CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Jun, 10th 2021

The Call of Duty League is here for the third and final week of the group play for the 2021 season’s fourth stage. This week will feature a brand new team as the hosts for the event as we get the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series, where the most important matches of the stage will happen. 

CDL Stage 4 Week 3 Will Be the LA Thieves Home Series

The third week of group play is the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series, where the Los Angeles Thieves are the next team to be the hosts in the 2021 season. Again, this does not mean much overall. It does guarantee that the team will have two matches this week. 

Furthermore, all eyes will be on the LA Thieves in general as they are the hosts, so this could mean great results for the team as they gain some much-needed momentum or flop completely under pressure and/or due to the severely lacking performance lately. 

Regardless, all of the teams will need to do their best this week as they each will have one or two matches to do. The event will happen Thursday, June 10, through Sunday, June 13, and feature the final group play matches leading into the Major for Stage 4. 

The results of this event will determine what happens in the next major tournament. If you are interested in checking out all of the action, be sure to watch it live as the matches happen on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel

But it is a pretty busy time as the summer gears up to begin, and schools are out or are about to get out, so we understand that some fans might miss out on the events. If that happens, you can still watch all of the matches on-demand on YouTube after they have concluded. 

Thieves Are Making Huge Changes as the Stars This Week

You will want to tune in for some of the matches, though, as this week is sure to be a crazy one with the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series. This is particularly the case for the Los Angeles Thieves, a team that has struggled quite a bit lately and throughout the season at times, but they wish to make changes now. 

As the team with potentially the most changes in the 2021 season thus far, the Thieves recently announced that they are bringing back SlasheR and Huke to the starting roster in place of Drazah and Venom. This is a major change that is either going to help or hurt the team even more. 

This change is likely since this will be a crucial moment for the LA Thieves moving forward. How the team does here will greatly affect the last remaining parts of the season. That will then affect how they do in the playoffs later this summer. 

The LA Thieves certainly need to be on their A-game as the two matches this week are arguably the most important ones of the stage for them. They could be wins or losses, but regardless, they will need their strongest performances to make the wins happen against the two teams they are taking on. 

Current League Standings and Groups

Before we hop into the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series and all of the matches that the Thieves and the other 11 teams have this week, it is important to take one final look at the group play standings and the overall Call of Duty League standings at this time. 

You can find the current league standings after the conclusion of the Florida Home Series that happened last week below:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 380 points
  • New York Subliners: 270
  • Dallas Empire: 250
  • Toronto Ultra: 245
  • OpTic Chicago: 220
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 180
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 160
  • Florida Mutineers: 150
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 90
  • London Royal Ravens: 70
  • Paris Legion: 70
  • Seattle Surge: 50

Not much has changed in terms of the teams’ placements on the leaderboard since last week, but that is likely to change after this week. A couple of teams are right on the cusp of taking over the one above them, and we could see that happen this week.

If not this week, there are sure to be major changes with, well, the Stage 4 Major that is coming up next weekend. And before we get there, we have the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series, where the final matches of the group portion will happen. 

The two groups are not yet set in stone. There is room for surprises to happen this week regarding who ends up at the top of each group. This is important to teams because the top three teams from both groups will start in the upper bracket with a slight advantage, while the bottom three teams from each group will be in the elimination bracket.

The CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series is crucial to the group play as it will conclude the group portion. Here is what we know about the groups up until this point. When it comes to Group A, there is no doubt in my mind that Atlanta FaZe is going to win this group. 

That said, there will be a huge battle this week for the other two top spots in the group between OpTic Chicago, Minnesota Rokkr, and the LA Thieves as they are rather close to one another in the standings. Minnesota and Chicago are tied at two wins and a loss, while the leading team this week, the Thieves, are the opposite with one win and two losses. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the league, we have Group B that is even more of a fight to the death. Four teams are all neck-and-neck with one another, with the possibility for two or three of them to still win the entire group in the end. New York leads with three wins and no losses, but Florida and Toronto are not too far behind with 3-1 and 2-1 records, respectively. 

Then there are the champs Dallas Empire with a 2-2 record that you cannot count out just yet. A win this week would likely tie it up with at least one of the other teams, if not two in the group, so there could be a need for some intense tiebreakers heading into the Stage 4 Major. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

It is now time for our preview and my predictions for what will happen during the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series. The four days will start on Thursday with only two matches. They are some of the less interesting matches of the week, but we expect them to have the potential for fun nonetheless. 

First up is the match between the Los Angeles Guerrillas and the Toronto Ultra. Toronto has two matches this week. They still have a chance of capturing the top spot in the group if New York loses at least one match this week. 

Because of that, I expect Toronto to give it their all this week while the Guerrillas have had one of their worst, if not the worst, stages of the season with three straight losses. Though I could see a possible upset happening here, I do not think it will happen at all, so I expect a pretty dominant win for Ultra in the first match. 

The second match will be OpTic Chicago vs. the Seattle Surge. The Surge also has no wins in this stage, while Chicago is enjoying a major comeback after an inconsistent season. Unless we see Chicago slip up again, for some reason, this should be an easy win for them. 

Day 2 Preview

The second day will kick off with two more matches. These are overall much more interesting than the matches on the first day. First up, we have the New York Subliners taking on the London Royal Ravens. The Royal Ravens have not had a single win in this stage, and I do not expect to change here.

Meanwhile, New York is potentially having the best stage of the season as they continue to be the one team that is always improving. I imagine that this should be a pretty easy win for the New York Subliners with a 3-0 sweep or 3-1. 

The next match is where the action heats up with the LA Thieves taking on the Minnesota Rokkr. The Thieves are the hosts this week. They are close in the standings to the Rokkr. I would argue that the fate of the third spot in this group rests on this match right here. 

If the Rokkr wins, they are guaranteed a winners bracket spot finally again. But if the Thieves win here, it will be a close tie, most likely. We will need to dig into the tiebreaker requirements to figure out who takes a top-three spot in Group A.

I think that it all comes down to the changes that the Thieves just made. I’ve already brought it up, but I think that Huke is an amazing player that may not fit well with the Thieves and would be better off somewhere else. That said, SlasheR is more than deserving of having a spot on the team. 

In the end, it is tough to say, but I think it comes down to the changes that LA made recently that could make or break them in this match. As much as I think that LA can be the better team, I think these changes will not pan out (for now) and hope, so I will predict Minnesota will win this one and take the third spot in the group. 

Day 3

On the third day, we get even more matches. It will kick off with the London Royal Ravens vs. the Los Angeles Guerrillas. Both teams are pretty much out of the running for a winners bracket spot, barring a miracle, so this is for points mainly. 

Those points are important, though, as both teams are on the chopping blocks for the playoffs at this time and could use them if they want even a slim chance of reaching the top eight. The grand scheme of the season outside of this current stage is an important match for both teams. 

I think they will give it their all, but I do know what to think with these two teams. Both are in bad places because of recent changes to their rosters. They are not what they could have been. With that said, though, I will give this one to the lower-placed team: London Royal Ravens, as they have shown slightly more signs of life, in my opinion, for this stage. 

Next up, we have a very important match with Minnesota Rokkr taking on Atlanta FaZe. This is both their final matches of the stage’s group portion, so I expect they will give it their all. In the end, though, I think that Atlanta will win this match and, yet again, go undefeated in a stage this season. 

The day’s final match is one of the most anticipated matches for me, personally, Florida Mutineers vs. the Dallas Empire. Florida has improved to the point where I think they can finally defeat the Empire this year. 

At the same time, there is the fact that Dallas has been pretty good in Stage 4. It comes down to one player, in my opinion: Vivid. He has been a great asset for the Empire, and his performance in this match will determine its fate, I think.

If the Mutineers come out in full force, I believe they would win this if it were not for Vivid. If we got another outstanding performance from him like in the New York match last week, this could go to Dallas in the end. It will be a close one, but I am giving it to the Florida Mutineers. However, I do anticipate this truly being a 50-50 guess. 

Day 4

The fourth day will conclude with three matches that are likely to be some of the closest of the week. It all begins with Seattle Surge taking on the Paris Legion. Now, the Legion does have a win and has a chance of actually having a meaningful placement in the group if they win here. 

Regardless, though, this is an important match for points sake. Paris Legion has the stronger team overall, I think, and this has shown in their performance with at least one win in the stage thus far. I think this one will go to the Paris Legion, but it will probably be close and could go either way. 

Next up, we have the fate of Group B hinging on this very match with the New York Subliners battling against the Toronto Ultra. These are two juggernaut teams. I would argue the second and third-best teams, respectively, at this time.

I imagine this will be a wild match, especially since they fought each other in Stage 2 before the Major, where Toronto started to grow to where they are. As such, New York dominated that match. But there is a chance that the Subliners are just a better team overall.

It is hard to say, but I expect this to be a lot closer of a match than their last bout in Stage 2. With that said, I expect the New York Subliners to win this one in the end and come out on top of Group B with an amazing undefeated record. 

And the final match of the CDL Stage 4 LA Thieves Home Series is the other Thieves match: OpTic Chicago vs. the LA Thieves. This is an important match for both teams to show how far they have come. The last time they met was in Stage 3, where LA won pretty dominantly over Chicago three to one. 

But that was a very different time then. Chicago struggled considerably while the Thieves were at the top of their game, with Drazah now back on the roster. But that is no longer the case, as they have unfortunately removed Drazah and Venom from the roster. 

As such, I do not expect that the Thieves can pull this off again, at least not without a very close match, so I expect that this will go the way of Chicago winning and likely with a 3-0 or 3-1 result. 


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