. That’s right, you won’t need to spend money to play eFootball 2022 multiplayer, but you will have to pay to get a taste of the sweet single-player career mode.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Master League will be added. Konami held its ground and didn’t announce anything about the release date. I’m afraid only time will tell.

Can In-Game Players Be Bought Without Special Agents?

Previous eFootball and PES games had a strong focus on lottery AKA random number generators. It’s the same story with the FIFA franchise too. They’re both notorious for their microtransaction schemes. However, eFootball 2022 will allow you to nominate and acquire your favorite players through the match pass system.

The system is based on the number of played matches and will feature both f2p and paid match pass. Yep, it would’ve been silly if it was named battle pass. 

What’s Better – FIFA 22 or eFootball 2022?

Now, there’s no definitive answer to this one. Neither of the two games has been released yet, so there’s no clear way of knowing. If our eFootball 2022 FAQ is a good indication of the mystery behind Konami’s new business model, EA hasn’t won this year’s battle just yet. I guess we have to finish with a cliché in the form of “only time will tell.” Sorry.

That’s it for our eFootball 2022 FAQ. Konami finally answered some of the most burning questions regarding their recently announced cross-platform free-to-play soccer sim. And while some of their answers produced even more questions, we have to admit that eFootball’s future might not be as bleak as we had thought just last week. Fingers crossed, they manage to polish it out even further and present us with a game that can contest FIFA 22 in gameplay and online competitiveness. 


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