Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Guide: Sub Pen, Capital, Terminal

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 7th 2021

Call of Duty Warzone is entering a brand new era with the start of Warzone Pacific, the new chapter for this battle royale game. In this new chapter for the game, players will be able to check out a brand new map and we have our Warzone Caldera map guide to help you get ready for it. 

Warzone Caldera Map Guide: Naval Arsenal and Industrial Docks

The Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide is crucial to getting ready for the upcoming first season connecting Vanguard and Warzone Pacific. With such a huge island to explore with more than 100 individual locations to check out, there is so much to see and do here. 

That is where we come in with our Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide to give you an idea of the sights and sounds that you might encounter on your journey to this island in the Pacific Ocean. With 15 main points of interest and plenty of smaller ones, here’s what you need to know about the new areas at this time. 

First up on this list is the Naval Arsenal named location. Found in the northwestern corner of the island, it is a mix of a naval base that players can explore and a shipyard. A lot is going on in this rather complex and populated area, starting with the coastal base. 

What is unique about this shipyard is that it includes a dry dock basin that goes deep into the ground and players can fully explore it. There are plenty of cover options and great chances for snipers to take advantage of other players. Go further inland and you come to the large buildings that are rife with loot, such as the command center, barracks, and more. 

Next up is the Industrial Docks, a location that is a large one centered around a former dock that a freight company manned. There are five massive cranes, a huge ship hangar, headquarters, and plenty of shipping containers rusting from their abandonment. 

What is notable about Industrial Dock is that it is also home to a familiar locale on the Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide: Shipment. The entire Shipment map in this area. Players can find a location that is quite familiar to them on an otherwise new island. 

What is also great about this particular area is that it is also home to pathways to seven other major points of interest on the map, including the fuel tanks, phosphate containers, and the refineries at both the Mines and Peak. There are other nearby locations, making this a solid landing zone in the matches you do. 

Runway, Ruins, Phosphate Mines Details

There is the main airport (more on this in a bit) that players can find on the Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide, but a secondary one is more hidden and less popular. That place is known as Runway, found in the northeastern corner of the map. 

The Runway is a place made of dirt, so nothing fancy here and not too much to find in this neck of the jungle. It is a less flashy area partially hidden by the jungle and aligned with the ocean. There are a few small buildings here and there and a major command center hidden in the jungle for players to find.  

That said, it will likely be a major area for some players who wish to land in a zone that is not that populated with squads and other players. If you want somewhere well out of the way where you can look to your heart’s content without too many problems at the start of the match, this might be it. 

Found north of the River Village and west of the Mines, we have the Ruins. Dated to be built in or perhaps before the 12th century, these Ruins are a historical dream and a beautiful place to hang out with teammates. There are plenty of secrets nestled in this area as well.

While the main Ruins that make up this area are easily found, larger ones are deeper in the forests. There are plenty of other surprises, too, including tiered pools and a hot spring that will make for some idyllic scenery. 

Near the Ruins are the Phosphate Mines, a massive operation that will be a hotspot for many players in Warzone Pacific. This huge facility overlooks a good portion of the scenery, offering loads of buildings, factories, and mines for players to explore. 

Raven Software is already teasing that some secret areas are fascinating and hidden within the Phosphate Mines for players to discover. Outside of the mines, there are also some other random features like a remote gas station and a grocery store. 

Peak, Beachhead, River Village

Next up on the Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide, we have the Peak. Likely to be one of the most popular and interesting locations you can visit, Peak is the highest point on the map due to its location at the very top of the Caldera volcano for which the island and map is named. 

The Peak features the entire view of the map and the central named location for players to explore. An Axis facility is built here for players to engage with and loot. There is a gondola station that will make for easy access from the Peak to areas like Runway and more. Likely to be one of the most popular destinations on the map, we recommend players come prepared for a fight here at the Peak. 

From there, we come to the Beachhead. On the northwestern coast of the island, Beachhead is a military base waiting to be stormed at any point. Complete with trench warfare, mortars, and other equipment preparing for the battle ahead, this is an intricate area. 

Players can find the barracks and other major buildings nearby to loot as you have your battle against the other teams. Head farther south to find the battery emplacements alongside the village of bamboo homes near a river gorge. 

Speaking of rivers, River Village is another major area on the map. West of the Peak, players will find a bamboo village that is relatively untouched and able to retain its beauty. From farm fields to the small huts to slopes and more ready for players to explore. 

River Village is a major area home to pathways to other significant locations on the map. It is near the remains of a cargo ship and the gun emplacements while also offering players a road to the highly urban Airfield area to its southeast. 

Clear Water Lagoon, Terminal, Agricultural Center, Sub Pen

Clear Water Lagoon is one of the more unique areas that players can visit, featuring a lighthouse and small town that players can explore and find loot at. The town overlooks a small bay that features a mix of the old and new on the Caldera map. 

The community is a bit out of the way, with plenty of secrets to uncover. Players will find that Clear Water Lagoon includes more recently built homes around the lighthouse as well as bamboo huts. This could be a solid landing zone for players who want a more peaceful location. 

Certain to be one of the most popular locations on the upcoming Call of Duty Warzone map, we have the Caldera Terminal. This is the main airport on the island, serving as the primary place for planes and other vehicles to come through on the island. 

It is one of the biggest and most urban areas on the map. There are lots of buildings and different places to explore here for loot. Given the map’s name, too, and how we already have some Modern Warfare love in Shipment, it is worth wondering if a certain Terminal map is featured here, too. 

There is none other than the Agricultural Center for the largest single-named location on the map. This may sound weird at first, but this is since there are so many different fields and farming areas spread throughout the region south of the volcano. 

This more centrally located area is sure to be a hot zone in the future since it is one of the main crossroads to every major location that is on the southern half of the island, making it a valuable locale for players to check out. 

Next up, we have the largest military installation with Sub Pen. The submarine pen named Shark’s Lair is found on the island’s east coast and features a shipyard where the Axis has housed its U-boats. It is an extremely large interior space here for players to check out. 

Given that the name is Sub Pen, we wonder if the location from the Vanguard multiplayer map of Sub Pens is available here or the other Sub Pens from the Call of Duty series. If this were the case, it would only add to the nostalgia levels available on this map. 

Power Plant, Capital, Resort

Moving into the final few areas we have left, there is Caldera Power Plant next. This medium-sized area is a power plant with smokestacks just south of Airfield. It has a decent number of buildings and areas to explore, plus some different locales found just south of it. 

You will be able to find the waterfalls, ancient ruins, and other points of interest in the surrounding areas. If players head south from the Power Plant, they will find a large radio antenna and even a nearby radio station available for looting. 

One of the most popular destinations on the Caldera map is sure to be the Caldera Capital City area. It is found in the natural basin located on the southern coast of the island, near the central section. As the main city on the island, it has a lot to offer to players who head here. 

You will be able to find the Capitol Building, the Royal Theater, various homes and buildings, stations, and so on. There is an entire tramway system available here. Players can use it to get around the capital city with ease. 

If the downtown is not fun enough for you, you can head down to the beach for some fun locations like the yacht club, beachfront buildings, and more. And if that is not enough for you, you can always head to the final named location on this list: the Royal Cabana Resort. 

There is much to explore at the Royal Cabana Resort, one of the most beautiful named locations to land at. The resort is set on the beachside, offering a beautiful hotel with plenty of rooms and sandy beaches to check out. There is a small square and clock tower here, along with a bus station and other minor additions. 

Players will be able to check out all of the map locations mentioned in this Call of Duty Warzone Caldera map guide when the map drops in season 1. While it is not out yet at the time of writing this, it may already be out by the time you are reading this with early access beginning on December 8 for Vanguard owners everywhere and the map then becoming available for everyone in Warzone on December 9. 


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