How to Earn FIFA Coins without Spending Money

By Corey Dieteman

August 15, 2018


FIFA Coins

Ever since the introduction of FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 09, the question has been, how do you earn FIFA coins without spending actual money on the game. Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team is the key to having fun with the game mode. If you want the best players in the world on your team, you’re going to need coins to purchase them from the transfer market. But what is the best way to make coins? There are a few ways to do so, and anyone who plays the game can do them.

Play the Game

The first way to earn FIFA coins in the game if you choose not to spend money is to simply play the game. You’ll earn coins after completing every match you play whether it’s single-player or online. Players have the option to play single-player seasons, FUT draft and squad battles, while online you can play seasons, FUT draft, friendlies and FUT Champions.

There are a few game modes that you can play and be highly profitable from, such as squad battles, FUT Champions, and the online draft mode.

Squad battles is a game mode that made its debut in FIFA 18 and allows you to play 45 matches in a week. The matches are against the CPU, but the squads are built by current players in the community. After each match, you will gain coins and points for the match. The points will vary based on your performance in the match and the skill level. If you can play well enough and earn enough points, then you can finish in the top 100 and earn a hefty coin and pack reward.

The same goes for FUT Champions and their reward system. FUT Champions is the online version of squad battles essentially. During the week, you’ll have to win a daily knockout tournament against people in the community to earn a spot in the weekend league. Once you’re in the weekend league, you get to play 40 matches from Friday to Sunday. After you complete your matches, you will be ranked based on how many wins you earned. This will place you into a tier, and you’ll earn a set amount of FIFA coins and packs. This can be highly profitable if you are good because the top player will earn 250,000 coins and four packs that are worth 400,000 coins.

While you can make a profit from the online draft mode, it will really come down to your pack luck. Most of the time for the reward that you receive on completed draft are packs. This can either make or break your profit line since you must pay 15,000 coins to enter an online draft.

BPM (Bronze Pack Method)

The bronze pack method is one of the oldest and trusted approaches to earning FIFA coins in Ultimate Team. The method is easy to learn and understand for every user. The theory behind it is to open bronze packs and sell almost everything inside, its that simple.

There are two types of bronze packs in the FUT store, a 400-coin pack and a 750-coin pack. The only difference between the two packs is the 400-coin pack features one rare, while the 750-coin pack has three rare cards. Inside of a bronze pack you’ll find the following cards: contracts, player fitness, healing, staff, stadium, kits, badges, attribute, players and immediate coin unlocks. Most of these items will have an impact on your profit.

You’ll want to want to list all your stadiums, kits, badges and attribute cards on the market. You should list them at a start price of 150 and leave the buy it now at max, but if it doesn’t sell after a few attempts, lower the buy it now prices to 200 coins. Some of the kits and badges will sell for a higher price than 200, so its beneficial to check the market before lowering the max buy it now price.

The contracts, player fitness, healing and staff cards can either be listed or left in your club. Either way, it will be a profit for you. You might not see your FIFA coins rise if you keep them, but they will prevent you from having to go to the market to buy contracts, fitness and healing cards for your players. The staff cards will always be beneficial as they add an extra percentage boost when you use the contracts, fitness and healing cards.

When it comes to the players, you will need to decide on whether to keep them or sell them. Keeping them can have its perk because they may potentially sell for a higher price later because of a squad builder challenge, especially if they are from a popular league or nation. Or you can sell them right away and just get that profit as soon as possible. It might not be as much as you could get later, but its profit either way.

There really is only one wrong way to do the bronze pack method, and that is by quick selling the items. Even if you get an immediate coin-unlock card and discard your pack, you’ll still take a loss. So, avoid quick selling items.

Squad Builder Challenges

Squad Builder Challenges (SBCs) can be highly beneficial when you’re selling the players. Every week FIFA releases a marquee matchup squad builder challenge, and occasionally they will require a nation or a team that isn’t as popular as other. This is where your bronze pack method comes into play because if it is a unique team or nation, then those cards can go for a lot over their normal asking price. There are also league SBCs that come out every year requiring you to build every team in the league. This has become a popular way to make coins, especially if the team you decide to invest in ends up needing rare silver or bronze cards.

Another potential way to make coins with squad builder challenges is by doing them. Sometimes it is relatively cheap to do an SBC, and they give you a reward worth five times that amount. Which makes it seem very rewardable and you’re getting rid of players that aren’t worth much. Also, if you plan on doing the SBCs, you’re going to need a little luck because if you hit the right player, you might make a lot of coins.

Trading in the Market

Buying and selling in the market can be where you’ll make most of your profit, but it can also be the place where you lose all your FIFA coins on a bad hunch. So, you need to do your homework on what could potentially force a player’s price to rise or fall.

FIFA will run promotions every year that you can anticipate certain things. This gives you the opportunity to buy low and sell high. An example of that is the untradeable SBCs for a Team of the Week player. They usually require an 83 rated squad, so you know 83 rated players are going to rise in price. If you buy them when they aren’t needed and sell when they are, you can potentially double or triple your profit.


One thing to remember while doing these methods is to be patient and hope to be lucky at the right time. Luck plays a huge role in gaining coins because you’re essentially predicting what’s going to happen with the market. So, be aware of what’s coming and be ready to pounce so you can earn as many FIFA coins as possible.

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