Everything You Need to Know About the Call of Duty Mobile Rust Season

by in Call of Duty | May, 1st 2020

Activision has let the floodgates open on the new Call of Duty Mobile season. If you are reading this right now, the new Call of Duty Mobile Rust season is now on both iOS and Android devices, allowing players to experience all of the amazing new content and changes that is available.

New Call of Duty Mobile Season Is Here

The new Call of Duty Mobile season was expected to be coming soon, but it is now available right as we kick off the month of May. Players will be able to enjoy checking out all of the new maps, content, game modes, skills, and so much more that is part of this exciting new season.

The new Call of Duty season is formally known as Once Upon a Time in Rust, but we will just shorten it to Rust for the time being. What is interesting about the name, though, is that it is a clear reference to the star of this season which is the new Rust map.

It isn’t often that you see a new map for any online game be the focus of the new season that is set to last for several weeks or even months. So, it is really interesting that Activision opted for this to be the theme for the new Call of Duty Mobile Rust season, instead of something else.

What is even odder is that this season, as you will soon see, is all about the Wild West. From the Rust map itself to the battle pass to even another map and mode we will get to later on in this post, everything has a Wild West feel that is prevalent throughout the current battle pass season.

It would have made sense to go ahead and just make that the theme of this new Call of Duty battle pass, but it is a welcome season nonetheless. With so much content to uncover this season, we are going to let you know all about the huge additions to the popular Call of Duty mobile game.

Call of Duty Mobile Rust Is Led By New Map

First and foremost, we couldn’t go any further without addressing the very star of the new Call of Duty Mobile Rust season and that is the Rust map itself. This map is now available in the game and it isn’t a brand new map that we have never seen before.

It is entirely new to the mobile iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, but veteran players will likely remember this fan-favorite location very well. Rust comes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it is the featured map for this new season of battle pass.

Rust is all about the close quarters action that is fast-paced and crazy, just like many players like it to be. If you prefer matches where the players are all squished together into a tight and intense location, then this is the map for you as you will not miss out on any of the action here.

It is no surprise that Activision chose a Modern Warfare 2 map to showcase this season as that game is getting a whole lot of love recently. Not only has it been the focal point for some stuff in the rebooted 2019 Modern Warfare, but it even received its own remastered campaign game.

Rust is a smaller map so it will cater more to specific game modes. It will only be available for 2v2 Showdown, Rapid Fire, Hardpoint, and some others. Fortunately, there is a wide mix to appeal to everyone, whether you like just fighting or capturing/defending objectives as well.

Though the Rust map is the featured map this season, it isn’t the only one that players can look forward to. The other map we know about at this time is also Wild West-themed so players should be excited for that one, too.

1v1 Duel Game Mode and Saloon

The other new map that players will be able to check out this season is the Saloon map and it comes with its game mode as well. However, unlike Rust, it will not be available right at the start of the Call of Duty Mobile Rust season. Instead, it will show up around the middle of this month.

Saloon seems to be a tiny map that is all about that close combat, perhaps even more so than Rust itself. It is right in front of a Wild West saloon, giving us some serious Red Dead Redemption vibes. And the new game mode for it takes this even further.

The new game mode is 1v1 Duel and it is exactly what it sounds like. You and an enemy gather in front of the saloon and have a quick duel to determine who the winner will be for that round. This one on one fight will take place over three rounds to see who can get the best two out of three wins.

Fortunately, the simple but awesome 1v1 Duel mode isn’t only going to be on Saloon. Players will also be able to check it out on Killhouse, so there is some option available here. Also, Saloon does have one other game mode that you can play on it and that is the popular 2v2 Showdown game type.

Capture the Flag Makes Its Debut

Another new game mode that will debut as part of the Call of Duty Mobile Rust season is Capture the Flag. It is hard to believe that we have gone this many months with this game since October 2019 and there still hasn’t been a Capture the Flag mode until now.

But here we are and the popular, classic first-person shooter game type will make its long-awaited launch in Call of Duty Mobile soon. But the catch, though, is that it won’t be the standard flag game that you would expect.

Instead, it is known as Capture the Flag Gold Edition and it has some interesting twists up its sleeves. Instead of seeking out the enemy’s flag to return to your home base, you are looking for the beautiful chest of gold to capture or defend, fitting the Wild West theme perfectly. More themed modes and events are to come during the season.

Kill Confirmed Is Almost Here

Also launching in early May is the release of Kill Confirmed. Like Capture the Flag, it is hard to believe that Call of Duty Mobile hasn’t had one of the biggest staples of the franchise thus far but it will finally be here soon. Kill Confirmed is one of the most popular game modes and we are happy to see it launch soon.

For those who are new to Kill Confirmed, think your standard Team Deathmatch but with a very important twist. When you take out an enemy, they will drop a dog tag. Instead of focusing on just getting eliminations, you need to “confirm” your kill by picking up these dog tags.

Those dog tags will give your team points towards the goal of winning the round. It is a risky system, though, since each player who falls will drop their dog tag. You can pick it up to earn a point for your team but you have to watch out for enemies who pick it up to stop you in the process.

Kill Confirmed requires a bit of quick thinking to get around what you are supposed to do next and how to react to situations.

Battle Pass and Event Changes

The Call of Duty Mobile Rust battle pass is quite different from the previous ones in the game and it is a welcome change that shouldn’t have taken this long to happen. For the first time, this season’s pass isn’t just about the challenges or tasks that you do in the game.

Instead, you will earn battle pass experience for just playing the game how you want to and that will help you to level up tiers through the pass to earn the various rewards and the like. This is honestly how it should have been from the start as XP is a core part of live service games like this one.

So, whether you want to play some multiplayer, a limited-time game mode, or check out the intense battle royale, you will be earning battle pass experience after every single match you do and you’ll be able to see how much you got for your results in the after-action report.

This is a much better way of handling things but better late than never. Players will also find some battle pass XP boosts. Or direct XP rewards coming this season in the form of event rewards and just through the battle pass tiers itself.

There are also changes to events as well this season. The events will be more meaningful and purposeful, falling into one of four categories. Those categories are featured, seasonal, daily, and more. While we don’t have too many details about the differences, the names are enough to give us an idea for now. The events will be marked as such in the UI from now on.

Login Bonuses and Annihilator Operator Skill

Changes are even coming to the daily login rewards. Players will be able to get new items each day they log in through the new monthly calendar. There are 24 days of rewards in total throughout May, so players have a bit of leeway to collect these items by just showing up.

Some of the notable items include the RUS-79U Desert Snake version, the MW11 Sandbox, and Arctic .50 Desert Snake weapon skins. Finally, the 24th day will grant you the epic character skin Nomad Druid. Some new items will be released this season.

The first is the Annihilator operator skill that will be part of the free battle pass version for you to earn. This skill lets you pull out the famous Black Ops revolver that allows you to decimate an enemy in a single shot from the upper body section. Progress through the free battle pass version and you can unlock this amazing weapon.

Poltergeist Battle Royale Class

For those of you who prefer battle royale, there is a new class that is coming this season in late May. It is known as the Poltergeist class and works pretty much how you would expect from the name. It creates a cloaking device for you to use to become mostly invisible to the naked eye.

It can be used in a couple of different ways as you will be disguised, for the most part, to other players. The first is to sneak up on enemies and give them that perfect assassination. Being invisible, you can get close enough to smash them with a shotgun shell or just unleash some fire.

On the other hand, it can also be used defensively to protect yourself in case of emergencies. Get a far enough distance away from your enemies, cloak yourself, and escape before they realize which direction you went in. It is a versatile new battle royale class that should make everyone question everything they see on the field.

Cryo Bomb and Battle Royale Changes

About halfway through this season, players will have a new multiplayer loadout addition in the form of the cryo bomb explosive. Players will be able to pick it up through a seasonal challenge. It will explode and leave players in the blast area slowed down considerably.

However, they will still be able to fire back at you as they won’t be completely frozen so you will need to use this to your advantage wisely and attempt to get the jump on them while they are slowed or use it to regroup and reposition.

On the battle royale side of things, there are changes, fixes, and additions that players can expect soon. New weapons are available like the Annihilator revolver, the S36, and the GKS that should shake up how gameplay progresses.

Also, the aerial platform that was removed from the mode is going to return as part of the new season update. It is improved upon how it was before and it should be harder to pin down, plus it will show up in various parts of the battle royale map while not being there at all in some matches.

Also, some gold-themed events will be coming to battle royale as well. There will likely be changes to the map to accompany this plus some interesting rewards and challenges to complete, so stay tuned for that soon.

General Improvements and Optimizations

As always, there are some general improvements and optimizations that happened with the release of the new Rust season update. You can find all of them detailed in the list below as the final part of this update. We were able to cover everything, but be sure to check out the full patch notes on Reddit.


  • Improved H.I.V.E. Enemy traps will now be shown in red
  • Reduced the aiming benefit percentage of Agile perk
  • Reduced the ammo size of Death Machine
  • Reduced the fuel capacity of Purifier
  • Reduced the cooldown of Gravity Spike
  • Reduced the combat duration of VTOL
  • Reduced the combat duration of Stealth Chopper
  • Shock RC can only shock two enemies max
  • Increased ICR-1 aim down sight speed and accuracy
  • Reduced HBRA3, M4LMG, RPD aim down sight speed
  • Increased M4LMG, RPD, BK57 accuracy
  • Increased UL736, S36 stability
  • Increased HVK-30 damage and reload speed
  • Reduced Man-O-War accuracy
  • Increased MSMC accuracy and stability

Battle Royale

  • Aerial platform location is no longer fixed and always present
  • Aerial platform can be reached by strategic ziplines
  • Optimized layouts of Crash, Killhouse, Diner, Standoff, Pipeline, Firing Range, and Nuclear Plant
  • Launch location optimized. Players can traverse by sliding
  • Reduced HP and damage of Cerberus, increased reward
  • Increased late-game damage outside of the safe zone
  • Frag Grenades and Cluster Grenades now bypass armor protection
  • Significantly increased armor durability
  • Significantly increased charging speed of Airborne
  • Increased health recovery when using meds
  • Increased range and speed of Ninja
  • Decreased duration and slowing effect of EMP Drone
  • Decreased detection range of Scout
  • Enhanced Warfare pace of early game
  • S36 and GKS have been added to Battle Royale
  • Annihilator revolver added to Battle Royale
  • New legendary attachments added: Heavy Mag, Shotgun Suppressor, Laser Sight
  • Increased War Machine damage to armored players
  • Increased lethal equipment damage to armored players
  • Increased M16A damage at all ranges
  • Increased close range damage of PDW-57, RUS-79U, Chicom, and MSMC
  • Increased MSMC stability
  • Fixed a ping issue when using vehicles
  • Fixed issue where health items could be used at full health
  • Fixed an issue with parachutes catching on buildings

System and Client

  • Added “Going Prone” toggle option in Basic Settings
  • Added basic setting slowing single-shot shotguns to shoot after right fire button loss
  • Added sharing option for Rank Skill and History
  • Added option to voice chat with only friends in pre-match
  • Lobby “Featured” button contains all new game modes
  • Optimized team invite option. Players can block invitations for five minutes
  • Level 1 Clans will be disbanded after 14 days of inactivity
  • Players can join private rooms by room ID k,l.


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