Do We Need Another Fortnite Marvel Season Like Season 4?

by in Fortnite | Mar, 8th 2021

Throughout Fortnite battle royale’s history, Epic Games has done a lot of interesting and crazy stuff with its seasons, like the insane crossovers that are now commonplace to players. But perhaps the biggest crossover of all was the Fortnite Marvel Season 4 that we had recently. 

Fortnite Season 4 Was Unlike Any Other

As you know, at the time of writing this, we are teetering on the edge of the sixth season of Chapter 2 for Fortnite battle royale. With the Fortnite Marvel Season 4 behind us and the fifth season about to end, it is time to look ahead at what’s to come soon. 

But looking at Season 4 and in comparison to Season 5, we can honestly say that it was unlike any other season to date and potentially will be one of a kind when we are years into the future. But there is also the chance that it will come back at some point in another form. 

For starters, what made Season 4 so unique and amazing was that it was centered entirely around superheroes. Every single skin you could get in the paid battle pass was a superhero skin, the secret one was the same, and every thing we did in that season was with this theme in mind.

But having some crossover skins was one thing, but another thing was the actual mechanics of Season 4 were about superheroes as well. Superpowers were prevalent throughout the entire season, allowing you to find and equip some of the skins’ abilities in that game. 

It was like the Avengers crossover events that we had in the past of Fortnite but expanded into a full season scale. It was insanely awesome and unlike anything that any other battle royale or even multiplayer game had done before. 

Do We Need Another Fortnite Marvel Season?

It was a great time that didn’t overstay its welcome, either, unlike some of the other seasons in Chapter 2. But this does beg the question: do we need another Fortnite Marvel season in the future? Or should Season 4 be the only season of its type? 

That is something that I would like to find an answer to in this post, at least for me, personally. Whatever Epic Games does is up to it, but I’d like to figure out what I think about whether or not we need another Marvel season and maybe help you think about it, too, in the process.

Do we need another Fortnite Marvel season? Well, that is a pretty hard question to figure out. To help with that, I will go over the pros and cons of having another season like Season 4. This means dealing with the benefits of this type of season again as well as the negatives. 

Hopefully, this will help me figure out what I think about another Season 4 in Fortnite and what it could also mean for the battle royale game’s future, as it was a pretty successful season. We imagine that Epic Games is at least considering doing it again in the future. 

Pro: More Superheroes and Superpowers

When it comes to the pros that we could have from another Fortnite Marvel season, two main ones come to mind. The first of these is pretty simple: another season like Season 4 would mean more superheroes and superpowers in battle royale again. 

Some groan at the thought of it, but, for me, that is a fantastic thing to think about again. I thought the superpowers were incredible and clunky with their fair share of issues but were still fun to use and something that I would want again at some point. 

Of course, this second superhero season would benefit from Epic Games learning from what it did in Season 4. This means that we could get powers that work better and are more interesting—hopefully, better ways of getting the powers like perhaps loadouts for specific modes and so on. 

This would undoubtedly mean more superheroes and villains in Fortnite as well. Some notable exceptions didn’t come to Season 4 that we know that many players wanted to happen, which would be an excellent place for them to show up in the game finally. 

This would be an excellent chance for Epic Games and Disney/Marvel to bring in some characters that haven’t shown up yet, like some more X-Men, more obscure Avengers, and other up-and-coming stars like Ms. Marvel. There could be some solid chances for tie-ins with some of the new shows and movies coming soon. 

Pro: It’s Spider-Man Time

Speaking of superheroes showing up in Fortnite that haven’t already, this brings me to my next point. Without a doubt, I would not be able to excuse a second Marvel season in Fortnite if it wasn’t themed around a multiverse-style Spider-Man season. 

One of the, if not the, most anticipated skins in Fortnite is the Spider-Man one. It is wild that we have Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and other massive stars of the Marvel universe but not perhaps the biggest superhero of them all: Spider-Man himself. 

Peter Parker has yet to make his appearance in the battle royale game, even though he has some pals. I mean, even his nemesis/sometimes ally Venom has even appeared in the game as a skin for players to pick up and Spider-Man himself has still yet to appear. 

This is something of a problem for fans of the character and something people like me scratching our heads to figure out why. But there seems to be one main reason why I would think this is the case: Epic and Marvel are gearing up for a Spider-Man season someday. 

It makes a whole lot of sense when you think about it. After all, Fortnite is establishing itself as this nexus between worlds and universes, able to be the bridge between even DC Comics and Marvel at times as you can have Harley Quinn running around the same world as Black Widow. 

And one of the biggest movies in recent memory was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse where we got a movie that was quite literally about bringing together different Spider-People into the same movie. We had Miles Morales the star, a down in the gutter Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and more.

Take that same idea and then apply it to Fortnite with a season with a battle pass and theme that is all about the different Spider-Men that you could have. Maybe tier one would be either Peter Parker or Miles Morales, and then you had to complete challenges to unlock their suits. 

Along the way to tier 100, you could unlock skins like Spider-Gwen and others that would fill out this roster of different Spideys. To make matters even better, we could have some supervillains like Electro and Vulture fill out the roster. 

With such a heavy focus on Spider-Man, this would mean that the season mechanics could be built around the different web-slinging and swinging that you could have. Rather than have the season divided into the superpowers, Epic could develop the swinging to the best possible.

This means that you could have more balanced gameplay with everyone having the same abilities altogether and otherwise fix one of the main issues that I have with Marvel seasons. This would allow for a unique season that is unlike anything we’ve seen to date. 

Con: Superpowers Do Make the Game Unbalanced

This brings me to the main negatives that I have for another Marvel season. This first one is in direct opposition to what we talked about before: superpowers can make the game unbalanced. Now, if we had more of a Spider-Man season like I mentioned before, it would be better off since everyone could be virtually on the same page. 

However, that is assuming that this is what Epic Games does in the future. After all, we can look at the two Avengers events as a possible sign that we will get another Marvel season in the future. It will be bigger and more intense than past ones.

For superheroes, they could give us new skin styles for existing ones and then fill in the gaps with newer ones that are still missing from the roster. This way, the superpowers would return. The gameplay would be most similar to that of what we had in Season 4.

It wouldn’t honestly be shocking to see this happen for Fortnite, but it would mean that we would have superpowers back again. The biggest criticisms of that season were the powers as they were forced upon the season and they did unbalance the game.

It is hard to deal with ranked and other competitive modes when you have a season that is all about powers. You could, of course, remove the powers from those modes for the season, but then you are somewhat defeating the purpose of having the Marvel season in the first place. 

Epic did a decent job balancing that act in Season 5 by making the gold bar currency not transferable when in ranked so that what you earn in that match will be all that you can use there for new weapons and NPCs to join your party. 

But with superpowers, it is a trickier situation since you will have some players who will be able to find powers while others will not be able to. There are possible solutions around this, but a direct copy of Season 4 would have the game unbalanced for those who care about the competition. 

This is something that Epic would have to address when making another superhero season, as it could be something that will instantly kill the vibe for many players if it is just like Season 4. 

Con: It’s Time for a Non-Disney/Marvel Season

And then we come to the other negative that I have about another Fortnite Marvel season: I think it is time for something other than a Disney and/or Marvel season to appear. In Season 4, we had Marvel, and in Season 5, we had The Mandalorian, even though he only took over a segment of the season. 

Regardless, we have had a lot of Disney and Marvel seasons thus far. It is time for Season 6 to come around. If Epic keeps this crossover train going for the future of Fortnite battle royale, we think that it is time for a non-Disney/Marvel season to appear. 

It doesn’t mean that we can’t have a season like Season 4, but we have DC Comics ones instead of Marvel superheroes. This is something that could happen and, honestly, likely will in the future. But in the meantime, I think there needs to be a break from Disney stuff. Another Marvel season would continue that trend. 

Overall, I think it is alright for there to be more Marvel seasons in the future. I would welcome that if Epic addresses balancing and waiting some time before another one. I think it makes a lot of sense to make Season 4 the superhero one. 

So, hold off on another Marvel season until Season 4 of Chapter 3 rolls around or make it just a yearly thing at best. I think it is fine to have another superhero season, but I hope that Epic Games and Marvel find the right timing to do that again, to which it isn’t too soon and balanced. 


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