Everything You Need to Know About Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 1st 2020

Activision released the long-awaited Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion new season this week. Players are able to jump in as we start the month of April and experience the fifth season of the mobile iteration of the long-running first-person military shooter franchise.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Steel Legion Is Here

Activision and its studios are making some big moves lately with stuff like the release of the battle royale spin-off title Warzone, the sudden announcement and release of the Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Campaign after numerous leaks and now a new season for Call of Duty Mobile.

And the craziest part is that there is still more on the way in the future with things like a new season for Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty 2020 game, and so much more. While a global pandemic sweeps the world, it is clear that players will have no lack of Call of Duty games to enjoy in the meantime.

As part of these major moves from Activision is the release of the fifth season of Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer and battle royale. Like previous seasons, this means everything that you would expect including a new battle pass, a new game mode, abilities, and so much more.

What is even greater about the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season is that players might not even have to update their mobile devices to enjoy it. Season five is already available without a download as it came as part of the most recent update in the previous week.

So long as you already grabbed that update and installed it on your device of choice, you will be good to go in terms of checking out the new season. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and jump in to take a look at everything offered in the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season, out now on iOS and Android devices.

What the Battle Pass Includes

It all starts with the most obvious change that everyone expected: a new season five battle pass. This is the most standard change in a new season as it means that players have new tiers to go through and unlock rewards from. This season’s battle pass is fairly standard but with a nice theme.

Continuing the pattern set by previous seasons, it has a theme of featuring some classic Call of Duty characters that veteran fans might be happy to see appearing in the mobile version. Players can enjoy stuff like new characters from the Black Ops sub-series by Treyarch and much more.

As always, there are two main battle passes that you can get: the free one available to everyone and the premium one that you have to shell out some cash to get. Both have the same number of tiers and having the paid battle pass in the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season will grant you everything from both.

Fortunately, Call of Duty Mobile is doing some great changes this season with the free battle pass to make it much more worth progressing through. Players should, hopefully, feel less inclined to get the paid one as it has some solid rewards that you can get just for playing through the game.

Starting with what you get just for having the free battle pass available to everyone and progressing through the tiers, we have several unique items. For the first time ever, players are able to get a new weapon and scorestreak just from the free version for use in multiplayer.

The major reward that players will get in the free battle pass at tier 12 is the GKS weapon. This new weapon is the new SMG that players will be able to earn just for playing the game and it looks to be a solid new option for players who like to use SMGs in their loadouts.

Next up, players will have a really awesome option to unlock in the Shock RC scorestreak available at tier 25, which we will detail more below. And lastly, there will be a slew of Reticulated camo series weapons that you will be able to get throughout the whole battle pass and all of its free tiers.

For those who do buy the new premium battle pass this season, you will get some awesome cosmetic items and characters that will make it fairly worth it, especially if you are a Black Ops series fan. Right from the start of purchasing the battle pass, you will get Reaper at tier one.

This is one of the fan-favorite Specialist characters that were at the center of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer previously. In addition to that robotic character for multiplayer, you will also get a new weapon camo. Right at tier one, players with the premium pass will get the M4 Magmacomb weapon skin.

The next new character will unlock at tier 12 in the battle pass with David Mason, the fan-favorite character from Black Ops 2. Then another highlight is an awesome weapon skin at tier 20 that is the M21 EBR Magmacomb.

Lastly, premium battle pass owners will get the AK-117 Magmacomb at tier 30 and the AK-47 steel blue weapon skin at tier 50. There are more rewards beyond the ones mentioned here, but those are the major highlights of the current fifth season.

2v2 Showdown Game Mode Introduced With Challenge

A new season of Call of Duty Mobile wouldn’t be complete without a new game mode for players to check out. The new game mode for season five is none other than 2v2 Showdown. It is a limited-time game mode that players have access to for a good period of time.

While 2v2 Showdown is technically new to the mobile multiplayer game, it is really just like Call of Duty Mobile’s take on the popular Gunfight game type introduced in Modern Warfare on consoles and PC. As the name states, this is a match of only two players versus two players.

Players should grab their favorite duos partner and queue up for this challenging multiplayer game mode. The two teams will battle it out across symmetrical maps in the game with predetermined loadouts in every round that you do.

This is one mode where versatility is key to winning the game as you will not have a say in what weapons and abilities that you get in each round. The benefit, though, is that the enemies that you face will have the same exact weapons and loadout that you do.

As such, everyone will be on the same playing field and even for the competition. The job is to take out the enemies before they get you in this mode where there are no respawns in the round. You and your teammate will fight to see who can be the first team to win six rounds in Showdown.

The maps that will be available in 2v2 Showdown are only Cage and Killhouse. That is because they are symmetrical maps that work well for this unique Gunfight-like competitive game mode. It will only stick around for a brief period of time in the mobile game, so interested players shouldn’t waste time.

It will only be around for a good portion of April with the end date currently unknown at this time. In addition, there will be a brief challenge that will be around until we believe, April 8. Unfortunately, the official announcement posted as a thread on the sub-Reddit for the mobile game seems to have a typo and say March 8, so we think (at least for now) that it means April 8 and not actually a month ago.

Players can play through 2v2 Showdown and possibly get the Type 25 Reticulated and XPR50 Reticulated for doing stuff like winning matches, getting kills, and just playing the 2v2 Showdown matches in general.

New Ranked Season Rewards: Man-O-War

As with any new season like the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season, there is a new ranked season for players to check out in both battle royale and the traditional online multiplayer. This comes with new progression through the ranked tiers and rewards to earn along the way.

For the first time ever in season five, players are able to complete some weekly challenges throughout the season for another way to grab some sweet gear and rewards. The current ranked season will be like previous ones and run around two months or so.

It features the Industrial Revolution series of items for players to unlock throughout their ranked season progression. For those players who do the regular multiplayer ranked modes, you will be able to get the fan-favorite Man-O-War gun for progressing to a certain point.

You will also be able to get the epic outfit for Ruin if you progress far enough in the battle royale ranked mode. These rewards will only be available for unlocking through the current ranked season of Call of Duty Mobile, so players should work fast but skillfully to not miss out on them.

Shock RC Scorestreak

As mentioned previously, there is a new scorestreak in the game in the form of the Shock RC. Like we already said, it unlocks by achieving tier 25 in the free version of the battle pass accessible to everyone in the game without having to pay any money like previously.

The Shock RC scorestreak will be available for players to use in their loadouts in the various multiplayer modes once they have reached the required battle pass tier. As the name implies, the scorestreak is quite literally a shocking remote-controlled car that you can use in matches.

What it will do is drive around and shock and stun your enemies to a debilitating point. This will certainly open up the opportunity to get a fairly easy kill on them before they can figure out what happened. It costs 350 points to use this scorestreak in battle should you choose to add it to your arsenal.

Credit Store Update and Battle Royale Warfare

The credit store includes some new items to celebrate the start of the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season. Starting today, players will be able to pick up the MSMC Jade weapon skin for the popular SMG weapon.

They will also be able to get the AK117 Illusional Cube version of the assault rifle to show off in battle and the PDW57 Illusional Cube version of the SMG. Lastly, they will also be able to pick up the M4 Reticulated assault rifle and the AK47 Easter weapon to celebrate the spring holiday.

For those of you who like the battle royale portion of Call of Duty Mobile, you can rest assured that there is a returning limited-time game mode to play at the start of the new Steel Legion season. It is Warfare, the classic twist on the battle royale experience we have seen before.

In it, players are able to enjoy that classic big team mode where players are split into two big teams of 20 players each to see who can wrack up the most kills in the match on the standard battle royale map. There are some general improvements to this mode, though, that will hopefully make it better than ever before.

These changes include some new weapons being added to all of the battle royale sections like the new shotgun HS2126 and the LMG UL736.

Future Events Detailed

With the announcement of the 2v2 Showdown and the battle royale Warfare modes coming to the game in the Call of Duty Mobile Steel Legion season, Activision also released the full schedule for some of the upcoming events that players will have during the first half of April.

It will all start today with four events happening at once for players to check out throughout the mobile game. The first is the return of the Warfare mode with its improvements that will happen April 1 through April 7. Meanwhile, the 2v2 Showdown challenge will occur April 1-8.

Then the fan-favorite One Shot One Kill mode will return April 1-8 where players will deal with weapons that can kill in a single shot. And lastly starting on April 1, players will have the actual 2v2 Showdown game mode that will last for around two weeks until April 16.

Oddly enough not starting on April 1 but on tomorrow, April 2, players will have the new weekly core multiplayer and ranked challenges to complete. These will stick around for a little less than a week until April 8, so players should check them out while they still can.


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