Call of Duty League Super Week/Week 2 Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 22nd 2021

Activision is getting ready to host the Call of Duty League Super Week, which is happening this week. Usually, you would be reading the results from the past weekend on this site on a Monday, but that is not the case as this week is a very special one for fans. 

Call of Duty League Replaces Weeks 2 and 3 With Super Week

We have our Call of Duty League Super Week preview here for you today, and it is going over the major week that is happening this week. Two weeks’ worth of matches will happen after everything that went down in the U.S. last week which caused the Super Week to be announced

A massive winter storm came through the US last week and dealt some heavy blows to much of the country for those who don’t know. While some places were adequately prepared for this scenario given the weather trend, other places like Texas were not. 

Texas underwent some massive infrastructure problems as millions went without power, food, water, and more for a large portion of the previous week. This is especially problematic for the Call of Duty League when there are plenty of players and teams located there. 

Those players were without power and internet to even participate in the upcoming second week of the league’s 2021 season, so there was simply no way for it to happen as originally scheduled. But this week is much better overall, and Activision has revealed its plans for this week. 

Call of Duty League Super Week Explained

The Call of Duty League Super Week will replace the delayed second week and the third one scheduled to happen this week. It is being dubbed the Super Week since it will be double what we would typically have in a single week of the season. 

This means that the Super Week will double everything you would see in a week, like the first week of the 2021 season that was now almost two weeks ago. Double the matches, double the stakes, and double the intense action you have come to know and love. 

There will be 20 matches, instead of the normal 10, and a full week’s worth of competition rather than just three or four days. There is so much to look forward to this week. There will be Call of Duty action all week long so players and fans can tune in throughout the next week to see everything happen. 

All 12 teams will compete in the event. They will each be completing the rest of the matches that they have left before the Major that will conclude the first stage of the competition. For some teams, that will be four matches, while others will only have three matches in total. 

To help with that, we will go over the full schedule and give you our predictions for each of those matches. We have to go through for the Call of Duty League Super Week so let’s go ahead and get started. 

Call of Duty League Super Week Days 1 and 2 Predictions

The Call of Duty League Super Week begins today, Monday, Feb. 22, with only two matches. This is the only day this week with two matches, instead of three like the other days will. But even still, there is some action to look forward to that will happen this week. 

First up is the Super Week’s starting match that will feature the Los Angeles Guerrillas going up against the Florida Mutineers. Both teams have had some strong showings this season thus far if you include the strong showing from Florida in the preseason, and they have a lot to prove. 

The Guerrillas, in particular, had a nice win over the Paris Legion in the opening weekend while Florida lost its single match in an upset against the Toronto Ultra. I’d say that this match might be slightly closer than you’d expect, but I strongly believe in the Florida Mutineers, so I think they will win this one. 

The second and only other match that will happen today is Toronto Ultra vs. the Atlanta FaZe. Both teams are undefeated in the matches they have done — one for Toronto and two for Atlanta — so they are both riding the highs they have thus far in the season.

While Toronto did beat Florida, who was able to beat Atlanta in the preseason, it was proven last year that Florida and Dallas are the only two teams capable of beating Atlanta. When it comes to what Toronto is good at, Atlanta is better and will win this potentially close match.

The second day follows up on the first day with three matches instead of two. The first one is Paris Legion vs. Florida Mutineers. Florida has to do two matches in two days, but I think they favor winning this one and being in the second-place spot for its group after Atlanta. 

The next match is the New York Subliners vs. the London Royal Ravens. These two teams have more in common than you might think, especially when it comes to the fact that they both have a lot to prove and have not gotten started on solid ground. 

The Subliners were one of the best teams last season but are having some troubles this season, some of which isn’t even its fault. Meanwhile, London has no one to blame but for the bad decisions in releasing almost all of its fourth-place worthy team for the 2021 season. 

Given that New York has players like Mack and the current world champion Clayster on it, I do think that they will come out on top in this match, and they need to. This confidence boost is likely the team’s starting point to start growing and dominating this season again. 

The final match is Seattle Surge vs. the Minnesota Rokkr. Both teams have lost one match and won the other one they did in the first week of the season. While I do like the Seattle team this year and think it is better, for sure, the Minnesota Rokkr team is a tier of its own and will win this probably close match. 

Super Week Days 3 and 4 Predictions

From there, we come to the third day, where we have the first matchup of London Royal Ravens and Dallas Empire. Though the current world champions lost in the upset match against Minnesota Rokkr, I think that was solely because of the powerhouse team that Rokkr has this season. 

That was not necessarily a fluke or a sign of Dallas weakening this season. As such, this should be a very easy match for the Empire. Next up is Seattle Surge and the LA Thieves. If Seattle does beat Minnesota, that boost might be enough to make this a close match and possible win. But I don’t think either situation will happen, so I give this one to the Los Angeles Thieves, who will continue their undefeated streak this season. 

The last match is Toronto Ultra vs. OpTic Chicago, which sounds like a decently fun time. Toronto was a strong team at the end of the 2020 season. Chicago is looking better than ever before, despite its loss to FaZe in the opening weekend. 

If we see OpTic Chicago in full force after learning from its loss to Atlanta, this should be a somewhat close but easy win for them. However, if they are still stumbling, especially on those Search & Destroy rounds and maps, we could see a close fight between these two teams. 

The fourth day kicks off with an exhilarating match that is the New York Subliners vs. the Minnesota Rokkr. These two teams need to fight, mainly since half of the Rokkr team used to be part of what made New York so amazing last year. 

I think it will be a duel to the death right here, but I will hand this one to Minnesota, based on past performance this season. Following that is the LA Guerrillas vs. OpTic Chicago. Though the Guerrillas are doing much better this year, I give this to Chicago easily, but I would love to see an upset here, just saying. 

The final match is the first of four marquee matches of the Call of Duty League Super Week and one of the most exciting ones. We have Florida Mutineers vs. the Atlanta FaZe. Both teams are excellent, and the FaZe will likely still be undefeated by this point in time. 

Florida beat Atlanta in the preseason, but you could excuse that as FaZe was not taking it too seriously, but we don’t know. After all, Florida has been a team that has been the only other one other than Dallas to challenge the giant truly. 

If we see a Florida that has truly come to grips with its unfortunate situations and brought its new team together, I do believe they will win this one. But if not, or if Atlanta can keep its spirits up, they will win this close match in the end. Given that Florida will not be fully 100% in yet, I think Atlanta will win this one. 

Days 5 and 6 Predictions

The fifth day five kicks off with London Royal Ravens vs. the LA Thieves. The LA Thieves will be most likely undefeated here. I don’t think London will pull off the necessary upset to stop that here, so I give this win to Los Angeles. 

Following up after that is the Paris Legion and Toronto Ultra fight. Believe it or not, I do think that this fight will be a closer one than you might expect. I do like at least one riskier play in my predictions. I haven’t done any yet for the Super Week, so I’m going to give this one to Paris.

The second marquee match of the week will happen next with the New York Subliners and Dallas Empire match. This is a marquee one since Clayster will be going up against the champion team that did him dirty, releasing him when I still stand by. There were one or two other players that should have been dropped instead. 

While I believe in Clayster, I’m not too sure about the New York team still. Perhaps they will change my mind during this week, but at the start, I will say that Dallas Empire will win this one but not as close as they did during the preseason. 

Day six will begin after that and feature a match between Paris Legion and Atlanta FaZe. There isn’t much to say here other than we are looking at an Atlanta team that will win its group but undefeated as well unless they lost to Florida beforehand. This will be a simple win for FaZe.

Next up is a strange marquee match that is between London Royal Ravens and Minnesota Rokkr. This is strange because I don’t see this being too close at all. If Rokkr is the team I believe it to be this season, this should be a decently close but still pretty easy win for them. 

After that is the final match of the Super Week’s second-to-last day: the Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. the Toronto Ultra. I am invested in this match as I think it could honestly go either way. The Guerrillas’ young talent is strong. I’m going out on a limb potentially, but I’m going to give this upset win to LA. 

Day 7 Predictions

The final day of the competition will have three back-to-back matches that are potentially going to be some of the very best ones in the entire week. The first one is Seattle Surge vs. the New York Subliners. I think this will be a close one, but I am predicting that New York will take this win in the end. 

The next match is Florida Mutineers and OpTic Chicago, a heated match no matter which way it goes. Both teams are some of the most aggressive in the league, so this will be a chaotic and messy Call of Duty battle for sure. 

While I want to give this one to Florida, I think OpTic Chicago is the better aggressive objectives and respawn team of the two. And that brings us to the final match of the week and easily the most exciting one without a doubt: the current champions Dallas Empire and the Los Angeles Thieves. 

If I’m right, the LA Thieves will be the only team other than Atlanta to be undefeated at this point. The only team standing in their way for the number one spot is the current number one team itself: Dallas Empire. 

This has the potential to be a match that goes down as one of the best in Call of Duty history or just a straight-up blowout, depending on what we get. While my mind is telling me that Dallas will likely win this one and in an unexpectedly significant way, my heart is saying LA. I am going out on a limb to root for the Thieves to take this upset win. 

Where Does the Call of Duty League Go Next?

The first stage of the Call of Duty League 2021 season will not end with the Super Week, but it will with the event that comes after that. We will have the Major, the first of five tournaments this season that will culminate with a winner and a whole lot of prize money that will be given out. 

All 12 teams will participate in the event in a tournament format that is pretty similar to what we had for the playoffs last year. It will be a double-elimination bracket-style event with the top three teams from the two groups in the winners bracket and the bottom three teams from both groups in the eliminations ones. 

Losing in the upper bracket doesn’t knock out of the tournament for good as teams will move to the bottom bracket for a second chance there, but losing means that it is over for good. The tournament finals will follow both the winners and eliminations finals to crown the first and second-place teams. 

The seeding of the teams will determine the placing of the Major after the Super Week has concluded. The points that each team gets from the matches that they do will determine their placing in their groups and the tournament. Look forward to more details on that very soon. 


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