CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 21st 2021

The Call of Duty League is nearing the end with only one more week of normal matches left in the 2021 season. With the CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series on the horizon, it is time to start looking towards the future of the league and the championship trophy waiting there.

CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series Will Conclude the Group Matches

Following up on the usual schedule that we have had in the past for the last four stages of the 2021 season, there are three weeks of normal group play matches followed by the Major tournament. In this case, we are now entering the third and final week of the group matches for Stage 5. 

That week three of matches is known as the CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series and is the final Home Series of the year. Seattle is the only team left that has not had the chance to host a Home Series of their own, so it was only a matter of time until this event happened. 

The CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series looks to be one of the most exciting weeks of the 2021 season thus far and not just because it is the final one; there are some seriously great matches on the way to look forward to this week. 

If you want to see some of these great matches as they happen, especially days three and four, you will be able to watch it on the official league YouTube channel as they happen. But if you are busy and miss out, worry not, as the full matches will be posted on that same channel after the fact. 

Current League and Group Standings

Before we hop into the full match schedule for the CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series and my predictions for what will happen there, we need to go over the current standings in the league. The Call of Duty League is nearing the end. There is not a more important time than now for the leaderboard.  

Here is the current leaderboard for the 2021 season, including all 12 teams, as of the end of the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series that happened last week:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 495 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 345
  • Dallas Empire: 340
  • New York Subliners: 310
  • OpTic Chicago: 300
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 220
  • Florida Mutineers: 200
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 200
  • Paris Legion: 100
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 100
  • London Royal Ravens: 90
  • Seattle Surge: 80

At this time, the 2021 playoffs teams are now set in stone. There is nothing that the bottom four teams can do to get into the event, no matter how many wins they get and losses that their competitors get. That is just how it will be, but that does not mean the standings do not matter anymore. 

For one, there is the number two winners bracket spot that teams need to worry about. Atlanta has already taken the number one spot and will have a round bye, but another team will get a round bye. With the neck-and-neck race between Toronto, Dallas, and even Chicago to an extent, it could be anyone. 

Furthermore, there is the race to sixth for the sixth through eighth-place teams to avoid starting in the bottom bracket, which will happen to the teams at the bottom of the leaderboard. Before the playoffs, though, we will have the Major and the group standings decide that. 

As of right now, the Group A standings are like this: 

  • OpTic Chicago: 3 wins, no losses (likely guaranteed winners bracket)
  • Atlanta FaZe: 3 wins, 1 loss (also likely getting winners bracket)
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 2 wins, 2 losses
  • London Royal Ravens: 1 win, 2 losses
  • Paris Legion: 1 win, 2 losses
  • New York Subliners: 0 wins, 3 losses

Group B standings are as follows:

  • Toronto Ultra: 3 wins
  • Florida Mutineers: 3 wins
  • Dallas Empire: 2 wins, 1 loss
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 2 wins, 2 losses
  • Seattle Surge: 3 losses
  • Guerrillas: 4 losses

Almost no group is set in stone as there is room for some teams to come in there and still take one of the top three spots and start in the winners bracket of the next Major. That is why the CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series is so important. Every match will mean something. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

The CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series begins with the first of four days on Thursday, July 22, and will continue through Sunday, July 25. On the first day, like all of the other Home Series before it, only two matches will happen in the group stage. 

To kick the CDL Stage 5 Seattle Surge Home Series off, we have the Paris Legion taking on the New York Subliners, which is the second-to-last match for both teams. Paris has little to gain from these points other than a possible better spot in the Major and the money that would come from that. 

However, for the Subliners, this match means everything as this team has been exceptionally struggling in this stage. We thought that Asim missing Major 4 would hurt the team, but they would return in Stage 5 with his return, but that has not happened. 

With Clayster taking a week off, Diamondcon will have some tough shoes to fill. Paris Legion could continue its possible goal of disrupting the teams that it can even though it will not be in the playoffs, like what happened with the Thieves, so this could be a close match. 

I still believe that Diamondcon has been doing great in the Challengers and has played with most of these people before. So long as the morale is not too low, I think that the Subliners can pull through and win. Or, at the very least, they have to if they want to recover in time for champs slowly. Admittedly, I’m not too confident in this prediction. 

The second match of the day is London versus Chicago. Chicago has been a dominant force. I have no doubt they will continue that hereafter their triumphant win against Atlanta last week. London has, like Paris, been a thorn in the better team’s sides, despite no chance of making playoffs, so I think OpTic will have some resistance but will win in the end. 

Day 2 Preview

The second day gets a lot more heated in the matches, even though there are also two this day, with the first one being Florida versus Toronto in one of the most exciting matches of the week. For starters, there is the fact that Florida and Toronto are fighting for the fate of the second group here. 

Whoever wins this match is guaranteed the winners bracket and likely the top spot in the group as well, barring any insane comebacks from Dallas Empire (more on them in a bit). With so much at stake, this is essentially the Atlanta versus OpTic match from last week, but will it be as close and crazy?

That is what is difficult to figure out about this one. Toronto is likely the most consistent team in the business, with the teamwork and synergy simply unmatched. On the other hand, Florida is one of the most inconsistent teams as seen in this stage. 

They are undefeated right now, even after taking down Dallas Empire, but how long will that last? This is a team that, unlike everyone else, is capable of defeating anyone at any time but then will randomly show up and do terribly out of nowhere. 

Which Florida will we get in this match? That is the determining factor as there is a Mutineers team that can defeat Toronto, but it depends on if they show up or not. While I want to be risky and say that Florida will win this one, I will go ahead and hand this to Ultra. 

The second match of the day will be the Seattle Surge in their first match against the Dallas Empire. Could Seattle beat Dallas? Yeah, sure, but I think that the Surge has little to play for these days, so we may continue to see them not trying all that much. I’m giving this one to Dallas. 

Day 3 Preview

The third day picks up with some hot matches throughout the day. First off, we kick off with the eternal rivalry of Paris Legion versus London Royal Ravens. Both teams do not have to give anything in Stage 5, but they have tried and gave it their all. 

That is why I’m certain this is going to be a hot match to watch. My bet is on London as I like what I’m seeing from Afro and Alexx, two players who I hope find themselves on better rosters next year. 

The second match of the day is even better, with Florida taking on the Minnesota Rokkr in both of their final matches of the group play. I expect both to be on their top game here as this will likely be a tiebreaker of sorts for a spot in the winners bracket and better chances of securing the number six slot this season. 

I could see either team winning this, honestly, but I’m going to go ahead and hand this one to the Minnesota Rokkr. I’m a fan of both teams, so I’ll be excited to watch this match regardless of which one wins. 

And the last match of the day is a marquee one with the Thieves taking on the OpTic Chicago. This is truly a marquee match since the Thieves still have a lot to prove with its newfound roster. After a tragic loss that should not have happened so easily against Paris, Thieves need to show us they mean business.  

On the other hand, you could argue that OpTic Chicago is looking the best it has ever looked since the Call of Duty League start. The Thieves need to win this match to prove it is a championship-worthy team and earn those precious points, but I’m not counting on them to do it. I’m handing this one to Chicago for their first-ever undefeated stage of the season. 

Day 4 Preview

If the excitement of the third day was not enough, there is still one more day left and some insane matches here as well. Starting off, we have the Surge taking on the Guerrillas in a match that will probably not be nearly as fun as the Paris and London counterpart. 

Both Seattle and LA have essentially given up and are not showing many signs of life these days, which is sadly understandable. That said, I think Seattle has the better roster, despite the lower number of points, so I expect Octane and the gang to reel this one in for a win. 

The second match is where the day gets really fun with the New York Subliners taking on the Atlanta FaZe. I wish that the Subliners were able to make it to that Stage 3 level of excellence again because this could have been one of the best matches of the season right here. 

But, unfortunately, they are just not the team they once were. They are not yet in the place where they can topple FaZe at this time. Though FaZe is likely still weakened by the loss against Chicago, I do not see New York winning this one at all, but I hope they put up a good fight at least. Chicago should claim this group as the winner in the end. 

However, to end the week, we have probably the best match of the entire week and stage: Toronto Ultra versus Dallas Empire. These two teams have gone back and forth. Not only will the fate of the group be at stake, but the leaderboard potentially as well. 

With only five points separating them at this time and probably still by the time they meet in battle, this could widen the gap between them or see Dallas reclaim its number two spot. At this time, I think it is difficult to say which team will come out on top. 

This is not the Stage 3 Dallas struggling as the last time these two teams met in a match. The Empire came out on top to make it to the Stage 4 grand finals. But it was so close that this is about as 50/50, could go either way as it can be. 

But, for the sake of craziness and the fact that I do not see Dallas winning the champs again this year, I’m giving this one to Toronto Ultra, who will claim the number one spot for this group.


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