Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Preview

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 30th 2020

Activision and Sony are ready to usher in a brand new wave of esports for the Call of Duty franchise, starting this week and moving forward this year. That’s right, Call of Duty is getting its esports competition in the form of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 as teased earlier this week.

First Event for Call of Duty Mobile

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 is the first competition ever for the major mobile entry in the franchise. It does seem surprising for the first official Activision-hosted event for the game to be the World Championship right off the bat but here we are.

Activision revealed that the competition is here and it will begin very soon for mobile players around the world. As the first event for the game that is official, there is a lot of excitement surrounding it as the game has been out since its full launch in October of last year.

Players have been waiting patiently for the time to show off their skills and see if they are the best of the bunch in the online game. With tons of prizes and other goodies on the line for players who compete, this is one event that you will not want to miss out on if you are an avid player.

World Championship Will Have Multiple Stages

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020 isn’t just a single competition as the name seems to imply. While it would seem weird to immediately jump into the biggest possible competition for a game right from the start, this is going to take some time for fruition.

After all, the World Championship splits into multiple stages of different competitions where players will compete. Doing well in one stage will allow you to move onto the next stage and so on until the championship is over, and a world champion has been crowned for 2020.

For right now, though, we are going to focus mainly on the first stage of the competition, which is looking to be the biggest one of them all with likely the most players competing to see if they can earn their right to enter the main event and have a shot at some impressive prizes in the future.

Call of Duty Mobile Stage 1 Dates

Since it all starts with the first stage of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020, we are going to focus on it for the rest of this tournament preview. We don’t even have too many details at this time about stage two and whatever is beyond that.

That said, we do have some info about stage two that we will tease you with at the end of this post. For now, though, it is all about stage one of the competition where many mobile players on iOS and Android will be competing for their chance to see if they are the best at this game.

Before you can do that, though, you need to know about the dates of the competition itself in stage one. The first section of the World Championship 2020 is kicking off today, Thursday, April 30 if you are reading this at the time that we published this post.

It is likely that if you are reading this right now, you can go out and start competing in the first stage of the event. It will be going on for a pretty long time. Players have a good amount of time to earn their right into the second stage of the event.

The event starts today, April 30, but will continue for almost a full month until May 24. That is several weeks of competition that players have to look forward to in just the first stage of the tournament alone. That is, of course, with the caveat that you are an eligible player who can compete in the event.

How to Qualify for the World Championship

Before you jump off and run into Call of Duty Mobile on your preferred device to see if you can make it to the top of the world in the online mobile game, we recommend that you figure out if you are even eligible or not for competing in the event in the first place.

There is one main requirement that you must meet. Please keep this in mind when you are trying to enter the competition yourself. You will need to be at least veteran rank or higher in the ranked mode of online multiplayer before you can compete in the tournament series.

Also, you must reside in an eligible region. At the time of writing this, Activision has yet to reveal the full official rules so we aren’t sure which regions aren’t able to compete in this event or not. Other minor rules we do know about include being at least 18 years of age and having a good account.

What this means is that you are in good standing with Call of Duty Mobile and Activision and its various rules. That you have no outstanding rule violations, bans, and so on that would prevent you from competing. And that if you did get any penalties in the past, that you have already served them to their fullest and are in good standing once again.

With all of that met and done, you will be eligible for competing in the game’s World Championship so long as you are ranked veteran or higher in the ranked mode. Thankfully, this is one situation where the ranked mode does matter in a game, but not all hope is lost.

Since the event is going on for such a long time, there is time to get in there and get that veteran rank before the competition ends. You will be at a significant disadvantage when it comes to having enough time to qualify for stage two (more on that in a bit), but you will at least be able to compete.

It is a strange time to start a new competition, we know, considering that the new season of the game just launched the same day as the start of the competition so the ranked reset might have some players farther behind and having to catch up to veteran again in the coming days.

How the Stage 1 Progression and Competition Works

But if you do happen to be veteran at this time or can get there really fast, here’s everything you need to know about how stage one of the competition works and what you are going to be doing throughout the tournament portions.

Starting this weekend and continuing for the next four weeks or so, there will be four weekends in stage one where players will have the open window to compete during stage one of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020.

Those eligible players will be able to log in during those four weekends and see the signup section in the game for the tournament. Signing up for it will let you enter the tournament when it goes live each weekend to compete in online ranked matches on your device of choice.

How it works is that you will compete in up to 10 randomly chosen and matchmade ranked matches for that weekend. Any matches beyond that point or not in the official window will not count for that weekend. Only those 10 matches will determine how well you do for that week.

The matches that you play for the official competition will earn you points for the entire tournament. Those tournament points are based on how well you do in the match, doing things like the individual wins that you get in each of the matches plus your actual rank in the entire game.

If you are only veteran rank and you get some wins, that will be good but you will get fewer points for your rank since you are at the base level that is eligible for the competition. However, if you are a higher rank, you will get more points for each of the wins that you get.

Of course, even being veteran rank will likely raise your rank if you are getting wins over and over. But what players can do between the weekend competitions is participate in normal ranked matches to increase your rank for the next weekend and, therefore, potentially earn more points.

The competition will be more fierce at the higher ranks in Call of Duty Mobile. It is a delicate balance that we can’t recommend to each player individually as everyone is different. Some will excel more at the lower ranks and get more wins, which is better in our opinion than being at a higher rank and getting no wins at all.

How to Qualify for Stage 2 and What It Is

Just find what works best for you and use that to your advantage. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about your rank but how many points that you get each weekend. If you can reach 80 points in total within the first 10 ranked matches you do for any of the weekends, you will be eligible for stage two of the tournament.

That is the only way that we know of at this time for how to qualify for the second stage of the competition. These points, from what we can tell, do not carry over from one weekend to the next. You must get all 80 points with only the 10 matches in a single weekend tournament.

If you are unable to get 80 in one weekend, you will need to try again the next time while keeping in mind that there are only four tries in total that you can do for stage one, given that you can even compete right now while the competition is just getting started.

Unfortunately, again, Activision hasn’t given us the full rules for the championship yet so we don’t know the exact breakdown for the points and how they will work. It would be great if you get a lot of points for each win, but we aren’t sure about that at this time.

For now, we recommend just aiming to win all 10 matches that you do as that will give you the best chances of moving onto stage two. Your rank will help, too, but you know how you play best. We will leave it up to you if you think it is worth ranking up for better chances at even more points.

That said, there are a couple of rules that you must follow in each of the matches that you do. You must have an eligible headset and you may not use any external device or attachment of any kind whatsoever. Presumably, this does not apply to chargers for your device but keep that in mind.

What we do know are ineligible for this competition are things like Bluetooth controllers, wired controllers, mouse, keyboard, and so on. If you like to play with controllers in this game, we recommend practicing and getting used to the standard touchscreen controls now.

As for stage two itself, it is looking to be a more standard competition from what we can tell compared to stage one. It requires you to form a team out of the other players who have qualified in stage one and continue playing matches online.

Those are the only details that we know about at this time. It is vague but it seems that you will need to form a team out of other players who earned the right to compete in stage two. We don’t know if there is help in finding a team if you are a solo player or if you will just have to look online for players looking for a team or not. Thankfully, that is far away for now so we will have more details in the future.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship Prizes

When you are competing in the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2020, you aren’t just here for the fame and good times. There are tangible rewards that you will be competing for as well. Unfortunately, it does look like most of the monetary and really good rewards are for future stages.

In stage one alone, you are going to be competing for some cosmetic items that you can get in the game. Just for registering for the competition alone, you will get an in-game reward. Also, as you progress through the four weekends and earn points, you will continue to earn more rewards.

And lastly, if you do get 80 points during a single weekend of stage one, you will get another in-game reward for qualifying for stage two. There will be a new qualification item every weekend, so you can try and qualify multiple times to earn all four unique rewards.

While we don’t know if there will be monetary rewards for stage two, we do know that money is on the line at some point in the World Championship series. There is a massive $1 million prize pool offered in this competition, which is huge. Even if there are a lot of players who move on to the next stage and so on, this is a really big prize pool. We should have more details about what’s to come later on in the future.


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