Call of Duty Warzone Standalone Version Should Separate From Modern Warfare Eventually

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 30th 2020

Activision expanded the Call of Duty universe in a remarkable way recently with the release of Call of Duty Warzone. This latest entry in the series is less a main game but one that is a spin-off of an existing game. That game, in particular, is none other than 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Warzone Came Out as Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale Game

Modern Warfare is a great game that reinvigorated the sub-series created by Infinity Ward, original developers of the Call of Duty franchise. It is the only studio that has been hard at work on games in the series for the entirety of it, adding its own unique flair to the military first-person shooter genre.

As such, it is interesting and welcome to see the studio’s take on the battle royale genre (with help from the other Activision-owned studios) in the form of Warzone. It is essentially the battle royale game and mode for Modern Warfare, much like what Blackout was to Black Ops 4.

You don’t have to own Modern Warfare to enjoy the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version. Unlike Blackout, you don’t have to own the base game to see what battle royale has to offer. This is a great move as it allows anyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to play it.

If someone isn’t really into the main multiplayer and singleplayer modes that a normal Call of Duty game has, they can find enjoyment in Warzone, especially if they liked other battle royale titles like Blackout, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.

It is both available as an update for Modern Warfare that adds it to the lobby of the online game or in a standalone version that is free on those three platforms. This is an excellent move but one that is not fully completed yet.

Warzone Standalone Version Should Truly Stand on Its Own

In our opinion, the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version should truly be standalone in the future. It shouldn’t be part of Modern Warfare as it is now and be its own video game. This doesn’t have to happen right now but we believe it would be in the game’s best interest.

Much of what Warzone has done feels like a half-step currently for the battle royale title. It is trying to be both the battle royale section of Modern Warfare like what Blackout did in the past while being its own thing like other games including Apex Legends.

This has its benefits to it in the form of shared progression between Modern Warfare and the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version, but it also has some issues as well. We are going to dive deep into why the two games should eventually separate completely and how to do that.

Warzone Should Learn From Blackout

Kicking off this list of why the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version should completely separate from Modern Warfare in the future is an easy one: it should learn from Blackout. Blackout is an amazing battle royale mode but tied entirely to Black Ops 4.

While Warzone does solve the issue that Blackout had with having to own the base game to play it, it only solves part of the issue. The other issue is that it is tied into its main Call of Duty game too much. This means that bugs and glitches that arise for it will likely also happen in battle royale.

By separating the two games, players who like Warzone can continue to enjoy it even though it isn’t the newest game on the block.

Modern Warfare Will Eventually Decrease in Popularity

The fact of the matter is that Modern Warfare will someday decrease in popularity and player count. This is an inevitability and likely part of the reason why Activision currently insists on the series being an annualized franchise with a new game coming out each year in the fall.

But the thing is, that Modern Warfare going down in popularity will likely do the same to the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version even if you don’t have to own the former. This is because players will see the fancy new Call of Duty game that comes out for both current and next gen consoles, and want that.

This could end up leaving Warzone in the dust as the “old game” that players will be less likely to play. After all, everything about Warzone ties directly into Modern Warfare. The battle pass, your account progression, and everything you bought carry over between the two.

This is a great move but with the eventual decline of Modern Warfare as the new hardware and software come out, it would be unfortunate to see Warzone also decline in the process.

It Could Be the Permanent Call of Duty Battle Royale Game

In fact, what we would like to see is Warzone become the permanent battle royale game for the mainline series. There will still be the excellent Call of Duty Mobile battle royale mode for those players who are playing on iOS and Android devices, and Warzone for those on consoles and PC.

What we mean by this is that whenever a new Call of Duty game comes out, Warzone would be the one to integrate with it directly and share stuff like progression and items purchased. If Call of Duty 2020 comes out with a battle pass, move over Warzone to it.

Have those two games share the same battle pass and leave Modern Warfare behind to do its own thing for the next several years. Then, if you buy something in the new mainline Call of Duty game for your character, have that carryover to battle royale as well.

If this isn’t technically possible given the state of the game and its connection to Modern Warfare, then simply have it be its own thing. This is something that would likely be really hard to pull off, which is understandable, but it shouldn’t stop Warzone from being the only standalone battle royale game in the series.

Instead of having other battle royale games or modes in the future and watering down the experience with too many of them for every game that comes out, Warzone could stand as the sole battle royale experience for players who want that with the Call of Duty gameplay.

This Would Free Up Some Developers for Working on Other Games

Another reason that would be great for making the Call of Duty Warzone standalone version truly standalone is by freeing up some of the developers. Now, this part isn’t a guaranteed thing as we don’t know the complete structure and organization of who is working on it currently.

But it is likely that there is a large team that is simultaneously working on Warzone and the other modes in Modern Warfare. This is problematic, especially if there are other battle royale games and modes in the future of the series.

This would result in unnecessary development time and effort for Activision and the studios it owns as they would have to work on multiple battle royale games. If Warzone is the only one, this would mean that only some developers would work on it and free up everyone else to focus on the mainline games.

There would be no need to put hundreds of people on making a new battle royale game/mode for each entry in the Call of Duty series as this would be the only one in existence besides the older Blackout. This would only require a smaller crew to update the game regularly and balance it.

How to Do This: Update It Regularly After Separation

Speaking of updating Warzone, one way of implementing this standalone version of the game that is separate from Modern Warfare is having regular updates for it, much like other games in the genre like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG.

Keep the seasons going with a new battle pass and various content for players to do. In addition, it should have changes often enough for the game’s Verdansk map. Players should be able to expect changes to the named locations and various terrain in Verdansk.

Perhaps a new battle royale map will come at some point to give players somewhere to visit outside of the Verdansk location. This could give access to more varied areas that aren’t in the game currently like jungles as well as more snowy areas, which are currently limited on the original map.

This would require some developers to work on it but regular updates of standard, expected content wouldn’t be so crazy that it would require a whole studio to work on it. This would also allow for it to thrive as a major part of the battle royale genre alongside others like Apex and Fortnite.

Next-Gen Warzone Standalone Version at Launch

But what would really help the game out a whole lot is having a next generation version ready at launch. This would really help to set it apart from Modern Warfare as that game is going to most likely associate with the current generation of consoles.

What could really help to differentiate Warzone from Modern Warfare and ensure that it does well in the future is to make sure that a next-generation version is at the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles later this year. Presumably, it will be backward compatible with those systems but an upgraded version that takes advantage of the hardware would be great, too.

This would also help to allow for Warzone to become more associated as a standalone game that can be on its own and potentially connect with other games in the series as well as the Call of Duty 2020 game. Plus, it would ensure that players have a great game to play as soon as they open up their shiny new consoles.

It is likely that the console launches will not have the greatest lineup of games available out there as that is pretty standard for new consoles these days. However, an awesome free-to-play game like Warzone would likely get a lot of people to download it and not have to pay a penny in the process.

This could even mean more attention to the game than ever before, and potentially more revenue for it to make. It is likely that other battle royale games will have next-gen versions at launch and this would be one way for it to be a strong standalone battle royale title.

Who knows if this is the route Activision is taking with Warzone in the future. Only time will tell but this would make the most sense for the standalone game as it could be its own thing rather than players having to switch between battle royale games every year or so when a new one comes out.

In addition, this way, players won’t have a particular game they like but all of their friends have already moved on and they are stuck having a smaller community to play with. Here’s hoping that this is something that Activision considers for Warzone, as it is already a solid entry in the battle royale scene.


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