Call of Duty Warzone Changes We Would Like to See

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 9th 2020

Activision released an excellent game in Call of Duty Warzone. After leaks and rumors for ages, the battle royale spin-off title finally released in March 2020. But even with everything great about the free-to-play standalone title, there are some Warzone changes we’d like to see.

Call of Duty Warzone Is an Excellent Modern Warfare Spin-off

Don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty Warzone is one of the best things to happen for the popular first-person shooter franchise in some time. Activision has been making all the right moves lately with games that aren’t the core, mainline titles like Modern Warfare.

Both Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone have been among some of my favorite games in recent memory. They both capture the delight and gameplay of the series perfectly without adding in any of the fluff and unnecessary stuff that sometimes come with a Call of Duty game.

In the case of Warzone, it was an awesome move from Activision to just announce the game officially after plenty of leaks and rumors and then basically release it at the same time. Better yet, it is a free-to-play standalone title that players can enjoy on consoles and PC.

This is something that we haven’t seen before for PS4, Xbox One, and PC as mobile is usually where the free Call of Duty and other high profile games go to. But Warzone is here and it is a great way to experience the battle royale (and Plunder) format in a fast-paced, intense way.

That said, though, that doesn’t mean that the game is perfect by any means. It has its fair share of problems and improvements that I would like to see happen. As such, I am going to go over the Call of Duty Warzone changes that I would like to see happen for the title in this blog post.

From more content than is already in the game to future plans that wouldn’t happen for months or even years from now, I am going to go over all of the Warzone changes that I would, personally, like to see happen for the title. Let’s go ahead and get started.

Call of Duty Warzone Changes: More Game Modes

Let’s go ahead and get the most obvious Call of Duty Warzone changes and improvements out of the way first. First and foremost, there needs to be more content in the game as is the case with any title that was just released. I’m not saying that the game is light on content at all in this first point.

Instead, it is quite the opposite. For a new standalone battle royale title, Warzone has some of the best content ever for a game of this caliber at its launch. It has far more interesting elements than Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends had at their respective launches.

But the thing is that a game can only go so long with what it has before the players will start to grow weary and bored with what is offered. New content is something that always has to be on the horizon for a game like Warzone. As such, new game modes would be a great addition.

Some of the new game modes that I would like to see are the obvious ones like duos and squads in battle royale. These two are staples for the genre as one allows for two players to compete in some truly competitive gameplay while the other allows you to grab your friends to hang out and have fun.

But there are game modes that I would like to see beyond those standard ones. Plunder is a really surprising addition that is the secret weapon of Warzone. It takes the battle royale formula, makes it less focused on one life to live, and just lets players do something unique on the massive map.

This is a truly inventive mode that I would like to see more of in the future. Sure, expanding it to different squad sizes would be nice, but I would like to see Warzone tackle similar non-battle royale game modes on the map. Stuff like an assassin mode where everyone has a target to take out while being targeted themselves or large-scale Infected would be good additions.

I have no doubts that new game modes are on the way and swiftly as seen already in the quick release of solo battle royale.

Another Map to Explore

Not only would some new game modes be great for Warzone, but another map to explore in the game would be awesome as well. The Verdansk map is rather huge and varied, offering up a ton of gameplay. Needless to say, I don’t think I will get tired of it soon.

But that day will inevitably come and when it does, Activision will need a new map ready to keep players engaged. I, for one, don’t want to see Warzone take the Fortnite route and only have one map available that comes with some changes every season or so.

Instead, I would like to see multiple maps coexist together in Warzone a la PUBG style. Having a second map that focuses more on a jungle or beach theme, or snowy, complex mountains would be interesting to explore. I’ll leave the type of map up to the developers but a second map is certainly in high demand for the future.

Live Seasonal Events

Moving away from things that are far into the future and to some of the Warzone changes that could happen much sooner, we have events. Events are the lifeblood of battle royale games as they are what keep playing coming back each season even when there are no new modes or maps.

Events can have those things but they can also survive just on offering new cosmetics to collect, buy, and challenges to complete. Sometimes these events are crossover ones, offering players the chance to see their favorite properties or other games come together with the battle royale title.

I’m not asking for any specific events like those as any would be welcome in the future. We haven’t really had any events yet at the time of publishing this article, so it would be nice to see some in the future. Seasonal events are also great as well, as they are tied to holidays and can celebrate them with some unique items and holiday map changes.

More Weapons

This is another clear one that should and will likely happen in the game, but more weapons should come to Warzone in the future. Thankfully, the game already has a solid lineup of options from a wide variety of weapon categories but there are some holes and improvements that could be fixed.

For instance, the lack of explosive weaponry outside of the standard RPG could be enhanced. There could be more options for taking out the vehicles and other players in some explosive ways. In addition, the LMGs could use one or two more options to flesh out different rapid-fire selections.

Then there is the fact that the standard categories of sniper rifles, assault rifles, SMGs, and shotguns could always use one or two more additions to give players more varied options. But it would also be good to see more items that you can buy from the shop that could change up gameplay in interesting ways like perks and the like.

Break Away From Modern Warfare

This next point is a big one and, perhaps, the most controversial of the ones that I have to go over. So controversial and huge that I had to make a whole blog post dedicated just to it. But it boils down to the fact that I believe that Warzone separate from Modern Warfare in every way.

It doesn’t have to be now or next month but someday it needs to happen and relatively soon with the new consoles and the next Call of Duty game set to come out eventually. This is because it would be problematic for Activision to fall into this cycle of releasing a new battle royale title with each mainline game.

Instead, there should be one main battle royale game that is reiterated upon and changed each season and with the release of every new mainline title. It can crossover with each one, but it shouldn’t only be Modern Warfare. Activision has already taken the steps towards this with the standalone version that Blackout didn’t have.

It is time to have Warzone be the permanent battle royale game for the series and evolve over time. It is off to a great start, something that can’t be said for most games in this genre at launch. Given that it is a free-to-play title, there really is no reason for another console and PC Call of Duty battle royale game/mode to release besides it.

Nintendo Switch and Other Versions

This next part follows up on the last point that I made. Part of how Activision can make Call of Duty Warzone stand apart from Modern Warfare and be its own thing is having new versions on systems that it does not currently belong to, namely stuff like the Nintendo Switch.

I won’t bring up mobile here as that isn’t necessary with Call of Duty Mobile already filling that space. But Nintendo Switch doesn’t really have any Call of Duty games to play at this time. While it would make sense for Modern Warfare to release, Warzone would need to be there, too, or just it.

Battle royale games work well on the console with stuff like Tetris 99, Fortnite, and Realm Royale already there. With certain concessions made graphically on the platform, there shouldn’t be any reason why Warzone couldn’t work on the platform with cross-platform play still intact.

It is a bit far-fetched to expect Activision to release any future mainline Call of Duty games on the system, so this would be the perfect substitute for now. That said, the Nintendo Switch isn’t the only platform it should come to.

It also needs to release on the next-gen consoles as well. Releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X would help to cement it as the only true battle royale game for the series. To change and evolve, it needs to be ready at the launch of those new platforms later this year.

More Options Like Custom Games

A more simple request that I have is that Warzone should have more options available to players in customizing their experience. While this does mean new cosmetics, skins, and the like, it also means settings for players to use. Accessibility should be something that is embraced more with more options to provide for players who need it.

In addition, there should be more custom options like custom games that players can host. There are rumors of this currently but custom games should become available so that players can host private matches or have custom ones with bots and their friends if they want.

They should be able to customize things like the player size, squad size, how the win is determined if respawns are allowed, the difficulty of the bots, and so on. This is not only great for letting players come up with their own unique modes but it is a blessing for the esports community.

Organizations are able to host their own private tournaments and events without having to hit up Activision about creating some sort of custom match or server. In addition, pro teams can use the platform to practice for their upcoming matches whenever in a closed environment.

New Contract Types

Lastly, one of the most exciting features in Warzone are the contracts. These are optional objectives that players can complete in the game while also trying to survive and escape the ever-encroaching gas. They shake up the gameplay and pace of the matches in incredible ways.

No longer do you have to worry about lulls and boring moments as you can always be doing something to increase your money and weapons. As of right now, though, there are only really a couple of different contract types: hunting down another player and capturing a point.

That’s it and so the contracts can start to feel a bit repetitive after a while. New types of contracts would be really interesting and shake things up. For instance, one I would like to see is a vehicle-focused one like a time trial or race of some kind using the vehicles already in the game.

Another that would be great is, similar to races, requiring the player(s) to reach a certain point across the map in the required time limit. Or, there could even be a crazy one where you are required to defend an enemy player or team for a period of time and make sure that they don’t die during that time.

This would shake up the game entirely as teams would have to cooperate for a bit and perhaps have settings built-in where they can’t damage one another during the time of the contract. Then there are others like escorting an NPC or taking a package to a destination and so on.

There are so many possible options for new contract types and it would be a shame to see it only stick to the two that we currently have.


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