Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 Map Guide: All Points of Interest, More

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 26th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone has made one of the biggest changes possible to the battle royale title with Season 3. This new season of content is here and available right now, allowing you to jump in and experience the new weapons, battle pass, and, of course, the Warzone Verdansk 84 map. 

Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk Map Is Now Verdansk 84

Say goodbye to the original Verdansk map forever and all of its international airport glory as it has been nuked, and we are somehow magically traveling back into the past. Instead of a new Warzone map, the Season 3 main map is a blast from the past with the recreation of Verdansk. 

This time around, instead of being set in the modern days of 2019’s Modern Warfare title, the new location that players will head to is known as the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map. This is a revamp of almost the entire map that we have known for the past year in the biggest set of changes ever. 

While, again, it isn’t an entirely new map area for players to explore in battle royale matches, the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map is as close as you’ll get at this time. Much of the general map structure is the same, but there are some massive changes throughout it. 

For one, there are a whopping seven brand new points of interest on the map, some of which are replacing old locations while others are entirely new destinations to visit in matches. The most that we have seen come out in a single season for the game, outside of the original launch. 

While seven new points of interest are already pretty impressive on their own, there is more beyond that as well. Even the returning locations that are staying what they are, like the airport and superstore, are changed completely to now be a lot different from what we remember them.

With the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map set in the 1980s, instead of modern day, this means that players will have the rare opportunity to fall in love with this huge battle royale map all over again as this will now be our match destination for likely the next year or so.

To help you with the overwhelming nature of this map, we are going to break down the most important new areas that you need to know about, some of which are heavily inspired by the Black Ops series and the changes to the returning locations that we already know. Let’s get started with our Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map guide. 

Warzone Verdansk 84 Map Guide: Summit, Viaduct, Airport

We are kicking off the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map changes with one of the main Black Ops inspirations. Of course, the map is set in 1984 due to the Cold War story campaign being around the same time, but there are some other, deeper connections. 

One of the new areas this season is the Gora Summit location. The original Black Ops is known for introducing many iconic maps to the series as a whole. One of the most memorable ones is Summit. Well, we are happy to announce that it is back and in action in this new Verdansk map. 

Gora Summit is a huge complex with three gondola stations around it and a base in the middle that acts as the main location. The gondolas will work in the area, allowing you to maneuver around the point of interest. The general structure is similar to the original Summit map. 

It is complete with the two command center bases that you may remember, plus helipads and the unique structure that Summit is known for. Raven Software is touting this named location as one of the bigger spots. It is larger than most multiplayer maps in general while still carrying that familiar Black Ops feel. 

Nearby in the Gora region is the Gora Viaduct. You will find this bridge over a huge chasm below it in front of the new Summit location, different from the Dam we had before. It is a lush green land with gondolas and other intriguing parts that can be found here. Additionally, it offers one of the unique vantage points for snipers on the entire map. 

Then there is the airport. Verdansk has an international airport in the modern day that we have been able to visit for some time now. However, 37 years ago, it is nothing more than just a growing regional airport. 

What is great about this smaller iteration is that it is completely intact and looks pretty new. Here, players will find a new exit option, more cover with the planes that are here, and a revamped control tower area set in the retro 1980s.

Verdansk Stadium, Salt Mine, and Broadcast Tower

One of the most popular destinations for players in Verdansk has been the stadium, and it is back in the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map with a twist. This current stadium is not being used as it is under construction to make the stadium that we know and love in the modern day. 

As such, it is much more open than its 2020 counterpart, with great vantage points available in several areas of the under-construction location. There is an interior area that is worth exploring and a new hole that is large enough for the cargo truck vehicle to fit through into the arena if you’d like. 

Quarry is no more but, in its place, is a new destination known as the Salt Mine. Before the Quarry would become what it is in the modern day, it was once known as the largest Salt Mine in the region. There is a huge hillside to explore here with ponds, factories, mine areas, and more. 

The pools have a fascinating red color to the water due to the salt. There is a nice vantage point above the Salt Mine that can look down below to the unsuspecting enemies. However, the main attraction here is the mine entrances themselves. 

There are two large entrances to the mines, but the interesting part is that they are sealed at this time. Given how Raven is teasing them, it seems that they will open up at some point and offer new interior locations to explore, but that won’t likely come until perhaps Season 4 or something like that. 

Downtown has had some changes to it, but the most prominent one, for sure, is the Broadcast Tower. The interior of this skyscraper is more accessible than ever before, with some great views and a few floors for players to explore. Experienced snipers will likely enjoy some of the viewpoints that are available here. 

Grid Radar Array, Old Mine, and Superstore

There are more general changes to the map this time around, like players’ ability to more easily traverse Verdansk. For one, the tanks near the Broadcast Tower are gone now, letting vehicles and players pass through more efficiently.

But when it comes down to the map, the biggest new named location is none other than the Grid Radar Array. This radar base is massive, with 12 linked cage towers, several stories, and great views. Playing here has its sniping advantages but at the cost of exposing yourself as well. 

On the northwestern side of the map, you will find some other mines known as the Old Mine. These locations are near the Gora Summit, offering some rocky exteriors to explore. Like the Salt Mine, the interior of the mines are closed off, but that could change in the future. 

The superstore is one of the most popular locations in Verdansk. It isn’t going anywhere in the Call of Duty Warzone Verdansk 84 map. Thankfully, though, it does have some meaningful changes, at least. For one, it is a retro supermarket now with a skylight roof that you can bust through in true cinematic fashion and other minor changes for getting in and out quickly. 

Factory, TV Station, and Apartments

East of Superstore, there were the water treatment and other areas here. But they have changed to an airplane factory that is complete with four huge warehouses and other items that allow for some nice coverage in this location. 

This location is known as Factory. Raven is even teasing that it believes that this airplane factory will become one of the biggest landing zones in the new future. It is also teased that this huge point of interest has some other secrets hidden there to discover. 

Meanwhile, the TV Station has been updated to have that outdated 1980’s look with a satellite dish on top. There are other minor changes like more entrances and exits, but the most intriguing part is the hint of a broadcast here, hinting at likely some lore down the road at some point. 

If the 1980’s aesthetic wasn’t enough, this version of the map is set in a different time of year. Verdansk was in the dead of winter but, this time, spring has arrived (literally) and brought a more cheery, bright, and colorful location with flora and fauna to see around the locations. 

At Barakett Promenade, one apartment building is still under construction, with some interesting hallways and half-built rooms available there. Both the familiar finished apartments and the under-construction ones offer their viability for choosing to hold up there. 

Barakett Park and Retro Changes

Speaking of the Promenade, some buildings have been removed here like the library and more. But the loss of these locations isn’t so bad as it has opened up some great movement options like the recreation area in its place. 

When it comes to the Market near the School, you will find that it is now just a parking lot for much the same reasons of allowing players to move around this location more easily. Meanwhile, the entire West Promenade area is now just a set of roads with a park. 

The Novi Grazna Hills area is one location that benefits from being blasted back to the past. In the modern day, it is being demolished to make way for some new housing developments, but in 1984, it is a charming area with a farm, windmill, cottage, and other picturesque locations. 

Standoff Has Arrived in Verdansk 84

Finally, we come to the last important change in the map this time around: Standoff. Standoff is one of the most popular Black Ops maps of all time, and it is coming to both Cold War and Warzone this season. In the Krovnik Farmland, you will find a town hall building and surrounding areas on the Standoff map. 

This fan-favorite multiplayer map has joined Summit in being featured on the Verdansk battle royale map in 1984. This version includes a fully explorable area in the middle with different locations and places to visit there. 

But the Standoff isn’t just for looks and exploration, either. It is also being used in a way for the new Gulag area. When players are eliminated for the first time in matches, they will be sent to the new Gulag that is down the Main Street of Standoff for those classic one-on-one duels. 

On the sides, though, there will be partitions that will block off the rest of the surprises for the Standoff map that players will be able to see in its completed state when it arrives in Black Ops Cold War later on in Season 3. Stay tuned for more details on that soon. 


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