CoD Mauer Der Toten Main Quest/Easter Egg Guide & Tips

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 20th 2021

CoD Mauer Der Toten is finally out, and while it’s not exactly what fans expected it to be, seeing that the new map is a massive chunk of one of the campaign missions from Cold War full of secrets and a fun easter egg to discover is a sight for sore eyes. And with this new map, comes a proper conclusion to the Zombies storyline, for now at least. Since rumors are floating about stating that Cold War Zombies won’t be done with the release of the next Call of Duty. The CoD Mauer Der Toten Easter Egg is somewhat confusing and can be done either solo or with 4 players. This guide will walk players through the main quest in detail, and also provide some tips on how to make the steps easier to complete. 

How To Complete Mauer Der Toten

Mauer Der Toten is a nice mix of some old school mechanics from the previous games, as well as the new mechanics from Cold War, while it doesn’t feel like an old school map, the spirit of Zombies remains in Mauer Der Toten, here’s how to complete the Main Quest.

Step 1: Turn on The Power

After the events of the Second Outbreak Main Quest, Player’s Won’t be greeted with Weaver anymore when starting this new map, instead, they’re taking orders from Colonel Kravchenko, who runs Omega Group. Your team is going to have to help Omega defeat an even bigger villain, a traitor to the group named Valentina, who’s the daughter of the Former Nazi Scientist known as Dr. Vogel, someone that the players have known, seeing that he’s part of Requiem. However, it seems that a different Commander doesn’t mean a different objective, as the power still needs to turn on. 

While this step seems like a no brainer, and the game walks the player through completing this step, there’s a strategy to the beginning of the game that can provide players with an easier time when it comes to setting up, something that Mauer Der Toten has is a longer Setup process, while it’s more straightforward than other maps like Shadows of Evil, it does take some extra time if a strategy isn’t in place, which could cost you multiple rounds.

The Strategy I used in my game is to equip a knife and hang around in the spawn room until round 8. Using the knife sounds like a bad idea, seeing that knifing zombies past round 2 with a melee is a bad idea, however, the knife is a weapon on its own, meaning it can be used effectively until round 10. Upgrading the melee skill to unlock the bowie knife is also a good idea so that you can bring a weapon in with you, while still having an effective melee weapon. 

cod mauer der toten easter egg
Fight the Disciple for Access to Pack-A-Punch

On top of this, knifing zombies give you more essence than shooting them, with the player gaining 115 points rather than the regular 90. Once all players have a good amount of essence, it’s time to work your way into the power room, there’s no right way to go, so feel free to go either way. Once into the power room and dodging the moving trains, turning on the power won’t be enough, as finding fuses from two tempests will be the extra step needed to turn on the power. After the power is on, going up through the sewers will take players to the other side of the wall, and in turn, to Pack-A-Punch.

Walking up to Pack-A-Punch will let players interact with it, and will activate a disciple. This new enemy will make other zombies stronger, it’s better to focus fire on the Disciple rather than the zombies it’s buffing. Now that Pack a Punch is open it’s time to help a friend. 

Step 2: Building Klaus, Opening The Lab, and Getting the CRBR-S

After turning on the power, the next objective is to get a new friend, Klaus. He’s a robot that is inside The Safehouse, which is situated in the underground, behind the main train platform. However, he’s missing a battery and some hands. Finding the battery is easy, as all that’s needed to be done is Waiting until Round 10, where a Kransy Soldat will spawn in. Killing them will drop a battery, which is used to power on the robot. However, Klaus is still missing hands. To find those, the player needs to go to Room 305 in the Hotel, which is next to the Korber Building Rooftop. There’s a door in Room 305, which has the hands the player is looking for, but with the door boarded up, it’s going to be difficult getting the hands. The only way to open the door is to put Brain Rot on one of your weapons, and then turn a zombie in the room. Once the Zombie is turned, they’ll open the door, and the player can enter and grab the hands. However, in that same room is a safe, inside that safe is a free CRBR-S, the wonder weapon for the map. And the only way to open it is to find the combination around the map, which requires Klaus. The Last thing needed to activate Klaus is a Microwave Dish, which can be found at Checkpoint Charlie inside either of the guard tower locations to the sides of the pack a punch. There are dig sites inside the guard tower locations, however, players will have to avoid the spotlights from the towers, if caught, the towers will start shooting, which does enough damage to down a player. One of the dig sites will drop the Microwave dish, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. Once the dish is acquired, take the dish to The Garment Factory, and place it on the Klaus Upgrade station.

cod mauer der toten easter egg
Zombie breaking down the door to Klaus’ Hands

Taking the hands to Klaus and attaching them, Will now let the player bring the Sarcastic robot back to life. However, Klaus is on a timer, and this means that the players going to have to work fast if they want to get the CoD Mauer Der Toten easter egg started before Klaus has to recharge. 

On one use of Klaus, the player can not only start the CoD Mauer Der Toten easter egg but also get the CRBR-S in the same round. Once he’s activated, run out of the hole in the wall and go to the Switch Control Room, To the left of the train controls is a single locker, using the remote that the player has been given, place Klaus right in front of the locker, he’ll swing his hands and break it open, revealing a new flashlight, which is a Black Light. This will be used to open the Safe. However, while the player still has Klaus, they should go to The Sewers, and place Klaus at a wall that sits atop a small set of stairs to the left of the Rappel. Klaus will break the wall, revealing a metal door behind it.

This door is a secret lab from Projekt Endstation, which is what Valentina used to open the portal in Berlin. However, you won’t be able to enter the lab until you’ve acquired the CRBR-S. Which can be obtained from either the Box, A Legendary Trial, or the safe.

To open the safe, and get a guaranteed CRBR-S, the player is going to have to find the combination, which is what the black light is for. The Locations of the combination are in The Garment Factory next to the Klaus Upgrade Station, The Service Passage Near the Ladder, And the Grocery Store. The Numbers will be somewhere in the room, and each area has a number on it. With the Factory Being 1, the Service Passage being 2, and the Grocery Store being 3. Using the blacklight, two numbers will be revealed, from 1 to 35. Write the numbers down, or memorize them. Then take the sequence of numbers to the safe, and turn the dials to match the numbers around the map, you’ll still be vulnerable while entering the combination, so holding a zombie if playing with a friend, using Aether Shroud, or Entering the combination during a round change is the safest way to enter the combination. If the combination is entered correctly, the safe will swing open, and reveal the CRBR-S for the player to use. 

Once the player has acquired the wonder weapon, which not only is one of the most powerful in the game, but also talks, using the voice of one of the Requiem agents, mods for the gun will start dropping from zombies. 

The one that you should look for is the Laser, which looks like a rifle. Taking the laser variant to the door, and shoot it with the laser, after a second to two of sustained fire, the door will melt, opening up the lab, and Valentina will make herself known, taunting the player. She mentions that during World War 2, Vogel and the Nazis entered the Dark Aether, and were attempting to use the Dark Aether as a hiding place, to then come back and take over the world, however, the dark aether corrupted them, turning them into the undead, and now, under the control of something called “the forsaken” they’re attempting to merge the Dark Aether with Reality and take over the world. 

Step 3: Charging the Canisters

Once in the Lab, on the lower level, there are some devices in the room that are covered with force fields, remember these devices, as when the round changes, the force fields will be gone. Once the force fields disappear, interact with the small device in the middle of the room, and pick up the 3 canisters. Then, to the right of the device that looks like a portal from Firebase Z, shoot the box that also had a force field on it. It’ll give the player something that looks like an essence trap but works in the opposite way.

Once you’ve acquired all the items from the lab, there are boxes around the map that look like atherium holders from the First Main Quest in Outbreak. There are 3, but they can be in multiple places around the map. They can be found in Sewer Access, Korber Rooftop, Ghost Station, Alley, and Destroyed Penthouse. Finding 3 of them, place the canisters from the lab in the machine, and then throw the Essence Trap. The Trap will summon 3 Tempests, kill them as soon as possible, and their essence will be put into the canister. Sometimes, the canisters will need 6 Tempests, Which happened in my game when playing with other players, but when I played solo, the canisters only needed 3 Tempests. 

Once the canister is picked up, sprint will be disabled and your field upgrade will be an atherirum blast, much like the Canister Transport from Outbreak. Manglers and Tomenters will spawn, so take the canister to the lab and place it back into the podium in the middle of the lab. Repeat the step 3 more times. Once the canisters are put there, It’s now up to the player to find a warhead. 

Step 4: Stop the Train

Kravchenko will tell the player’s that they need to make an inversion warhead, seeing that Requiem destroyed theirs when they landed into the ocean from the First Outbreak easter egg. There’s one warhead, but it’s lost on a train, and since they cannot be stopped, it’s up to the players to find a way to stop the train. 

However, there’s one way to complete this objective, and that’s with the help of Klaus, however, he’s not strong enough to stop a train yet, so the player is going to have to upgrade him. Upgrading Klaus is very easy. All that needs to be done is have Klaus shoot zombies for the player. The requirement for Klaus to upgrade is anywhere from 25-50 Zombies. Going to the Garment Factory, looking at the upgrade station will show either a red, or green screen. If the screen is green, then Klaus can be upgraded. Place Klaus in front of the station to start the upgrade process, however, doing so will start a 1 Minute lockdown where the player has to defend him. Be sure that you’re prepared enough to save Klaus during this process, once the upgrade process is completed, it’s up to the player to use Kalus to stop the train, however, just putting him on the tracks isn’t enough to stop the train.

cod mauer der toten easter egg
Where players need to upgrade Klaus

Before stopping the train, go to the Switch Control Room, where the blacklight was, and interact with the console to change the tracks on the train. Then, place Klaus on the opposite side of the tracks from the console. Klaus will then stop the train, and the player can enter the train to find the Keycard, Warhead, and some Intel. However, the train is on a timer, and staying on it for too long will kill the player. During the games I played, In co-op, the train has everything on board. However, when I played Solo, I had to switch the tracks and stop the train Twice to get both the Keycard and the Warhead. This issue could be a glitch, regardless, it doesn’t ruin the game, so if you can’t find the items on the first go, stop the train again. 

Once both of these items are acquired, place the Warhead back in The Lab.

Step 5: Build the Headset, and Browse the Files

The next step requires that the player interacts with the computer in The Safehouse. Using the keycard from the train, the player can access the computer. Once the computer is open, the player will have to browse the files multiple times until the screen turns red. Kravchenko will comment on how they cannot use the satellite, and Klaus will then chime in stating that with the right materials, he’ll be able to hack into the system and turn on the satellite needed to continue the CoD Mauer Der Toten easter egg. 

Browse the Files Here

There are 3 pieces needed for Klaus to complete his task. Take the wonder weapon and bring it to the Spawn Room, then, shoot the antenna with the wonder weapon, It doesn’t matter where, but when it’s shot, it’ll drop one of the pieces. Pick it up and then head down to the Electronics Store, which is in the building next to Juggernog. Inside the Electronics store will be several boom boxes, shoot the boom boxes, and they’ll drop the next piece. Lastly, the player has to go back into the Ghost Station and shoot a glowing green and red box next to Mule Kick, the box is also above one of the locations where the canister box spawns. That will drop the last piece for the headset. Once all the pieces are found, go back to The Safehouse and craft it on Klaus while he’s sitting in the chair, you cannot attach the headset to Klaus while he’s moving around. 

This step can also be done as soon as the player gets the wonder weapon, and adding the headset to Klaus before this step will cause some unique dialog to occur, where Klaus laments that the team underestimates his helpfulness, as he’s already made the Satellites active. 

Step 6: Cleanse the Uranium

It’s recommended that players are ready to fight the boss before completing this step, as it comes in two parts, but completing the step will activate the boss fight. So, be ready before activating the satellite. 

This is where player’s need to place the Uranium

Once you’re ready, go to any of the tents on the streets, where there’s a workbench next to them. Activating the satellite will cause an Apex HVT to spawn, which is another enemy from Outbreak. The enemies from the portal spawned by the Satellite will be a Megaton from the first map, Die Maschine, and two Mimics. Killing the Mimics should be priority one. After killing the Megaton, they’ll drop two green orbs, which are highly radioactive uranium. Once the Uranium appears, a 5 Minute countdown will start. If this step isn’t completed within the next 5 minutes, the game will end, all everything will have to be done again. Sometimes the timer will glitch, and not appear, which happened to me when I was playing Co-op. However, what needs to be done is that the player has to pick up a single piece of Uranium, and carry it to the workbench next to one of the computers, crafting the uranium will make a rocket-propelled casing for the orb. After doing so, the piece of Uranium has to be taken to one side of the ziplines around the map, placing it there won’t do anything, as the second one needs to be put on the other end of the Zipline. Once both pieces are in place, the Uranium will collide, and a normal non-explosive piece of Uranium will be dropped onto the street. Take the regular piece of Uranium to The Lab, and place it on the middle podium inside the warhead.

The first time will most likely not be enough to continue the Quest, so repeat the step again. After putting the second piece in, the boss fight will start. Starting the second Apex HVT encounter means that the player will be starting the boss fight, so prepare before attempting the HVT encounter a second time. 

Step 7: Fighting Valentina

Once the second piece of Uranium has been put in the lab, Valentina will appear, and then the boss fight will begin. She’s similar to the Legion boss fight from Outbreak, so players will have to have some weapon that can do a lot of damage. One such weapon many players use is the M16. Which does a lot of damage to shields, another helpful weapon for dealing damage is the Death Machine. Shoot the shield bubble surrounding Valentina, and then attack her when her shields are down. Valentina has a ranged attack which can be mitigated by the fully upgraded ring of fire, and her other attack, which can down the entire team, can be avoided by taking cover behind a wall or underneath the floor where she is. Once enough damage is dealt with her, she’ll flee and the players will have to follow her. Another attack Valentina does is heal, by spawning zombies and draining their health to heal herself, this can be stopped by shooting the zombies that are around her. 

Once Valentina Is Dead, she’ll be taken into custody by the team, and then used to make the inversion warhead to stop the forsaken. However, things aren’t finished yet.

Step 8: Escort Klaus to the portal.

In one final lockdown, Klaus will appear, and take the inversion warhead, and start making his way into the portal that Valentina came from. The Players now have to fight the zombies attacking Klaus who’s going to make his way into the portal. Once he makes it to the end, the easter egg is completed, and the final cutscene will play, which shows off some implications that could lead to a second Cold War Zombies Season, with new maps, and a continued story. 

Bonus Quest: Disco Party

CoD Mauer Der Toten has a free Juggernog easter egg ,much like the previous maps, that lets players get not only the Perk but a chance at a good weapon as well. And this comes in the form of the disco bunny easter egg. Around the Map, 5 Parts make up the stuffed animal that takes away the Mystery Box. Within these 5 Locations, players can find the Pieces of the Rabbit. In the Alley Underneath the Tires, In the Bar on the chair next to Juggernog, In the Department Store on the Shelf with the Mixers, In the Grocery Store with all the beer bottles, Sewer Access next to the stairs going out of the sewer, and On the Desk in Hotel Room 304. Finding all of the pieces will send the player into a Disco Club, where there’ll be zombies dancing to music DJ’d by the Rabbit, 3 Hordes will attack the players, killing all of them will open the stage for exploration, and players can choose from 1 of 3 doors, picking one will give player loot, but one of the 3 Doors contains the best loot, picking that one will give the player a special calling card, and then the players will be sent back to the main game.

And with that, completes CoD Mauer der Toten, the seemingly final Easter Egg before the next Call of Duty. While the next game is going to have zombies courtesy of Treyarch themselves, the story of Cold War Zombies is going to continue either in Treyarch’s next game or in a possible Year 2 of Cold War Content. Regardless, it seems like Cold War’s newest ground-based map has something that all players can enjoy. 


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