All Call of Duty Warzone Perks Explained

by in Call of Duty | May, 29th 2020

Activision released Call of Duty Warzone as the answer to a major battle royale game for the series that isn’t tied directly to another game (hint, hint: Blackout) or a mobile title, no matter how great it is. Warzone retains a lot of what is great about the series, as we will get to in this Call of Duty Warzone perks explained guide.

Warzone Is Both Similar to Modern Warfare and Different

Formally, Call of Duty Warzone is the battle royale companion to 2019’s reboot Modern Warfare but it is honestly so much more than that, as we recently talked about in our blog about how it should eventually break off from its mainline Call of Duty title.

That said, there are a lot of similarities as well as the fact that both use the gameplay systems, engine, and everything else. This includes stuff like the perks that we will get to in a little bit in our Call of Duty Warzone perks explained guide.

At the same time, though, there is a lot that keeps the two games separate from one another. Yes, players who own Modern Warfare will have access to both of them at the same time within that mainline game, but the main difference is that Warzone is also available to everyone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC for free.

You can pick it up right now on the platform of your choice for free and start playing it once you get past the more than 100GB download (at least on PS4). From there, you will be able to enjoy this game without paying a penny if you do not want to, something that Modern Warfare doesn’t allow.

What Are Perks and How Do They Work in Warzone?

With all of that said, though, there is one main feature that ties both games together and that is perks. Players can equip various perks into their loadout in both games and they will offer unique gameplay advantages that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise in the matches.

This might seem strange in a game like Warzone where it is all about battle royale and be the last player or team standing, but perks are actually in the game anyways. This is even weirder considering that you do need to pick up the items that you find, for the most part, in this game mode.

Battle royale is all about scavenging for items to use in combat and this is still somewhat the case for perks. While you won’t necessarily find perks just laying around the massive map of Verdansk, you are likely to discover cash, which is how you can access them in the title.

Cash is used for many things, but mainly using it at the buy station to purchase various items, revives, and so on. One particular item that you can get is a loadout drop. This will cause a drop to happen wherever you want it to and the game will drop your predetermined loadout for you.

Just like in Modern Warfare, you can pick your loadout in the main menu of the game before you ever jump into an online match. This is where you pick your weapons, explosives, and, yes, the three perks that you wish to equip for use in combat.

Then, with the loadout drop item, you and your party members can pick up your loadouts and start using those awesome perks. Alternatively, you can just stick to the Plunder game mode where it is all about money and you will be able to use your loadout and perks more easily there.

But before you can ever get to using the perks in your loadout, you must have the Call of Duty Warzone perks explained to you. That is where we come in. We are going to give you a detailed look at all 18 different perks that you can get equipped in the game.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our Call of Duty Warzone perks explained guide, starting with the blue perks.

Call of Duty Warzone Perks Explained: Blue Perks

When it comes to the perks in Warzone, there are three main categories: blue, red, and yellow perks. You are only ever able to equip a single perk from each of the three main sections, leaving you with three perks in total if you wish to use one from all of them.

As such, you need to take an in-depth look at all of the perks in a specific section and cross-reference which ones you think will work best with the other two categories. That is where we come in as we let you know about all of the perks in every single category.

Starting with the first category of blue, the first perk is Double Time. This one doubles the duration of the tactical sprint maneuver and increases your crouch movement speed by 30%. This is an important one considering that you will be moving around the map a lot and it does lend itself somewhat well to stealth fighting.

Next up is EOD. This one allows you to take reduced damage from the non-killstreak explosives and fire that you deal with. In addition to that, it will also reset the fuse when you are picking up grenades. This is another decent one for Warzone, but killstreaks aren’t too common here at the same time.

Then there is Scavenger. For this one, you will be able to scavenge ammo supplies, including even throwing knives, from the bodies of dead players. It does seem weird that there isn’t already a way to get ammo off of bodies like in other battle royale games, so fairly useful.

Cold-blooded is one of the more interesting perks as it allows you to become unable to be detected by any AI targeting system and thermal optics. You will still be visible to recon drones, however, but they will not mark your spot. This one’s importance cannot be understated.

From there, we have the Kill Chain perk. What this one does is allow you to increase the chance of finding killstreaks in the supply boxes that you search around in. Unfortunately, there is part of this that is online multiplayer specific and that has to do with killstreak kills counting towards your next killstreak as well.

In this way, Kill Chain is something that we honestly don’t recommend in the slightest in Warzone, though, it is pretty popular and good in normal multiplayer matches. As such, there are much better blue perks that you should honestly consider grabbing.

One of these is the final blue perk that we have to go over, which is Quick Fix. This one is a simple one that lets your health start regenerating as soon as you kill another player in the match.

This is already pretty decent in multiplayer, but certainly necessary here where you are almost guaranteed to go from one fight to the next with so many teams and other players in the massive matches of potentially 150 competitors.

Call of Duty Warzone Perks Explained: Red

From the blue perks, we go to the red perks, which are pretty useful as well but focus much less on the defense side of things like many of the blue ones and more on the offensive side. Which one you pick here is going to be crucial to your fights in battle royale, so make sure to think carefully and pick wisely.

The first up is Restock. This perk allows you to replenish your equipment much faster after 50 seconds. With this one, you can get back one extra knife for throwing knives or have certain grenades and stims recharge twice as fast as normal. If you used this perk in multiplayer, you will know that 50 seconds is a lot of time and that is true, as it is only 25 seconds there.

Next up is Hardline, which is mainly about the purchase station for buying certain items. In multiplayer, this perk is different and just makes your killstreaks cost one less kill and makes the perk costs one less. However, in this case, all killstreaks, field upgrades, and armor plates are 25% cheaper at the purchase stations. Considering that you will spend a lot of time buying stuff, that discount will add up.

Overkill remains one of the most popular perks in the history of the Call of Duty franchise and this doesn’t change at all in the case of Warzone. With this exceptional perk, you can carry around two primary weapons with you instead of one primary and one secondary.

The only catches are that choosing this means no secondary at all while you have the perk and you can’t have two weapons of the same category. In battle royale, Overkill is more important than even in multiplayer, in our opinion. You can better adjust to the wide range of scenarios you come across.

Next up is High Alert. This one is not as good as its multiplayer counterpart but is still useful enough. Your in-game vision HUD will start to pulse whenever another enemy player sees you that you can’t see yourself. For instance, if they are behind, to the side, above, and so on.

Ghost is another tried and true perk that is beloved. You become undetectable by any UAVs, radar drones, and heartbeat sensors. You will still appear whenever you fire a weapon and someone uses a killstreak radar and be detectable by advanced UAVs, but still an amazing advantage nonetheless.

Lastly, for the red perk list, we have Pointman. This is very different from the multiplayer version of it, which now allows all members of your team to earn more money from the mission that you can do around the map. Somewhat useful if you have one player equip it for the team.

Yellow Warzone Perks

Last but not least, we have yellow perks. These perks are a good mix between offensive and defensive capabilities, but they are, understandably, not as amazing as the blue and red perks on this list. That said, they are still useful and worth checking out for your loadout.

The first is Tune Up. It will reduce the charge time of field upgrades by 40% and, unique to Warzone this time around, reduce the amount of time to revive someone by 25%. This perk is now better than ever, so if you find yourself reviving a lot, it might be worth your time.

Next up is Amped, which speeds up your weapon swap and launcher reload speed. It does not, however, affect the swap to knives or pistols but it does help speed up some equipment, too. Another classic perk that is worth checking out if you have something like Overkill or LMGs that take forever.

Shrapnel is an explosives-centric perk that lets you spawn in the game with an extra piece of explosives/lethal equipment. Also, if you can catch someone in the line of your explosives fire, their health regeneration will be delayed by three seconds to give you the chance to finish them.

Battle Hardened is a perk that allows you to reduce the potency of various explosives like flash grenades, stun grenades, EMP blasts, and even gas. You will become completely immune to snapshot grenades as well.

Spotter lets you see enemy equipment, any field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls. You can mark them for your team to see as well and hack various equipment to stop them. The only exception is advanced UAV, which can’t be marked. Not super useful in battle royale where everyone is moving around, but still worth considering.

Last but certainly not least, we have Tracker. This will cause all enemies to leave behind a trail of footprints that you can follow. You will also be able to see the markers of where an enemy has died and hidden your own in the process from other Trackers in the game. Certainly, a good worth that is worth a bit of consideration for your battle royale loadout.


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