CoD Warzone K/D Caps Have Led to Shady Tournament Play

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 6th 2020

How has esports been around this long, and issues like this are still coming up? Warzone tournaments are popping up all over the internet, and they tend to have pretty serious prize purses with them. While many things change in every Warzone tournament, one thing does not: k/d caps. The idea behind k/d caps is that the playing field is level, and people are playing against people in their skill bracket. Makes sense, right? 

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Except for the very first thing many people think of when they think “k/d caps”, is not “Wow, this is going to make the matches fair!” or “I have a chance to win this one,” and instead leads to thoughts of shady moves to get into easier matches. We’re not going to tell people that getting paid is a bad thing, but deliberately lowering your k/d to make sure you can put together an all-squad team? It’s disgusting. Many of the top Warzone players have gone on record to talk about how these scumbags are getting around the k/d caps for tournament play.

The idea of K/D caps isn’t the worst one. The problem is so many people know how to get around it. So what are these players doing? They’re dropping their k/d on purpose, lowering it as much as they can. That way, these high-value, high-skill content creators can team up, form uber-teams, and demolish tournaments where they normally would not be playing these kinds of players. This leads to easy paydays, and really sours the feel of the game for everyone else.

However, the pro Warzone players have seen these tactics in more than one tournament and have called out people purposely dropping their k/d caps. One of the first to speak up as Aydan, who said:

Some enlightened people blame the K/D drops on Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). Let’s be real: That’s 100% not the case. Sure, some players who had high K/Ds dropped due to SBMM. That’s going to happen. But conveniently, right before entering a tournament? No, that’s far too convenient to be true. The knowledge of K/D cap abuse has not stopped it from being the norm across CoD: Warzone tournaments, and that’s a shame. This is something that needs to be looked at and changed. Even if the K/D cap was focused on a longer stretch of gameplay, people would still find a way around it. Perhaps skill-based matchmaking tournaments would help? There’s no telling.

If tournaments simply only let certain skill-level players in, there’s always a chance of smurfs or something to that effect. The fact remains that there needs to be something changed in Warzone tournaments, or high-level players are going to keep abusing the system for their own gain. The people who just go in with their 4 or 5 K/D are going to get abused by people who deliberately lower theirs. It sounds like tournament runners need to look at the players entering and see who had a very convenient, sudden dip in their K/D, compared to their streamers/content created.

What’s the solution though? What would you do if you were running a tournament? Leave K/D caps in and scrutinize the players entering deeper? Or simply let it go? Let us know!


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