CoD Mobile’s First Mythic Weapon Price is Absolutely Ridiculous

by in Call of Duty | Nov, 6th 2020

Who had “CoD makes another ludicrous microtransaction bait weapon” on their 2020 Bingo Card? As if the microtransactions in Black Ops 4 haven’t been ridiculed enough, the free-to-play CoD Mobile’s first Mythic weapon price is absolutely bonkers. The CoD Mobile community is, to say the least, not at all happy with how this new Mythic weapon has turned out. Since it’s the first of its kind, we’re likely to see several more weapons in this tier, with just as much complex, money-grubbing nonsense attached to them.

Do you want a weapon that requires two different parts? No? How about a base price of 30 CoD Points – and it goes up with each attempt? Well, that’s how it is right now!

0.08% Chance and It’s Not Even Complete?

Every time we read about this, it just gets more and more absurd. It feels like a fever dream come to life. This weapon only debuted yesterday and the internet is on fire with anger over it. Not only is it an SMG (so it’s sure to be amazing), it’s got a 0.08% chance to drop. This SMG, Fennec Ascended as a base price of 30 CoD Points and goes up with each attempt.

We’re looking at a baseline price of 100 dollars for this Mythic CoD Mobile weapon, and that’s just being generous. That’s not even the full gun though! A Redditor points out that it’s not even that great when you unlock the first part:

“The Mythic weapon that you bought is like a regular Legendary unless you dish out another $100.”

The way this works is the first time you get it, you just have the gun. Now you have to go through the process of upgrading it. To upgrade this gun you need “Mythic Cards”, which also require a set amount of CoD Points on top of simply getting the gun.

Another Redditor, Pfrance pointed out that they saved all season for this weapon to finally drop. There was a lot of hype behind the first Mythic weapon after all. When they found that the gun wasn’t technically complete upon purchasing, here’s what they said:

“. . .once I spent all that on the gun, it finally tells you that the levels you could see In the Arsenal have to be bought. WTF?? So you’re telling me I just dropped way more than I should have to find out that if I want attachments that match I gotta spend even more than that?? There’s no grindable way to unlock the new levels?”

So even if you do manage to get this new CoD Mobile Mythic weapon at a reasonable price, by luck or grace of God, you still have to spend even more money to unlock it’s true potential. Out less than a full day, the community is pretty united behind the notion that this CoD Mobile weapon is absolutely disgusting. It’s nothing short of blatant, open money baiting. It’s aimed at Whales looking to dump hundreds, if not thousands into the game to get this powerful new weapon.

You won’t catch us spending that kind of money on a likely pay-to-win trinket in CoD Mobile. You can keep that nonsense. So far, the devs have not responded to the backlash. Could they easily change this to make it worthwhile? Of course. Will they? Well, we aren’t holding our collective breath. Remember when we talked about the devs laughable response to the CoD Mobile lootbox controversy? Yeah, we don’t see any serious changes happening.


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