A Closer Look Into Das Race | Esports Meets RC Racing

by in General | Sep, 10th 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world in many ways. It has taken a massive toll on numerous industries, has strongly shaken up our society as a whole, and is drastically altering the way we live (the so-called new normal). However, it opened up the way for new markets, too, something the public could not have predicted. With the world of sports on its knees, the esports industry is, once again, showing real signs of flourishing – it’s the best example of how the pandemic positively impacted a niche.

People are stuck at home with the notorious work-from-home routine, and they desperately needed all the entertainment they could get their hands on. Sports were out of the equation during the first major lockdown, which pushed the esports industry under the spotlight.

Today, we’re not going to talk about the new positive wave in the esports business! Instead, we’re going to talk about Das Race. This interesting project aims to blend two popular forms of entertainment, hoping the new normal routine will push their idea and help gather a massive following.

What Is Das Race?

In short, Das Race is a virtual RC race track. It’s not your typical esports title, not by a long shot. You see, Das Race contestants won’t be playing a game! Technically, though, that’s what they’ll be doing, but it’s not as simple as it might seem at the moment, so please hear me out.

Das Race contestants will be controlling real-life RC cars on a real-life race track in LA, but they’ll be doing so remotely, from the comfort of their own homes. The interwebz wonders will bring forth a latency-free virtual racing experience, unlike anything you’ve seen thus far. Unless you’ve seen our Gfinity V10 R-League coverage, that is.

“We had our team in LA on the ground actually building out the racetrack, iconmobile’s teams in LA and Berlin programming the cars to work remotely, and Veritas’s team using its expertise in the gaming and esports industries to bring it all together. The fact that we were able to pull this off under those circumstances and in such a short time makes the premiere even more exciting.” -Juergen Dold, CEO of Optimist Inc.

In essence, Das Race (just like V10 R-League) wants to fundamentally alter RC cars’ interaction by connecting players from all across the globe into a real-life, physical race track. That’s the whole idea behind this brand-new entertainment format – combining real-world elements with digital wonders from the gaming ecosystem. We’re looking at here might be the next big step in both racing and gaming culture, so make sure you check out the action live!

Key Facts

  • Das Race brings forth 12 contestants from across the North American continent and pins them against each other in a thrilling, head to head knockout action.
  • The action is tailored to a broadcast experience, featuring short (30 minutes) but action-packed episodes bound to impress the audience. Twitch is the streaming service of choice – you can tune in to the live action on lvlglobal’s Twitch channel.
  • The action is focused on a real-world race track located in LA. It features all sorts of crazy stuff that separate it from V10 R-League’s realistic approach. We’re talking about stuff like speed-boosting stripes, gadget pickups, various performance-enhancers and secret shortcuts.
  • There’s more to it – players will be able to sabotage each other too. The aforementioned smart race track will feature buffs and debuffs in speed boosts and control inversion.
  • The race track is not the only interesting real-life aspect of Das Race. The specialized, custom-built RC cars are outright awesome! They can reach 25 mph and are sturdy enough to survive high-speed collisions, which are, let’s face it, inevitable.
  • Das Race has already announced several big-name contestants. You can read more about them and the event schedule further down the line.
  • Got2b sponsors das Race. Yep, the hairstyling glue! It’s a joined creation of iconmobile group, Optimist Inc., Veritas Entertainment, and 60Grit Studios.
“It’s amazing to see what can happen when you bring innovation to a new area of entertainment and how the merging of physical and digital elements can result in an entirely new type of experience. The amount of excitement that has been generated through this initiative, especially among the Twitch community, has been really inspiring to see.” -Thomas Fellger, CEO of iconmobile group and Veritas

Das Race Contestants

As mentioned earlier, the inaugural season of Das Race will feature 12 celebrity contestants. The list goes from the likes of Bengal (Madden content creator) and giraffeneckmarc (MLB content creator), all the way to hotshots like Priyanka (S1 Canada Drag Race winner), and Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S11 RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant). The mix is outstanding – hopefully, the rest of the roster is as diverse and entertaining as this bunch – that would ensure the success of Das Race Season 1.

Event Schedule

We’re almost done with our Das Race preview! All we’re left to do is share the event schedule info!

Das Race starts sooner than you think! The first episode of the next big thing in the virtual racing scene starts at 5 p.m. PST on Sept. 12. The first season of the competition is set for six episodes, streaming every Saturday at 5 p.m.

That’s about it as far as our Das Race preview goes!

You can learn more on the official Das Race website.

I want to wrap things up with a motivational quote that can be found at the bottom of the official website:

Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a race car. Then be a race car.


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