CSGO Power Rankings 2020: What are the Best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Teams in 2020?

by in CS:GO | Jul, 28th 2020

It’s been a while since the last notable CSGO event. A quick reminder, the last prominent tournament was CS_Summit 6 which started late June and ended on July 5th. It was just another entry in the vast sea of post-COVID online events that took control of the esports scene. The regionalized online gameplay environments practically annihilated international matchups between some of the best teams out there. For instance, the last real international CSGO event that pinned European and American teams against each other dates back to early March. Despite that, we’re still proud to present you with our CSGO power rankings 2020!

Making the list was a bit more difficult than usual since we had no direct head to head matches between NA and EU teams. While I do believe we’ll see at least one or two LAN events by the end of the year, I doubt they’ll have a live audience. I also believe they’ll greatly alter the current CSGO power rankings 2020 set up by the online events.

Biggest CSGO Events in 2020 Thus Far

2020 was supposed to be another fine year for CSGO esports. It was supposed to feature two Major Championships, one of which was supposed to be held in Rio two months ago. The global pandemic messed up Valve’s plans, but the situation (overall) wasn’t as bad as was the case with other competitions. All major sports events have been canceled, including the European Soccer Championship and the Olympic Games, whereas CSGO had minor inconveniences with a few cancellations and a bunch of reformatting and rescheduling for online events.

LAN Events

The first two months of 2020 were pretty normal… that was before the entire world went to sh*t – pardon the language!

The same can be said about the CSGO esports scene too – everything was buttery smooth! In terms of top-tier events, we only had the regular season of BLAST Premier Spring and IEM World Championship in Katowice. That event marked the end of LAN competitions, though – we are yet to see a proper LAN tournament since the action in Katowice. Unfortunately, I reckon we won’t see a lot of them in the remainder of 2020 either. One or two max, and that’s assuming the pandemic situation calms down a bit.

If we are to judge by the only two CSGO LAN events held in 2020, then NaVi and G2 are the clear favorites. Both teams swept through the BLAST Premier Spring regular season, plus they competed on the grand finals of IEM XIV WC Katowice. Natus Vincere took the trophy, following superb performances by Boombl4 and S1mple in the grand finals.

Online Events

Online events were numerous; both top-tier and tier-b online events were numerous! If we’re to count the top-flight online events following the social distancing rules, there were roughly ten of them in both America and Europe.

The likes of Flashpoint Season 1, BLAST Premier 2020 Finals, and ESL Pro League S11 were definitely the biggest of the bunch. Teams-wise, BIG and EG were the only teams with more than a single title. But, enough about the events – let’s focus on the task at hand and see which teams had a blast thus far in 2020:

CSGO Power Rankings 2020

Let’s start our CSGO Power Rankings 2020 with what’s objectively the best CSGO team at the moment – BIG!

1. BIG

There, I’ve said it! BIG is the best CSGO team at the moment. Who could’ve guessed, just three to four months ago, that the German team will be anywhere near the top of the food chain, let alone at the top spot. And it’s not just my CSGO power rankings 2020 list, but HLTV.org’s latest world ranking too. BIG is at the top of the world and I guess they themselves have no idea how they got there.

How did they get there? Well, syrsoN and TabseN were definitely the main gears that did all the grinding. They’ve been absolutely phenomenal since the start of 2020, perhaps one of the most consistent duos on the scene at the moment.

They won three notable titles in 2020 (DreamHack Masters Spring, CS_Summitg 6, and DreamHack open Leipzig), and two #HomeSweetHome Cups in April. They’re in a fine form, having lost just two of their last thirteen matches… and they played (and won) against some of the biggest European teams.

All in all, it’s safe to say BIG made the right move bringing in k1to and syrsoN! BIG is currently the most consistent team in the world, and I can’t wait to see them do their thing on the next event!

2. G2

In my books, G2 is the second-best team in the world at the moment! According to HLTV.org, though, that spot belongs to the second prominent French team, Vitality. I know, I know, Vitality’s been pretty decent in 2020 and they still have ZywOo, but I’d like to argue G2 was by far the superior team. Perhaps they don’t have the results to back that up, but the overall level of their gameplay was a level above everyone else… except for BIG. If they had just a bit more luck, I reckon they’d be the ones standing at the top of Europe!

Nexa and huNter now act (and play) like they were supposed to all along! They’re creating chances, clutching rounds, doing wonders in terms of map pool, and they’re constantly bringing their A-game. Even though they became known for inconsistency, their efforts in that department are more than noticeable.

KennyS has been doing wonders too. He’s been showing glimpses of brilliance and that’s oftentimes been the deciding factor… especially in late stages of events where his experience and composure really shows. The entire G2 roster has plenty of room for improvement… But, if they keep playing like they have been for the last few months; if they keep reaching the grand finals, I’m sure luck will start favoring them once again!

3. Evil Geniuses

Why is G2 above Evil Geniuses when BIG and EG were the only teams with more than one title on online events? Well, there’s no easy way for me to say this, but I have to – G2 is above because they’re playing in Europe where the competition (at least for the time being) is much more difficult than on the American stage. It’s as simple as that!

That’s not to say I’m trying to belittle the American scene. In fact, we’re finally seeing a change of pace on the new continent, with several new teams competing for the top of the scene. Team Liquid is down – the boys in blue are at an all-time low, with the likes of FURIA, Evil Geniuses and Gen.G battling for the top spot.

EG is, at the moment, leading the charge. The ex-NRG roster won the American BLAST Premier Spring 2020 and CS_summit 6 events. FURIA took DreamHack Masters Spring title while Liquid made one last budge on ESL Pro League S11.

Even though EG played poorly at times, their top fraggers (Brehze and CeRq) made a comeback and are once again setting the tempo. Ethan is improving his gameplay too; he’s been deciding a lot more rounds than before, and EG has that going for them, which is nice!

4. Astralis

Astralis is no longer at the top of the world! In fact, they’re not even in the top five, not even on HLTV’s list. Come to think of it, they’re not even in the top ten! I’m no going to be that strict on the good old Danes. After all, I’m sure their form will jump right back up once their key players return.

What, you haven’t heard about gla1ve and xyp9x leaving Astralis? Well, they didn’t exactly leave, they just stepped down from the main roster. That’s basically why Astralis had to experiment with JUGi and the boys. Basically, both gla1ve and xyp9x stepped down because of too much stress and burnout. The only difference is the fact that gla1ve announced he’ll be back after three months, whereas xyp9x took an indefinite leave.

Once Astralis gets at least gla1ve back, which should be pretty soon, I reckon they’ll start winning events again. That’s why I’ve ranked Astralis as the fourth-best team at the moment, despite the fact their recent results are nowhere near that placement.


What’s should I say about FURIA? What should I say about the team that I honestly expected much more of after seeing them do their thing earlier this year? Need I remind you – FURIA started their 2020 season well with a grand finals’ finish on DreamHack Open Anaheim. That’s when the notorious Gen.G curse started.

What’s this curse I’m referring to? You see, Gen.G defeated FURIA in three separate grand finals matches. DreamHack Open Anaheim – check; ESL One: Road to Rio – check; BLAST Premier Spring 2020 American Showdown – check!

The biggest accomplishment in 2020 is their DreamHack Masters Spring triumph in June. They defeated Team Liquid in the grand finals and etched their names in CSGO history books. The young Brazilians are looking strong across the board. Finally at the top of South America, I reckon FURIA is in it to win at least one or two additional events by the end of the year!

6. Team Liquid

Wow Pavo, I thought you forgot about Team Liquid… Nope, I haven’t… They’re just not that good anymore! How dare I say that? Well, it’s not daring; it’s caring! I care about Team Liquid. They are my favorite NA team… well, they were until EG came into the scene. But, let’s put that aside and see what sort of a daring/caring situation we got going on here.

Team Liquid is nowhere near their usual form, and that’s a cold hard fact. They’re not winning events, they’re not playing well… they’re losing against lesser-known teams, and that’s not good. It has to stop! A roster alteration needs to be executed. If it was up to me, I’d release Stewie2K… but that’s probably just me haha

On the bright side, Liquid did have some bright spots in an otherwise very bleak 2020. They won the American ESL Pro League Season 11 and had solid outings on CS_summit 6 and DreamHack Masters Spring. Team Liquid was always within or near the top four; if it was any other team, I’d be positively surprised with such consistency. But this is Team Liquid we’re talking about here – they have to do better than this! They have to!

7. Vitality

Why do the folks over at HLTV.org value Vitality’s performance in 2020 so much? I mean, objectively, there were several superior teams that should’ve gone above Vitality… Well, it’s not to say Vitality has absolutely nothing to show off here. Remember, ZywOo and the boys played two grand finals in the last two months or so.

On the downside, though, they lost both of them – one against BIG and one against Complexity (of all teams lol). So, why does HLTV.org value them so much and why am I so negative about them? Well, HLTV values recent events, and Team Vitality was an absolute force to be reckoned with on the two latest European events.

As the title implies, I’m doing a CSGO power ranking 2020 list here, meaning I’m taking the entirety of 2020 (thus far) into account… and it’s safe to say Vitality had a ton of problems in the first four/five months of the year. They were nowhere to be found. In fact, ZywOo was the only player who was consistently good throughout their period of poor performances.

What’s next for Vitality? Are they going to keep up with their fine form or will they drop to the levels they’ve been at earlier this year? Well, I honestly can’t say with enough certainty. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they perform at the upcoming ESL and DreamHack events. 

8. NaVi

S1mple and the boys are back in business! They’ve finally perfected (pun intended) their roster with Perfecto and have been playing pretty well. 2020 has been a good year for the best CIS side, despite the fact they had an embarrassing run on ESL One: Road to Rio CIS.

If we’re going to talk about their biggest mishap of 2020, we need to emphasize the good stuff too! For instance, NaVi was the runner-up on ICE Challenge 2020 in February. They also went all the way on the regular BLAST Premier Spring season. Their biggest accomplishment in 2020 is definitely winning IEM XIV World Championship. After that, S1mple and the boys had a bunch of semifinal finishes as well as the aforementioned Road to Rio embarrassment.

What sort of stuff can NaVi fans expect by the end of the year? Well, if WePlay Clutch Island is any indication of NaVi’s current form, their fans will be in for quite the treat. S1mple is playing well, so is Electronic. Heck, even Boombl4 had a couple of fine matches. If everyone keeps up, NaVi could do amazing things this year. Can’t wait to see how they perform on the Rio Major!

9. Faze Clan

Faze Clan is yet to win an event in 2020! It’s true, but… but, who would’ve guessed? Jokes aside, even though NiKo and the boys started their 2020 with two solid campaigns (qualifiers, or so to say), they chickened out once the real action started.

First up, they were absolutely atrocious on ESL Pro League S11 and IEM XIV WC. Then, they followed it up with a couple of third/fourth-place finishes, and right when everyone though they’re ready for a win on CS_summit 6, they bottled it big time.

Form-wise, NiKo is playing at his usual (read godlike) pace. He has some issues here and there, but it’s nothing major – his consistency is still a level above most mortals. Broky and coldzera are playing well too. Bymas, the newest Faze Clan addition, has been doing himself justice too. In terms of IGLing, Rain seems to be off his game pretty frequently. Could Rain be the next man to get kicked off this Faze Clan roster? Well, if they fail to make an impression in August, that might not be that far from reality!

10. Fnatic

Last but not least – Fnatic! Yep, the best Swedish and one of the greatest esports organizations of all time has found its way onto my CSGO power ranking 2020 list! What are the biggest accomplishments by this Fnatic team thus far this year?

Well, they won ESL Pro League S11 and reached the semifinals in Katowice, at the IEM XIV WC in February. Since them, though, Fnatic hasn’t been seen in action. The best they’ve done since then is reaching the quarterfinals on several occasions. They lacked composure in crucial matches, failed to assert their dominance against lower-tier opponents, and looked outright uninterested at times.

Even though this current Fnatic roster did wonders late 2019, they’re far from such heights. Honestly, I don’t think they’ll improve much in the remainder of 2020. One or two solid outings (mind you, not wins but solid outings) and that’s about it…

Biggest Losers

What about the biggest losers? What about the teams that greatly underperformed in 2020 and, for one reason or another, are nowhere near their top form? The perfect example of a massive loser is MIBR! The Brazilian side is at their lowest point ever. It was expected though – with Coldzera out of the equation, everyone in this MIBR roster played 20% worse than before… and it shows.

Astralis can be considered as losers too, seeing as they won just one event in 2020 (ESL One: Road to Rio). As many of you know, Gla1ve and xyp9x stepped down from the starting roster because of stress/burnout and other medical reasons. Gla1ve is set to come back pretty soon; xyp9x, on the other hand, took an indefinite break and we can only guess when (if) he’ll come back to Astralis’ CSGO roster.

Wrapping Things Up

As far as our CSGO power ranking 2020 edition is concerned, the above-featured list ought to nicely wrap stuff up. I believe I was quite objective, even though I didn’t track placements on events and award “points” based on importance.

Please tell me your thoughts on the list as well as anything else that pops to mind regarding the CSGO esports scene in 2020! We’re living in tough times, but from the looks of things, the CSGO scene is still going strong. Fingers crossed the upcoming ESL One: Rio Major exceeds everyone’s expectations!


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