Call of Duty Warzone Weapon Tier List

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 23rd 2020

Activision outdid itself with the release of Call of Duty Warzone. This unique battle royale experience is the latest addition for the Call of Duty series and has a lot of features unique to it. Like any other battle royale, though, it has a lot of weapons, so here is our Warzone weapon tier list to help.

Call of Duty Warzone Has a Growing List of Quality Weapons

Since the launch of Call of Duty Warzone, Activision ensured that the launch had a good number of weapons to choose from across a wide variety of different categories.

Also, there are new weapons that are already being added to the battle royale title to increase the loot pool and ensure that there is something for everyone. With new seasons and major changes on the way for the title, likely, this weapon pool will only grow in the future.

Of course, this also makes it harder for the player who is just trying to enjoy the game and figure out which weapons to pick up and which ones to ignore. For the most part, just taking a look at the rarity will help as that is a sure indicator that one is better than the other, at least generally.

Warzone Weapon Tier List Criteria

But what about those cases where you have two weapons that are the same rarity? This can be a tough and very common situation, especially at the start of the match when you need to just pick up whatever you come across. It can be challenging to figure out the best choices right off the bat.

If this is the case for you, the best thing that you can do is simply check out our Warzone weapon tier list guide here. We are going to go over all weapon categories and give you the best weapons out of each of them that you should pick up for your arsenal.

Instead of going over each of the weapons in the loot pool, we are going to handpick two or three that stand out as the best of the best for that category. Also, we are going to let you know why that is the case and how that particular weapon can stand tall above the competition.

The criteria for our Warzone weapon tier list is based on several factors. Firstly, the most important one is the stats of the gun itself. How strong it is, its range, its recoil, and so on will contribute heavily to this list. Also, there are other important factors beyond just the stats of a gun.

Another major reason for the guns on this list is the utility of it. How versatile is the weapon in combat situations? Can it be used across a multitude of scenarios like long-range, mid-range, and so on? And lastly, how does it compare to the rest of the guns in its category?

That is an important one as this is a tier list that compares each of the weapons in each category to one another. In each category, you will find the best selection of weapons in everything from assault rifles to sniper rifles and everything in between. Without further ado, let’s get started with our Warzone weapon tier list.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Pistols

We are kicking things off with the best pistols in the game. For the most part, you should try and remove any of these weapons from your inventory as soon as you can, but we do get that sometimes, this is all you have available to you at the start of a match.

As such, we are going to give you the best pistols around, so that you know which are best for picking up in those tense opening moments of a round. We’re going to be honest with you in this case: the pistols in Call of Duty Warzone suck.

There is no question about it: they are some of the worst pistols in any first-person shooter around. These aren’t guns that will get you very far at all in the opening sections of a battle royale match unless you are also up against another pistol user.

At the end of the day, this is something that you will want to trade for almost anything rather than keep using one of these. That said, two pistols are slightly better than the rest if you have no other choice available to you.

The .50 GS is the best of the bunch but even that isn’t saying much, to be honest. It has the best stats around in the category, a solid magazine size and an okay rate of fire.

At the same time, you can’t go wrong with the default starting pistol that every player has at the beginning of the match. It is better to just stick with it and then find something better as soon as you can. It’s unfortunate but this is one battle royale game where you don’t want to stick to pistols alone.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best SMGs

Next up is the SMGs in our Warzone weapon tier list. Fortunately, these are much better than their pistol counterparts and can be sufficiently used for a variety of scenarios in battle royale. Whether it is lightning fast close combat or decent close to mid-range capabilities, there are some good choices here.

When it comes to SMGs, none are better than the AUG. Not only is it the best SMG in the game, but it is one of the best weapons that you can find on the massive map of Verdansk period. When you throw in some of the blueprint versions of it, it can get even crazier.

The AUG has the best stats out of every gun in the SMG category, able to lay down some powerful hits in a very short amount of time with its impressive rate of fire. In addition, it is not that bad in terms of recoil and can be used for some decent mid-range fights.

It is followed by the MP5 and MP7, two classic SMGs that are both fairly interchangeable in terms of which is better than the other. In all honesty, it comes down to your personal preferences in combat. In the case of the MP5, it is a pretty strong gun with a decent mag and a good rate of fire.

If you’re looking for something that is faster than the MP5 but lacks the range and some of the damage, then you might be better off picking the MP7 for those close-range fights.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Shotguns

Shotguns are what many players want to have as their secondary weapon in battle royale. Stick with a mid to long-range weapon for primary fights and then the shotgun for close fights. It is a tried and true way of playing the game and while it isn’t my thing, I do get it for sure.

When it comes to shotguns, the options are still a bit limited in Warzone but there are two that I think are better than most. The first is the best one in the group easily, which is the Origin 12. It has the second-fastest rate of fire in the group (only beaten by the R9-0) but it makes up for that in its much faster reload time.

The Origin 12 is capable of devastating opponents in just a couple of shots and the fast rate of fire will make sure that you can take out the opponents in a short time.

A solid second option is the VLK Rogue. While it doesn’t have the speed of the other shotguns, it isn’t the slowest and it has a solid magazine. It also has the fastest reload time of any shotgun, though, so you will likely not need it since you can decimate enemies in easily a single shot.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Assault Rifles

When it comes to any game, the assault rifles are where it is at as they are the staple for any first-person shooter. As such, any game lives or dies based on the assault rifles that are available in it. In this case, Warzone has a pretty solid group of rifles to choose from for battle royale.

But if we do need to pick some assault rifles that are slightly better than the others, the best around is likely the FAL. With some of the best damage in the group, it is also capable of taking out players in some of the fewest shots possible. It has a better rate of fire than other contenders like the also good Oden and some solid range.

Following up on it, though, would be the Grau 5.56. This classic weapon is at its best in Warzone and is one of the most solid guns around. If you need something that is both accurate and relatively fast in rate of fire, the Grau is the gun for you. It is also the perfect assault rifle for beginners or players who struggle with landing shots.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best LMGs

As expected, the selection of light machine guns in Warzone isn’t very big but there are some nice ones nonetheless. These are the weapons you want if you’re looking for a massive magazine size that has a lot of firepower, range, and rate of fire unlike anything else in the game.

For the most part, the king of the LMGs in Warzone is the PKM. It has some of the best rate of fire out of all of the guns and it has the max magazine of 100 to boot. Its range is really good and it has some of the best damage around to complement it. You can’t go wrong with this very traditional LMG.

If you’re looking for something a bit more unique in terms of utility, the Holger-26 is a strong LMG as well. It trades the damage a bit for more stability and a much, much faster reload time. You can burn through your 100 rounds and keep going relatively fast as the magazine won’t take long to trade out.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Marksman Rifles

When it comes to the marksman rifles section, this is one of the smallest in the entire game and this is because they are a strange hybrid between assault rifles and sniper rifles. They are not quite either of them, finding a nice middle point at having a decent rate of fire while still killing in just a shot or two.

When it comes to the marksman rifle section, it comes down to two main choices: do you want more of a sniper rifle or an assault rifle? If the latter is your answer, then look no further than the excellent EBR-14. With high damage and the fastest rate of fire and magazine, it is the perfect DMR assault rifle.

It is capable of taking out players fast and with few shots while still retaining a solid range. If that isn’t your thing, then we recommend the Kar98K. This is more on the sniper rifle side with a slow rate of fire, a smaller magazine, but that classic potential for a single headshot kill like a true sniper rifle.

Warzone Weapon Tier List: Best Sniper Rifles

But even smaller than the marksman rifle category is the sniper rifle section, sadly. There are only three options here and two of them are largely the same but one of them should mostly be ignored as it tries too hard to be a marksman rifle (looking at you Dragunov), while not being nearly as good as those.

As such, you should mainly focus on the HDR and AX-50, the former of which is my favorite. It is the sniper rifle of snipers, letting you shoot from some truly insane distances with that classic one shot necessary to take someone out.

But if you prefer to have a versatile sniper rifle that can handle some long-range, but mainly mid-range, you should take a look at the AX-50. It is capable of firing a bit faster without sacrificing damage. What it does lack, though, is a bit of the range that the HDR has.


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