Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Tier List

By Cody Perez

January 5, 2020


call of duty mobile weapon tier list

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the biggest and best games released in 2019. It successfully brings the tried and true Call of Duty formula from the console and PC games and translates it exceptionally well to a mobile platform on Android and iOS devices.

With such a massive success comes a ton of players checking out the game on mobile. Since it’s such a competitive game, you want to use a lot of different weapons as you go throughout the game.

Using weapons in Call of Duty Mobile is unique for the series as you have the option for autofire. The game automatically fires upon an enemy, as long as you are aiming at them directly. You can, of course, use a controller or touchscreen controls that are more traditional, but the general gameplay is different.

Call of Duty Mobile Weapon Tier List: Criteria

To give you a better idea of the weapons in the game, we are going to provide you with our Call of Duty Mobile weapon tier list. We are going through every single major category of primary weapons to let you know which ones we think are the best.

This is important for several reasons. This weapon tier list lets you know which weapons are suitable for your playstyle so that you can use them in your loadout in multiplayer or find them in battle royale. We have played this game for months now, and we think we have a great list.

Of course, there are a few factors when making this Call of Duty Mobile weapon tier list. First and foremost, there is the general stats of the weapon, how powerful it is, its rate of fire, the range that it has, how much ammo can it hold, and so on.

But beyond the general stats of the weapon, we also considered how it compares to other weapons in its category, weapons in other categories if there is any overlapping, how great it is at getting kills against enemies with other powerful weapons, and so on.

Finally, we considered how well the weapons work in both traditional multiplayer and battle royale. We do think some weapons excel in one game mode over the other. To help with this, we are going to give you our quick notes on each of the weapons.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump into our Call of Duty Mobile weapon tier list. We are breaking them up by category and ranking each weapon in their respective categories from best to worst.

Weapon Tier List: Assault Rifles

call of duty mobile weapon tier list ak-47

Our Call of Duty Mobile weapon tier list begins with the category that is perhaps the most important and certainly the most popular: Assault rifles. Players spend most of their time using these guns online and trying to find in battle royale. As such, we are going over them first.

At the top of the list, we have the AK-47, which may come as no surprise to players who have been playing games in this series for years. The staple assault rifle has been rightfully treated in this latest mobile entry in the series.

The AK-47 is capable of the highest damage out of all the weapons in its category. It is all around the assault rifle that you want to take out enemies online. Even still, though, it might be the best, closely followed behind some other great guns.

Next up is the M4, the first weapon you have access to in your loadout for this category. It is one that is worth keeping around. In terms of damage, it is low, but it has impressive accuracy that shouldn’t let you down if you aim correctly. It also works well for the automatic firing option, unlike others on this list.

The AK117 is a very different sibling to the AK-47. It is an unconventional weapon. It has less damage but makes up for it in its high rate of fire and the solid accuracy it has. It also doesn’t have nearly as much recoil as its other AK variant, making it a little easier to handle for newer players.

The M16 is a gun for those players who like the strength of the AK-47 but want something a little easier to use. It nearly rivals the best in terms of damage while also having accuracy that isn’t affected too much by recoil. Unfortunately, it does lack a bit of range, which makes it less useful in battle royale with the wide areas.

Type 25 is a recognizable favorite weapon from other games, and it is a good one here. It has a sweet rate of fire, unlike most other weapons in this category, and an okay accuracy to boot. The Type 25 can be a fantastic weapon, but it does require you to put in the effort when it comes to attachments.

The BK57 is a lot like the M4 starter weapon but with a lack of damage that isn’t quite as good as other guns. It has great accuracy, rate of fire and range, but it just pales in comparison to other similar weapons. Of course, the right attachments can make this a powerhouse still.

The ASM10 isn’t a bad weapon, especially if you find it in battle royale, but it does have some problems. It lacks a lot of features like damage, range and so on that the AK-47 and other weapons have. It does have little recoil, but if that is a problem for you, there are better guns for that.

Last but certainly least, we have the LK24, which isn’t bad either but is mediocre. It takes a long time to unlock this in multiplayer and it is largely not worth it. It has lame damage, and there isn’t much to make it stand out, putting it at the bottom of this category.

Weapon Tier List: Sniper Rifles

call of duty mobile weapon tier list DL Q33

Unlike the assault rifles category, there aren’t a lot of sniper rifles in this game currently; only four, to be exact. But there are certainly some solid options in this category for a wide range of snipers out there. It is especially great for players who like battle royale.

Kicking off this list is the somewhat unconventional Arctic .50 (AS50) that is slightly different for a sniper rifle. It doesn’t have the damage that you would expect from a rifle, but it does have speed that others lack. It makes it a great hybrid, almost marksman-like rifle in the game.

Closely trailing behind the Arctic is the DL Q33, a gun that is entirely the opposite of the previous rifle. This is a sniper’s sniper rifle built for the sole purpose of getting those instant one-hit kills with all the caveats involved. Your aim must be near perfect, and it is rather slow to reload.

That said, the expert snipers out there really shouldn’t be using any other rifle than the DL Q33. Unfortunately, though, it does make using it a hassle for players who aren’t the best at aiming or are having trouble with the touchscreen controls. For those players, you need a different gun.

Another reliable option for unconventional snipers that closely follows behind the Arctic is the M21 EBR. It lacks a good bit of damage for the category, making it fall lower on this list, but it does come with the standard headshot kills plus a pretty good rate of fire. With some attachments, this can be better.

Finally, XPR-50, which isn’t a bad gun either. It is even faster than the M21 EBR, but this is weighed down by the cruddy accuracy. This is a gun that goes a little too fast, making it hard to land shots compared to its rivals.

Some attachments can help, but you are better off getting one of the others in most multiplayer game modes. It does work fine in battle royale, though, if you happen to stumble upon it.

Weapon Tier List: SMG

call of duty mobile weapon tier list AKS-74U

In more than almost any other game in the series, the submachine guns in this mobile iteration are excellent at replacing an assault rifle for your primary weapon. That said, there are a lot of traditional SMGs as well.

Starting this list is the quintessential SMG gun in the game: AKS-74U. If you are looking for an SMG that is great at killing players in close range, this is the one for you. It has great damage that destroys other players in a quick period, but this is balanced out by its only okay range.

If you’re looking for something much different than the standard SMG, look at the Chicom. We almost think this gun was mistakenly categorized as an SMG, but it doesn’t function as one at all. It is weaker than the others but has an excellent burst fire rate and solid range.

With some attachments, Chicom can easily replace an assault rifle in multiplayer. We have gotten more than just a few wins in battle royale with a Chicom. It shouldn’t be ignored so long as you know what it is.

From there, we have the MSMC, the fastest out of all the SMGs available in the game. It kills players before they even know what just happened. It does come at a massive cost to range, so you need to be close to make it worth it.

The HG 40 is a bizarre gun that is basically like an assault rifle. It is a good one but not necessarily the best at replacing assault rifles or being an SMG either. It is slower than the other guns in this category but has excellent range and accuracy, unlike the others.

Last but not that bad, we have PDW-57. It is like the MSMC in that it can decimate enemies that are close to you, but it has even less range than the MSMC somehow. In multiplayer, this isn’t a problem, but you are liable to die in battle royale, where it can be tough to get so close in the latter rounds.

Weapon Tier List: Shotgun

call of duty mobile weapon tier list BY15

There are four shotguns that you can select from in the mobile game at this time. The best one hands down is the Striker, an all-around shotgun that can do everything. It can get that one shot kill when close enough, but it also some nice rate of fire plus decent range.

From there, we have a more traditional shotgun in the form of the BY15. It is the pump-action shotgun that you would expect, powerful damage and all. But what is surprising about this pump shotgun is that it has some good rate of fire, too, able to fire off more than just one shot at a time in a fight.

If you’re looking for another unique experience in the shotgun category, we have the HS2126. It is the fastest of the shotguns, able to fire off shots like crazy and get some good damage out, too, but it does lack almost any range whatsoever. It makes it only suitable for some multiplayer modes.

Finally, we have the HS0405 that is your traditional shotgun. You don’t have to do too much to kill an enemy in one shot at close range, but that’s about all you can do with this weapon. You need an excellent aim because missing means that you have to wait a long time to shoot again and risk losing the fight in the process.

Weapon Tier List: LMG

call of duty mobile weapon tier list M4LMG

The final category that we must go over is the light machine gun group. LMGs are for a certain group of players who like that insane rate of fire coupled with solid range. Not the best for regular multiplayer but great for battle royale, this is a pretty decent group of guns.

It all starts with UL736, an LMG that is fast with some strong damage and long-range capabilities. It is the standard machine gun experience where you can suddenly power through enemies. It serves you well in a plethora of combat situations.

Coming up in second place is the M4LMG, which is the light machine gun variant of the M4 assault rifle. It has okay damage and rate of fire with amazing accuracy. This is the beginner’s LMG weapon that is much easier to handle than the rest of the group.

The RPD is the first LMG that you have access to in multiplayer and it is just a standard weapon. It doesn’t do anything special but is just the regular long-range, fast-dealing damage that works mostly in open areas like the battle royale mode.

Lastly, we have the S36, a strange LMG that sacrifices a lot to gain something in return. It has insane damage and rate of fire, but this comes at the cost of its range and the recoil. It has unbelievably awful accuracy that makes it so that you are looking at only hitting one out of three shots, which isn’t good for anything except enemies right in front of you.

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