Dota 2 Personality Purge Releases New Guide for Online Dating

by in Entertainment | Aug, 22nd 2021

It’s no secret that gaming is a cultural phenomenon that influences us deeply. For many of us, gaming has become an activity that we can share with loved ones or a lifelong passion that fulfills and enlightens us as we pursue mastery and excellence in the games of our choice. Yet, a stigma still hangs over our heads that we are social maladroits who prefer our dank basements to an afternoon in the sunshine. This stereotype can often make finding companionship difficult, but Dota 2 esports personality and guide maker Purge are willing to challenge this idea and have released three helpful online dating guides.

How to Become Diamond on Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble

Typically known for his guide videos on Dota 2 heroes, Purge is now branching out from esports to the world of online dating. While it could be super easy to be extra snarky and tongue-in-cheek about gamers dating, Purge handles the subject with wit, maturity, and sincerity.

Purge’s video guides offer some interesting perspectives on dating and how using dating profiles can help you figure out what you’re looking for. “Unless you know exactly what kind of person you’re looking for, then it’s going to require a lot of dating, chatting, and meeting. Once we get your profile into a better place, your response rates are going to go up… You can use these dates and meetings to figure out what you truly want in a partner.”

Purge emphasizes putting effort into yourself to find success with your profile: “You can start working out tomorrow… You can spend time and some money on figuring out how to dress better.” While I would personally emphasize figuring out your style for your enjoyment, it is important to figure out what makes you look good to the people around you, and not just for the sake of dating. 

Pictures are perhaps the most important currency you have in online dating, and Purge emphasizes this as well. “Try to use pictures where you think you look nice, where you’re naturally smiling, or where you’re having fun. Throw in a picture or two of you with friends to prove that at least some people like being around you. And you might finally start getting some quality messages.”

Does a picture of me with my guildmates in New Gridania count? No? Okay, that’s fine. 

Love Is No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination

Finding a partner online can seem like a pretty daunting task, but it’s possible. We’ve heard stories of people falling in love in games like World of Warcraft or Everquest, so it tracks that online dating apps should be a relatively natural progression of that phenomenon. 

It’s pretty easy to lose track of yourself online, and dating apps do a good job of helping you align your personality with your appearance, which does influence whether someone will be interested in you or not. Good relationships also take time, so it makes sense that you’re going to spend some time finding someone with who you enjoy spending time with.

Purge says it rather succinctly near the end of his final guide. “Remember, it’s gonna be a slow grind to find the person you love messaging, who puts the same effort back because you’re truly meant to be together – Unless you’re just trying to get laid and you’re honest about it.”


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