CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series Preview

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 8th 2021

The Call of Duty League is entering its last phase of the 2021 season with the start of the fifth and final stage. The CDL Stage 5 event will begin with the New York Subliners Home Series event, shaping up to be a rather wild week of group play matches. 

CDL Stage 5 Kicks Off With the New York Subliners Home Series

The CDL Stage 5 will follow the same general format that every other stage until this point has followed in the 2021 season. There are four weeks of content for teams and fans to enjoy in total, spread out across the two phases of the stage: the group section and the Major. 

It all starts with the first three weeks featuring the group portion of the fifth stage, with each team put into one of two groups. Those groups have six teams in each of them, and every team will battle against the other five organizations in their group. 

These five matches for each team are subsequently divided into three weeks, with each one having one or two matches per week to complete. Like previous weeks of group play, each of the weeks in Stage 5 will be hosted by one of the 12 teams. 

Only three teams left that have not had their Home Series to host the group play matches, but that is changing with the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series. New York is one of the best teams in the entire league and one to watch for the championship this year, and they finally have the chance to shine. 

The CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series means for the team that the spotlight is on them with not one but two insane matches this week that will likely be the best around. If you are a New York fan, this is the week to watch them. 

As always, the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series will be streamed live for everyone on the league YouTube channel, where you will be able to see the results of the matches as they happen. It will take place Thursday, July 8, through Sunday, July 11, but you can watch all of the matches on-demand after the fact if you miss out. 

CDL Stage 5 Groups and Standings

Before we hop into the full schedule for the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series, it is important to break down the two groups that will be part of this stage and their standings at this time. Beginning with the groups, we have Group A that the current Major winners lead: Atlanta FaZe. 

Having won an unbelievable third Major this season (but not in a row) in Stage 4, Atlanta FaZe is once again leading a group for the fifth and final time this year. This time around, Atlanta’s group includes OpTic Chicago, New York Subliners, Los Angeles Thieves, Paris Legion, and the London Royal Ravens. 

This group is a hot one with four highly popular teams in the entire league, though the Thieves have been struggling lately. While Atlanta has pretty much proven that it can take all of these teams with ease, it will be a battle between OpTic, LA, and New York for the two other top spots in the group. 

Meanwhile, we have Group B, led by the fourth Major’s runner-up team and current champs: Dallas Empire. Dallas is joined by Toronto Ultra, the only other Major winner to date, Minnesota Rokkr, Florida Mutineers, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and the Seattle Surge. 

Unlike the other group, Dallas is not guaranteed to win this one. As such, this is the group of death, given that the top four teams in it are excellent, and any of them could come out on top. Then there is Seattle Surge, who showed some signs of life with the fourth Major that could mean something in Stage 5. 

Here are the current standings of every team in the league in terms of points right now:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 465 points
  • Dallas Empire: 320 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 315
  • New York Subliners: 310
  • OpTic Chicago: 270
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 200
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 180
  • Florida Mutineers: 170
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 100
  • Paris Legion: 90
  • London Royal Ravens: 80
  • Seattle Surge: 80

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

There will be four days of matches in the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series, with 10 happening in total. On the first day, though, Stage 5 will only kick off with two matches at first. While this means that there will not be much action on day one, the matches could be somewhat fun. 

First, we have reigning Major winners Atlanta FaZe taking on the London Royal Ravens up for the stage. The Royal Ravens, back when they were performing slightly better this year, were almost capable of taking down Atlanta in battle in a surprisingly close match. 

However, I do not expect to see anything remotely close to that here, as London lost all hope this year. This should be a pretty easy match for Atlanta to get some more points on the board, even though they do not even need them anymore.

Next up, we have the Paris Legion taking on OpTic Chicago. Paris has never really been much of a threat to Chicago in the slightest, even when OpTic was going through a rough phase recently. With Chicago seemingly getting back on track, this is likely to be another classic OpTic blowout win. 

Day 2 Preview

With that, we come to day two of the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series, where the action gets a little bit more fierce. There are still only going to be two matches on this day, but one will make the situation more quality over quantity overall. 

First up, we have the LA Guerrillas taking on the Minnesota Rokkr. Rokkr is a strange team that does amazing at times and then flops at other times. The Guerrillas are pretty much doing terrible (unless up against the Thieves) ever since dropping Vivid and then dropping Chino was another trademark bad decision. 

Unless the Guerrillas suddenly find their groove at the last minute, I do not expect this to be too much of an issue for Rokkr to win. Fortunately, that rather unexciting match will be followed up by one that could be among the best this week. 

New York will get its first match of the Home Series against the LA Thieves. Both teams have a lot to prove as New York has to make a comeback after playing in the fourth Major without Asim, while the Thieves did terrible in the Major and needs to figure out something fast or not last long the playoffs this year. 

With likely the return of Asim this week, New York should be at their A-game once more, so the question of this match comes down to the new Thieves roster with Drazah finally a permanent member as should have been done at the beginning and former world champ John making his return to pro-COD. 

John will be the determining factor here as he is one of the best players in the franchise history, but he has been away for some time now. How will he handle the Call of Duty League compared to the old format of the franchise’s esports? 

I think that John will likely show some strong performance and Drazah, but will it be enough to topple New York? That is a tough question, but I expect this to be an excellent match this week. However, I’m going to play it safe for now and place my prediction on the Subliners. 

Day 3 Preview

Day three is where we start to get more matches during the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series with three in total. First up, Paris and Atlanta return to the stage once more, but this time against each other. 

This is the same situation as the last matches that they are both in earlier in the week where I do not expect Paris to defeat Atlanta, while FaZe will likely have a breeze with this one, but probably a little more resistance than from London. In the end, Atlanta should come out on top. 

This is followed by the Seattle Surge and Florida Mutineers, which could be a decent match. Seattle did well, in my opinion, in the fourth Major and could continue that here. Meanwhile, the Mutineers are cementing themselves as a possibly better team than their incarnation last year.

I think this will end up being a more exciting match than it initially seems, but I will hand this win to Florida. That brings us to the final match of the day, where the Guerrillas will take on the Dallas Empire. It is known as a marquee match, but I do not know if that is true. 

Unless the Guerrillas really change their entire strategy (and possibly roster) or Dallas goes back to its struggling days this season, I do not see anything happening here except a pretty simple win for Dallas. 

Day 4 Preview

That brings us to the final day of the CDL Stage 5 New York Subliners Home Series, where we will get not one but two possibly amazing matches this week. First up is London taking on the Thieves in a match that will be important for both teams. 

This should be easy points for LA, especially if they lose the first match of the week, so they need to win it without a doubt. I will place my hopes on the team winning this one because if they do not, then the changes that have been made may not make a difference for them in the end. 

The second match looks to be a really hype one, with Minnesota Rokkr taking on Toronto Ultra. Toronto has been a thorn in Minnesota’s side as Rokkr has come close but not quite enough to beat them in the past, so will that change here?

Honestly, even though I am a huge fan of Rokkr, I do not see it happening unless Minnesota can dominate the respawn maps in this match. It will be tough to do against Toronto’s unmatched teamwork, but it is possible. That said, I’m playing it safe and going for Ultra here.

We have New York returning to the stage in a true marquee match to face off against OpTic Chicago to end the week. They are the fourth and fifth-best teams in the league, and both could be at the top of their game right now. 

This will be a really exciting match that will come down to how Asim fits back into the mix. I look forward to this match and anticipate that it will be the must-watch of the week, for sure. In the end, though, I could see it go either way. 

However, if I had to make a guess, I’m going to say that New York Subliners will win this one. If they beat the Thieves, they will have momentum and coupling with their Home Series. I could see that propel them to a win against Chicago for a strong start to the fifth stage. 


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