A Simple Die Maschine Main Quest Guide for Cold War Zombies

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 29th 2021

Die Maschine is the first new Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Being a Remake of Nacht Der Untoten, this map has more to do in it than its original iteration back in Call of Duty: World at War, and that includes a new main quest. Here’s a no-nonsense guide to completing the Cold War Zombies Die Maschine main quest, along with some helpful tips and tricks to hopefully make it a bit easier.

Step 1: Getting the Power On and Activating Pack-a-Punch

Fairly straightforward and to the point, getting the power on is the first step. However, I recommend not opening the first door until at least round 12, if you have a knife in your loadout, you should be able to rack up a hefty number of points to not only open right to the power but also upgrade your gun, since the game walks you through the process of turning on power and activating pack-a-punch there’s not much more I can say.

Step 2: Building the Aetherscope

Next, you’ll want to build the Aetherscope, which is in the Dark Aether, through another one of those portals, you went through to turn on pack-a-punch. There are 3 places that they can spawn, and they’re really easy to spot, those places are: behind the tank at Quick Revive, on the rooftop of Nacht Der Untoten, and the power switch. Activating the portal will send you back to the Dark Aether, so when you’re ready, you can activate the portal, this will spawn the three parts to the aether scope but the order they spawn changes based on what portal you have, so if its not in one spot, check another. Their locations don’t change, however. You can find the three parts to the aether scope here: under the stairs in the starting room, on top of the crashed plane engine by Juggernog, and in the Particle Accelerator Room right behind the warp point. Once you pick up one part, Plague-Hounds will spawn and you’ll have to take care of them. You can also use this opportunity to go start on the Nova-5 upgrade for the Die Machine Wonder Weapon as some of the upgrade steps for the Wonder Weapon aren’t locked until you reach that step (If you want to know how to complete those parts, skip to Step 4, and come back). After collecting all the parts, go to the build table directly behind the Pack-A-Punch machine and construct the Aetherscope, this allows you to see ghosts in the Dark Aether and collect more lore for the game.

Step 3: Unlocking the Computer

The next step is unlocking the computer in the medical bay, where Speed Cola is. You’ll see another Dark Aether Portal going through it is how you start the next step, once you go through, go to the observation room above the Speed Cola machine, and pick up Dr. Vogel’s Journal at the computer, the item is glowing yellow and the word “Password” will be on the window in purple glowing letters. Once you pick it up, you need to find three ghosts of Vogel and give them the book, these can all be activated at once, so you don’t have to worry about waiting until one is finished to complete the step. The locations of the Vogel Ghosts are: directly behind the Speed Cola machine, on the right wall of the Challenge Room, and at the Aetherscope build table. Once you activate all three, you won’t be able to leave until all three Vogels are finished talking. And during this, a Megaton will spawn and chase you around the map, you can use this chance to get a head start on the Cryo-Emitter upgrade for the Die Machine, which is detailed in the next step.

Step 4: Obtaining and Upgrading the Die Machine

Now you must interact with the computer to input the password, afterwards, four colored pillars will point down from the big tank in the middle of Medical Bay. These four pillars must be powered up with each of the upgrades to the Die Machine. Here’s how you can obtain it.

If you haven’t fought your first Megaton yet, kill one, it should drop a glowing yellow keycard when it dies. Take that keycard to the Weapons Lab where Deadshot Daiquiri is, and right next to the Mystery Box location there’s a machine you can insert the card into, it’ll unlock the D.I.E Remote Control, which you can then pick up. After that, go back to the Living Room in Nacht Der Untoten, and you’ll hear the remote tell you it’s found a signal. Activating the D.I.E Machine will cause the door it’s behind to vacuum up zombies, doing this with a horde will most likely fill the Die Machine to full capacity and allow you to take it from the skeleton holding it. If you’re playing co-op, or for some reason it doesn’t spawn, then doing the challenges and ranking your reward to legendary will sometimes give you the Die Machine as a reward. The drop rate of the Die Machine in the Challenge Room is fairly common so one or two legendary rewards should net you the Die Machine.

Grab the Die Machine from this skeleton

Once you have it, it’s time to upgrade the Die Machine. Two portals will appear around the map, their locations are: Under the stairs in front of Pack-a-Punch, and By the Big Tree at Pond. These two portals are for two of the Die Machine upgrades. There’s four upgrades for it: Cryo-Emitter, Electrobolt, Nova-5, and Thermophasic. Here’s how to upgrade them.


When any kind of Megaton spawns, bring them to The Big Tree at the Pond and have them use their heavy projectile to hit the fungus growing on the tree. Then, use the Die Shockwave (The default Die Machine) to knock down the Flask Box ontop of Nacht. That will drop a flask which you can place under the fungus. After a short amount of time, you can reclaim the mixture, and pour it on The Chained Box in the Medical Bay. This will unlock the box and give you the Cryo-Emitter Ammo, a freezing beam that slows zombies.

Use the Die Shockwave to knock this box down


Activate the Portal Under the big stairs in the Particle Accelerator. Once you’re in the Dark Aether, seek out three glowing orange crystals around the map, their locations are as follows: At the exit of the tunnel nearthe Juggernog machine, behind the Mystery Box location in the pond, and on top of Nacht Der Untoten next to the Wunderfizz location. Use the Die Machine to vacuum up one of the crystals and bring it back to the portal’s location. Across from where the portal is there’s a box with three nodes on it. Walk directly up to the box and shoot it, it should light one of the nodes. Rinse and repeat with the other two crystals and you’ll now have the Electrobolt Ammo, an electric beam that is very powerful. You should be able to get all the crystals in one trip with Stamin-up equipped and if you’re fast enough.

Shoot this box to light up one of the nodes


When a Plague-Hound spawns, take them to the Weapons Lab. at the end of the hallway where Deadshot Daquri is, there is a gas tank on the wall. Kill the Plague-Hound next to it, and the gas they leave when they explode will be vacuumed into the wall. Then, go to the roof of Nacht Der Untoten and use the Die Machine’s vacuum to pull the glowing gas canister from an area you aren’t able to enter. Take that canister back to the Tank, and fill it up. Then, go to The Crashed Plane by Juggernog. To the right of the doorway where the StaminaUp machine is. There’s a box that’s been overgrown with plant life. Interact with the box to place the canister, and then shoot it, it should destroy the plants and allow you to equip the Die Nova-5 upgrade, agas grenade that hurts zombies, and not you.

Kill a Plaugehound to vacuum the gas for later


Interact with the portal by the big tree at Pond. Once in the Dark Aether, run to the head of the crashed plane by the Juggernog machine. The front of the plane should be floating in the air, underneath the plane is a fuse box, shooting the box will make it open, allowing you to pick up a fuse. Take the fuse to the Weapons Lab where right across from Deadshot Daiquiri is a box like the rest of the upgrade boxes, interacting with the box will place the fuse in, allowing the box to be opened which is located on top of the truck in Pond, giving you the Thermophasic Upgrade. This ammo is a fireball that pierces through zombies.

The box holding the Thermophasic upgrade

Once you have all the upgrades unlocked, take each one and go to the Medical Bay and use them on the pillars that are hanging down, they’re color coded for each one, but you’ll know when you did it right when they return to their previous spot before this step began. For those who want to know the colors, here they are.

Red: Thermophasic

Cyan: Cryo-Emitter

Green: Nova-5

Yellow: Electrobolt

Also, here’s a pro tip: if you’re playing co-op, and you want to have two of the same ammo type,  have someone with the upgrade drop their gun on the ground. This will actually allow anyone who doesn’t have the upgrade to pick it up and use it as well. And hypothetically, everyone in the lobby can have Electrobolt.

Step 5: Getting the Decontamination Agent

Carrying the Decontamination Agent from the Crash Site

Once you’ve completed this step, You now have to get the decontamination agent for the machine to fully function. Enter the Dark Aether Portal in the hallway leading to Particle Accelerator from Medical Bay, and then head up to where the computer is. You’ll see another apparition in which you can find out what happened to the decontamination agent. After the two characters are done speaking, a Dark Aether Wrench will be on the floor where they stood. Pick that item up and take it to the starting area. Use the wrench to interact with the tank 3 times. This will cause a Zombie to appear out of the top of the tank, which you need to kill. Now, you have to activate the tank by throwing either a C4, or Semtex at the lid of the tank where the zombie came from. Once the lethal equipment explodes, the tank will fire, dropping the decontamination agent at the Crash Site. Picking up the decontamination agent will cause the player to not be able to move, as well as spawn more Plague-Hounds. You can drop the decontamination agent to shoot the Plague-Hounds, but all you have to do is take it back to The Medical Bay and place it in the receptacle.

Step 6: Reawakening Orlov

Once the decontamination agent is in place, your next task is to bring one Megaton to the Medical Bay. Split the Megaton by damaging it enough to split in two, and walk both of the Megaton Bombers under the tank. If done correctly, both should just sit inside the tank and you can continue with the step. However, you cannot use two Megaton Bombers from two separate Megatons. Both Megaton Bombers must come from the same Megaton, or else you will have to try again.

Once both Megaton Bombers are in place, all players in the lobby must go to the computer where the password was entered from the previous steps. Once all players are present, activating the computer will lock all the players in the Observation Room, while both Megaton Bombers are fused together to make a sentient Megaton by the name of Orlov. Orlov will speak, and then break out. Once he’s broken out, a large number of enemies will spawn in the Medical Bay, as well as turn off all the lights in the Particle Accelerator. You’ll have to fight your way out, so make sure you’re prepared.

Step 7: Preparing for the Final Fight

Once Orlov is gone and you’ve fought your way out of the medical bay, it’s time to prepare and set up for the final boss. Make sure to spend your time fully upgrading your weapons, and getting all the necessary support and equipment needed to face off in the final gauntlet. My suggestion is to get sentry turrets or the New Minigun Support, as this final stand will be taking place in the Particle Accelerator, as well as grabbing a Self-Revive if you have the salvage for it. Once you think you’re ready to take on the final stand, go to the Living Room in Nacht der Untoten, and interact with the Dark Aether Portal. Then, go to Omega Outpost in the same building. For veterans of Call of Duty Zombies, this is the Nacht Mystery Box room. At the far end, near the door that connects to the starting area. You’ll have one final apparition, in which a much more alive-looking Orlov will lament his part in the restart of the Particle Accelerator. Once you return from the Dark Aether, It’s time for the final fight.

Step 8: The Final Showdown

The photo on the table

Now, it’s time for the final showdown! In the same spot where you saw the Orlov apparition, a photo will be sitting on the table. Interacting with it will engage the final standoff sequence so again, make sure you and your friends are prepared for what’s to come. After interacting with the picture, you’ll be teleported to the Particle Accelerator room. There, Orlov will agree to help you turn off the accelerator. Once he does, an infinite wave of zombies, Megatons, and Plague-Hounds will spawn in. Use your abilities and weapons to finish off the horde, protecting Orlov as he moves from place to place in the room, destroying machinery. If you picked up the sentries like I suggested, I recommend placing them when he’s under the stairs, as that’s his final phase. Orlov can tank a lot of damage so don’t worry about trying to protect him 24/7. Once he’s complete the doors open, but you have one task left…

Step 9: Escape!!!

Now that the doors are open, it’s time to run as the map is going to explode! Head out of the Particle Accelerator room, and make Your way all the way through either way out. There will be walls that block you from going anywhere else, so the game will guide you to the helicopter to evacuate the area. Once you board the helicopter you’ll be treated to a short cutscene where the map detonates like a giant nuclear bomb. With that, you’ve beaten Die Maschine!


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