CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series Preview

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 15th 2021

The Call of Duty League is right in the middle of the fifth and final stage of action for the 2021 season, and it is now that time of the week again for the next portion of the group play matches. This week, the community will be able to enjoy the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series.

CDL Stage 5 Week 2 Is the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series

The CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series is the name of the second week of the fifth stage of the 2021 season. Last week, we had the New York Subliners Home Series that was wild in the end with some crazy results to cap off the start of the final stage, and we expect more insanity this week, too.

Activision is continuing the trend of having the 12 teams host a single week of the group play matches, and there are only two teams left that have not had the honor just yet: Rokkr and the Seattle Surge. This week, it is time for the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series and it looks to be a great one.

There are only two weeks left in the group portion of Stage 5, which means that every single match is more important than ever before. Not only does it mean points that will help a team fill a spot in the upcoming playoffs tournament, but it also determines the placements for the fifth Major before that.

As always, fans can watch all of the action live as it happens on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel when the event occurs. If you do miss out on the matches or any of the four days, you can always watch the matches after the fact on the same YouTube channel.

Furthermore, the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series does not mean too much this year but it does mean that fans of Rokkr (like myself) will be able to see the team perform in not one but two matches, including a notably marquee one to finish off the week.

Also, Minnesota is taking this Home Series title seriously and is hosting a bunch of events throughout this week and into the weekend, like watch parties and the like, in Minneapolis. Any local fans in that area have the chance to participate and enjoy some entertainment, good times, and the ability to meet some of the Rokkr content creators and staff.

Current Standings After Week 1

With the start of the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series, it is crucial to look back at what happened with the New York Subliners Home Series last week to start off the stage. There are only three weeks left, including this week, in the normal season, so there are so few points left up for grabs.

Here is the full breakdown of the current Call of Duty League standings as of the end of the New York event:

As you can see, the gap between the top eight teams that will move on to the playoffs and the bottom four is growing or remaining large each week, further cementing what looks to be our playoffs teams. There is still technically the chance for one of the bottom four teams to make it to the top eight but it would not only require perfect performance from them, but absolutely terrible performance from Florida, Thieves, or Minnesota.

That said, much of the points in this stage will come from the upcoming fifth and final Major. Here is where the group placements will matter, and we have an update regarding the current status of this. In Group A, the top three teams are starting to cement themselves clearly as we have a three-way tie for first.

Atlanta FaZe, OpTic Chicago, and the comeback crew of the LA Thieves are all tied with two wins and no losses after the first week. Meanwhile, the other three teams are tied at the bottom with two straight losses, and those teams are surprisingly the New York Subliners, London Royal Ravens, and Paris Legion.

Meanwhile, Group B is a much closer situation with this group not playing as many matches in week one. There is another three-way tie between reigning champs Dallas Empire, Toronto Ultra, and Florida Mutineers with one win each.

The Home Series hosts Minnesota is up next with a win and a loss, while Seattle is up next with one loss, and the Guerrillas round out the group with two losses. Group B is definitely the one to watch this week, and not just because it is the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series.

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

We are going to dive into the full match schedule and my personal predictions for the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series. It all begins on Thursday, July 15, and will continue for four straight days until Sunday, July 18. That is four days of matches in total.

There are 10 matches that are happening as always, with two on the first two days and then three on the final two days. First up on day one, we have the Los Angeles Guerrillas taking on the Toronto Ultra. The Guerrillas have not shown much life lately, while Toronto is one of the best around.

Needless to say, I am giving this one to Toronto. After that, we have a slightly more interesting match, but one that is equally predictable in the end. It is the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series, and the second match will be the first of two to feature the Rokkr in action.

They will be taking on the Seattle Surge, who has shown some more signs of life lately than the Guerrillas, so this could be a slightly more fun match to watch. That said, Minnesota cannot repeat what New York did last week and lose both matches, so I imagine that this will be an easy win for Rokkr in the end to close out the first day and get them more wins than losses at this point in the stage.

Day 2

From there, we come to the second day that will be Friday and this day is seriously stacked with two amazing back-to-back matches. Especially considering that day one was pretty lame and day three is about the same, it is quite odd that day two just randomly has so many amazing matches.

First one up is a stellar match with Florida taking on the Dallas Empire. Florida is currently at the bottom of the teams that are likely to make it to the playoffs, while Dallas on the opposite end right near the top. What makes for an exciting match is that these two teams have gone back-and-forth with each other in the season.

We’ve had some wins from Dallas, then a dominant win from the Mutineers, and a very close win from the Empire in Stage 4. If this trend continues the same way, it would mean that it is now time for Florida to win again, which would be a huge twist for Group B.

The Dallas Empire is finally getting back it’s championship winning form

On the other hand, Dallas is seemingly back to its championship quality with the addition of Vivid and the hype from Stage 4, so it is hard to say if the Mutineers can handle this. I’m all here for shockers, though, every once in a while so I am actually going to hand this one to Florida just for the sake of being risky.

Next up, we have the second match of the day, which is also going to be an amazing one with the LA Thieves against Atlanta FaZe. Thus far, the Thieves have not been a contender at all against the best team in the league, and normally I would not have much to say here.

However, with the addition of the insanely talented John and the change to make Drazah a permanent SMG player, the Thieves came out in a very powerful way last week. The win against London was no surprise at all, but the close call match against New York against all odds was the right way to start off the end of the season strong.

I do believe that this is likely the best LA Thieves roster to date and the one that the team has needed all season. I’ve said it many times and I will say it again: it was a mistake to drop Drazah from the starting position and they felt it all season.

And with the addition of John, he is an MVP for a reason and is the wildcard this season that fits in quite well with his pal SlasheR and newfound teammate Kenny. With that all out of the way, though, I think that the Thieves cannot get too confident in this match.

Atlanta is a force and a team of unparalleled skill that knows each other so well. I do not see LA winning this match, but if they were somehow able to, we could be looking at our 2021 champion team then. My prediction, though, is definitely on Atlanta in the end.

Day 3

Day three, as teased earlier, is not that great with some one-sided match-ups that should be pretty predictable. First up for the day, we have the Royal Ravens against the Subliners. New York had a very disappointing first week of the stage as a team that I could see in the grand finals this year, but you would not be able to tell that from their own Home Series.

Hydra’s connection issues have been a major issue for the team

Maybe it was the pressure of hosting or the lack of confidence after the fourth Major without Asim, or the tragic connection issues with Hydra, but this team struggled a lot. That said, I still believe in them and they need to show it here with not just a win against London, but a powerfully easy one, too.

Next up are the Guerrillas versus the Mutineers. I went for the risky scenario and stated that Florida would win its Dallas match, but I know there is really no risk in stating that the Mutineers will take this win easily.

The first “marquee” match of the week will conclude the day with the Seattle Surge taking on the Toronto Ultra. Toronto should have had an easy win earlier in the week at this point and I expect a similarly simple one here, too. Seattle might give Toronto a little more fight, but that should not change the overall outcome.

Day 4

The fourth and final day of the week will feature three matches, two of which are actually pretty exciting. First up, we have the lesser of the three matches with Paris taking on the Thieves. While there was a time that I could see Paris win this match, that was before the current Thieves roster.

Now, though, I see this as an easy win for the Thieves to put them at three wins and only one loss in the stage, likely cementing their place in the top three for the group even if there are some ties. The second match, though, is where the fun begins with Chicago versus Atlanta.

They are rivals, for whatever reason, even though Chicago is not really a team that has ever been able to stop FaZe. They can pretty much beat anyone in the league, but Atlanta. Even with the return to form for Chicago, this should be a decently close and fun match but one that goes to Atlanta as expected.

To end the CDL Stage 5 Minnesota Rokkr Home Series, we have Rokkr returning for an actual marquee match to take on Dallas Empire. I think this will be a really fun match as we could see a pretty close one. I thought about making this my risky prediction this week and saying that Minnesota will win, but I’m refraining.

Instead, I will give this one to Dallas, especially if they do actually lose to Florida before this. Much of my reasoning has to do with the Home Series being Minnesota’s as we have seen teams stumble when it comes to their own series in the past. That said, as a Rokkr fan, I would like to see an upset here, but the safe bet is definitely Dallas for this one.


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