Master Roshi Revealed for DBFZ – Moveset Speculation

by in Fighting Games | Aug, 17th 2020

Muten Roshi, the master of the Turtle Hermit style and master of Goku, Krillian, and Yamcha, has been announced as the third DLC character in DBFZ season three. He joins Ultra Instinct Goku and Kefla as characters on this esteemed roster. 

Roshi has been a long-requested fan favorite and is one of the oldest Dragon Ball characters to make an appearance on the roster. Only Bulma has been around in the show longer and (likely) will not make an appearance. Due to his long history on the show, he’s got a repertoire to match – move ranging from the zany, like the drunken fighting style, to the useful like the Surprise Shock, to iconic (he did invent the Kamehameha after all.) 

As such, his move list leaves a lot of room to innovate and play a vital role in DBFZ’ roster – a comedic character who’s also pretty useful. Street Fighter fans might immediately liken Roshi to Dan Hibiki from Street Fighter, but let’s not be too hasty – some of these moves could end up proving vital as called assists, even if he’s not the strongest character around. 

Roshi’s Possible Move List Includes Iconic Moments

Evil Containment Wave – In Master Roshi’s reveal trailer, this was the only solid super move that we saw, and it’s a doozy. Drawing on the maximum amount of life force possible for a move, the Mafuba (or Evil Containment Wave) draws an opponent’s entire body into a small container. This can be anything from a small bottle, to a rice cooker – anything that can be shut and sealed essentially. Of course, this move is only useful if you remember the special talisman that seals the item shut. In the reveal trailer, this was not used, so it’s possible that the move could vary and just do massive damage rather than be an outright kill move. 

Thunder Shock Surprise – This move was originally debuted while Master Roshi was posing as Jackie Chun. He shoots a lightning blast towards the target with both hands and traps the opponent within an electric field. He’s only had to use the move on Goku, Grandpa Gohan and a few times in Dragon Ball Super.

In FighterZ, this move is where things get really interesting for setups, should the developers allow it to be used as an assist. A move that, if it lands, leaves someone in a completely stunned state, similar to Galactic Donuts, or even some of Magneto’s moves from Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Drunken Fist – Should Bandai Namco utilize this technique, Master Roshi would be one of the few characters in the game with a stance change. In the show, much like the movie Drunken Master, Roshi pretends to be drunk wobbling around, and catches the opponent off guard with his erratic movements.

Max Power Kamehameha – In this move, Roshi buffs up to his maximum size to fire off a Kamehameha far beyond his usual limits. While it’s expected that as the originator of this move, he will have it as part of his base kit, having this max power kamehameha at his disposal should make for a great level 1 or level 3 super, depending on where the Mafuba lands. There have been plenty of moments in the series that the developers could draw on for inspiration, but the most recent would be his Max Power Kamehameha that was used in the Tournament of Power, and will likely be referenced in some of his Dramatic Finishes. 

What Role Will Roshi Play in Teams?

It’s hard to say exactly what role Roshi will play in teams until we know his full move set, but from what’s been revealed so far, it seems like he’s got a number of tricks up his sleeve that might be best used as either a point character, or the middle character so he can be called for assists repeatedly. It’s unlikely that Roshi will stack up well as an anchor character as the Mafuba seems to be a Command Grab that, while it might do a lot of damage, could be unreliable and hard to land. 

We don’t know exactly when Master Roshi will hit for season three of DBFZ beyond that he will arrive in September. 


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