Dallas Empire Gets Revenge Against Florida in London Home Series Results

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 20th 2020

The dust has settled, and the end of the Call of Duty League London Royal Ravens Home Series Weekend is here. The London Home Series results are a little surprising, initially going the way that we thought it would this past weekend and then taking some shifts to include some major twists.

London Royal Ravens Hosted the Penultimate Tournament

The London Home Series this past weekend was the penultimate tournament for the first season of the Call of Duty League after the New York Subliners event the weekend before. The league will have one more event this season, and then it is time for the shift to the playoffs, something that is going to be a wild time for everyone.

But until then, there is some time left in the season as the 12 teams battle in their final events of the inaugural season. For many of the teams in the past London Home Series results, this was it for them. After this event, they would have no more chances to earn points, so they had to make it count.

And for the rest of the teams that this wasn’t their last event, it was the second-to-last one for them, so they had to make it count as well because the number of points that they could earn wasn’t many. Through this event, the standings have changed once again and crazily.

London Royal Ravens Home Series: Teams and Groups

To kick off the London Home Series results, it is important to know who exactly battled against one another in the event this past weekend. As always, there were eight teams here that competed with four of the teams taking a break and resting for the final event next weekend.

Here are the eight teams that competed in the London Home Series Weekend:

  • Dallas Empire
  • Paris Legion
  • Seattle Surge
  • London Royal Ravens
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners
  • Florida Mutineers
  • OpTic Gaming LA

Those eight teams were further divided into two groups that would compete against one another in the first two days. The first Group, A, had the hosts London Royal Ravens, Seattle Surge, OpTic Gaming Los Angeles, and Florida Mutineers.

On the other hand, Group B had Dallas Empire, Paris Legion, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and New York Subliners. It was an intense event that began last Friday with the first part of the group stage competition.

London Home Series Results: Day 1

The London Home Series results begin with day one, where each of the eight teams participated in a single group stage match that would determine how the event would proceed on day two. The first match of the day, which started a lot earlier than usual likely due to both London and Paris playing, was Dallas Empire versus Paris Legion.

In our initial predictions for this particular match, we noted that Dallas Empire had the upper hand here and would likely win this match, and that is exactly what happened here. Dallas came in swinging and only let up a little bit, nearly getting a sweep but still winning three rounds to one against Paris.

The second match of the first day was the marquee match for the event. This was because, likely due to time zone differences, London Royal Ravens played in their first match here. It was against Seattle Surge, a match that wasn’t too difficult for the hosting team as London won three rounds to one.

The third match of the day was New York Subliners versus Los Angeles Guerrillas, which wasn’t going to be a tough match for the former as New York had just come off its upsetting win last weekend own Home Series event. This was no challenge for New York as they were the first to get a full sweep three rounds to nothing.

And last but not least, the final match of the day was Florida Mutineers versus OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. This was one that almost went differently than we initially predicted last Friday. OpTic showed up in this match with full force, hoping to get some points against one of the best teams but still lost with Florida barely winning three rounds to two.

London Home Series Results: Day 2

Thus ended the first day of the London Home Series results with some teams in the lead, which would face off against one another in the second day of the competition. The first match to kick off the final day of the group stage was Dallas Empire versus New York Subliners.

Our bet was on Dallas for this one, but this was New York’s chance to get some points and move up further in the leaderboard, but they weren’t able to compete with the Empire. Dallas won this one rather easily, getting a sweep of three rounds to nothing and earning the first spot in the finals.

The next match was London Royal Ravens versus Florida Mutineers to reveal who would be the winner from the other group. We would have said that Florida would have this one any other day, but it seems that OpTic warmed up Florida for London as the hosts were able to get an upset here and win this very close match three rounds to two.

Next up was the first of the knockout rounds with Paris Legion battling against Los Angeles Guerrillas. The Guerrillas were unable to show any of the fight that they had in some of the other events and lost this one pretty easily with only some fighting three rounds to one in favor of Paris.

The other knockout round fight was OpTic Gaming LA versus Seattle Surge where OpTic showed up once again and took out this team three rounds to one, earning some points in the process. This was followed by the first of the final two matches of the day.

The first was Paris Legion versus New York Subliners to determine which of the two would move onto the finals. We would have put money on New York in this case, but it lost all strength and will to fight after being crushed by Dallas, losing this match a whopping three rounds to nothing.

This was followed by a surprising rematch of Florida and OpTic where the Mutineers did not let this second match go the way it did the first time around and beat OpTic three rounds to only one.

Day 3 Results

This led to a finals day with one surprising entry on the list with the four Paris Legion teams, London Royal Ravens, Florida Mutineers, and Dallas Empire. We certainly did not expect to see Paris here, but this surprise was rather interesting.

Paris showed up in the first match against rivals London Royal Ravens and actually beat them in a very close match three rounds to two and made it into the grand finals. The other semi-finals match was Florida Mutineers versus Dallas Empire.

This was a rematch of a few weeks ago. Dallas was crushed by Florida and based on past matches between the two. We would have favored Florida in this regard, especially given two back-to-back Home Series wins.

But none of that mattered here as Dallas continued its win streak momentum (possibly with some help from OpTic and London weakening the Mutineers beforehand) and was able to win this match but crush Florida in the process three rounds to nothing.

Dallas Empire Gets Their Revenge

The Dallas Empire was able to get its revenge in a shocking and very overwhelming fashion, getting a full sweep against the team with the most Home Series wins in the entire league. This stopped Florida right in its tracks and led to a grand finals match of Dallas Empire and Paris Legion.

Though we have to give credit to Paris Legion for stepping up in its final event of the normal season, we all knew where this match was going once it was announced as we saw the first match of the weekend. Paris Legion just couldn’t get the win as Dallas Empire came and crushed them easily three rounds to zero.

This led to Dallas Empire winning another Home Series Weekend and moving up in the leaderboards in the process. They were able to get their revenge against rival Florida and secure a much higher spot in the leaderboards as we near the end of the inaugural season for the league.

New Call of Duty League Standings

Speaking of the Call of Duty League standings, the London Home Series results gave way to some rather interesting developments in the leaderboard. With only one more event left in the entire season, we are beginning to see how things will turn out in the playoffs.

You can find the Call of Duty League current standings below, in order from first place to last place:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 250 points
  • Dallas Empire: 240 points
  • Florida Mutineers: 220
  • Chicago Huntsmen: 220
  • New York Subliners: 140
  • London Royal Ravens: 120
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 120
  • Paris Legion: 100
  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles: 80
  • Toronto Ultra: 70
  • Seattle Surge: 50
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 50

Four of the teams on this list have competed in their last event of the season with the London Royal Ravens Home Series Weekend, including the hosts themselves, and these are all of the points that they will earn for the 2020 inaugural season.

Those four teams are New York Subliners, London Royal Ravens, Paris Legion, and Los Angeles Guerrillas. The Guerrillas are now basically officially the last-place team in the league. The only hope for them now is for Seattle Surge to get crushed next weekend, and that could maybe switch the two, but it is not guaranteed.

For Paris Legion, they have been able to reclaim their spot in the top eight with a chance not to have to start the playoffs in the knockout bracket of the tournament, but even that could change next weekend. For London Royal Ravens and New York Subliners, though, they are most likely set in the top eight.

Interestingly, the two of them have overtaken Minnesota Rokkr and New York. It has all but cemented its spot in the top five of the league for the normal season, which is amazing considering Rokkr was in the top five for the majority of the season.

Again, that could change if Minnesota shows up in the final event of the year, but we doubt that. For the rest of the league, those remaining eight teams have one final event left to go. It is shaping up to be the most entertaining and best one ever potentially.

There Is One More Event Left This Season

The Call of Duty League normal season will end this year this upcoming weekend with the final event: the Toronto Ultra Home Series Weekend. I am so hyped for this one that I almost want to go ahead and give you my predictions now, but I will save that for later this week.

The Toronto Home Series will cap off the season with the final event, starting on Friday, July 24 and running through Sunday, July 26. Here are the eight teams that will compete in all of their final events for the 2020 season:

  • Minnesota Rokkr
  • Atlanta FaZe
  • Dallas Empire
  • Florida Mutineers
  • Seattle Surge
  • Chicago Huntsmen
  • OpTic Gaming LA
  • Toronto Ultra

Group A is a little unfair as it is an easy one for Chicago Huntsmen with only them, hosts Toronto Ultra, OpTic Gaming LA, and Seattle Surge. Meanwhile, Group B is stacked with Minnesota Rokkr, Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, and Florida Mutineers.

There are so many insane moments from this event that we could already see as a potential rematch between Atlanta and Chicago, OpTic being able to climb back into the top eight, the rematch between Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers hot off of Dallas’ win this past weekend, and so much more. Stay tuned for our full coverage of this event soon.


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