Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 3 Dallas Empire Home Series Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | May, 5th 2021

The Call of Duty League 2021 season is ramping up its action and surprises with the upcoming third week of Stage 3. The third stage is nearing its end, but we are not done with it just yet as the Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series promises an exciting conclusion to this portion of the season. 

Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series Is This Week

As always, there are three weeks of normal weekly match play that happens with the two groups in a stage, followed by the next Major tournament. In this current third stage, we are just about to start the third and final week of normal group play later this week. 

Activision has gotten into the habit of naming the weeks after one of the teams and having them essentially “host” the week’s events, although the teams are still playing from different remote locations. In the case of this third week, it is known as the Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series. 

That’s right, the current world champions, the Dallas Empire, will be hosting this week’s set of matches. As such, it will be extremely exciting, with one of the most popular teams in the league being the focal point this week, along with the fact that it is the final week of group play in this stage. 

The Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series will feature four days of competition with 10 matches in total spread out across those days. Since Dallas is the host this week, the one guarantee we have is that we will get to see the world champs participate in two matches this week. 

Players will be able to see all of the action live on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel while they are happening this week, but if you miss out on them, fret not. All of the matches will be available on YouTube after the fact for on-demand viewing at any time that is best for you. 

Current League Standings

Before we hop into the Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series match schedule this week, we need to look at the current standings for the 2021 season. The overall standings have changed slightly since the Paris Legion Home Series, which had some interesting results.

You can find the full Call of Duty League standings at the time of writing this below, ranked from the current first-place team to the last-place one:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 245 points
  • Dallas Empire: 200 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 165
  • OpTic Chicago: 160
  • New York Subliners: 160
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 140
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 110
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 80
  • Florida Mutineers: 70
  • Paris Legion: 60
  • Seattle Surge: 50
  • London Royal Ravens: 40

As you can see, the recent string of undefeated matches by the unbelievable Toronto Ultra has resulted in the team making its way to the third spot on the leaderboard, passing up great teams like OpTic Chicago and the New York Subliners in the process. 

Furthermore, we need to go over the current standings in the two groups as this is going to be very important this week as the teams finish off the group play. The top three teams from each group will be in the next major’s upper bracket, while the bottom three teams from both groups will be in the bottom eliminations bracket. 

Group A, led by the current Major winners Toronto, is dominated by Ultra, who sits undefeated with four wins. Dallas, hosts of this week’s Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series and current reigning world champs, are in second with two wins and a loss against Toronto. 

Minnesota, Florida, and LA Guerrillas are all tied with one win and two losses. And finally, Paris Legion rounds out the group with one win and three losses. 

Over in Group B, otherwise known as the group of death in this stage, we have much more insane results. LA Thieves currently leads with three wins and one loss, and OpTic Chicago, Atlanta FaZe, and New York Subliners are all tied with two wins and one loss. 

London has one win and three losses, while Seattle Surge has three losses in last place. Keep these group standings in mind as we head into the match schedule for this week. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

Four days of competitions will happen in the Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series, beginning on Thursday, May 6, and running through Sunday, May 9. The first day will feature only two matches. The first one up is the LA Guerrillas vs. the Minnesota Rokkr. 

Rokkr won the last group that it was in during Stage 2, but that isn’t simply going to happen in Stage 3 with the undefeated streak that Toronto has gone on. That said, Minnesota can guarantee a top-three finish, but it needs to do quite well this week to do that. 

Meanwhile, the Guerrillas are in the same position as Rokkr, hence why the standings will be so important this week. This match will be crucial to both teams. I expect both to be giving their all. I do think that Minnesota is in a better position, honestly, as the removal of Vivid was a poor choice in my opinion, so I’m giving this one to Minnesota. 

The second and only other match on this day will be New York Subliners vs. OpTic Chicago. This is going to be a great match to have. These two teams are also tied with one another. The outcome of this match will likely determine one of our top two or three teams. 

Last week, we saw both teams experience a loss, with New York getting upset by London and Chicago getting defeated by the improving Thieves. This match could go either way, honestly, but I’m going to place my prediction on New York as OpTic is starting to struggle right now, in my opinion. 

Day 2 Preview

From there, we come to the second day of the Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series where we will have two more matches and this day is probably going to be the most boring out of all four. Who knows, though, as stranger things have happened this season, for sure. 

The first match of the second day will be Seattle Surge and Atlanta FaZe. Seattle has a lot to prove right now with no wins at all. Atlanta needs to show that it is not, ahem, fazed by the single loss earlier in the stage. 

While both teams will likely give it their all, I honestly have no doubt that Atlanta will come out on top here with the win, getting the team a step closer to being the top of yet another group. 

The second match of the day is going to be the Florida Mutineers vs. the Dallas Empire. This is the Dallas Home Series, so we expect the hype to be real for the team this week while the Mutineers will hopefully continue to grow with Havok now back on the roster. 

This could end up being a more exciting match than expected, depending on how the lack of Huke at Dallas and the addition of Havok for the Mutineers play out. In the end, though, I am going to give this one to the Dallas Empire. 

Day 3 Preview

The third day is where the action picks up with three matches in total on this day. First up, we have Paris Legion taking on the Toronto Ultra. This is the final match for Toronto and Paris in the current third stage. Toronto has had an unbelievable run in this stage with four straight wins. 

Couple that with the Major where Toronto went on a win streak there. We have an insane team right now with Ultra. Will Paris Legion be the team to come in there and surprise Toronto with an end to its winning streak? That is hard to say, but I don’t expect it, for sure. 

I honestly expect this match to favor Toronto, who will win their group with an undefeated five-match streak, becoming the only other team in the league to do this besides Atlanta. Following up on that match, we have one of the most highly anticipated fights this week. 

It is going to be the New York Subliners vs. the LA Thieves. This is the final match of the stage for both teams, so it is crucial to the outcome of the group of death. If I’m correct, New York will be coming off a win while the Thieves are coming off their impressive signing of Huke

Both teams will likely be in their best position to win this match, but in the end, I think that the addition of Huke is going to elevate the Thieves further than ever before. That is if he can fit into the team synergy well. If not, this could be a shutdown for the Thieves, but I’m predicting it will turn out quite well. 

And the final match of the day will be a marquee match with the Guerrillas taking on the Mutineers. Both of these teams will likely still be tied at this point, so they will probably give it their all. But, again, I believe that the moving of Vivid was a mistake and it will show here as Florida will win this match. 

Day 4 Preview

And then, we come to the fourth and final day of the group play in Stage 3. The Call of Duty League Dallas Home Series will conclude with three matches that will likely turn out to be great ones to watch, so settle in for a Sunday full of intense action. 

First up, we have the London Royal Ravens vs. Seattle Surge. Both teams have a lot to prove right now, but I think the recent changes for the Ravens will put them in a better position than Seattle’s recent changes. It could end up being a shocker, though, but I will give this one to London to finish off the stage well. 

The second match is going to be OpTic vs. Atlanta. This is the classic rivalry that almost always ends with Atlanta winning in the end. FaZe is still a wonderful team, just one that isn’t unbeatable, while Chicago, on the other hand, is a team that is struggling, in my opinion. 

No matter the outcome of the Chicago and New York match, I don’t think that OpTic will defeat Atlanta. I don’t think this one will close compared to past bouts between these two juggernaut teams. Atlanta should come out with the win here, tying with the Thieves and likely leading to some intense tiebreaker math on the officials’ side. 

And then we come to the final match of the Dallas Empire Home Series, which is the Minnesota Rokkr going up against the Dallas Empire. This will be the most anticipated match of the week for me, personally, as both teams will be poised to win this fight. 

Rokkr has proven already that it is one of the weaknesses of Dallas, beating it a couple of times now, while Dallas will have much to prove with FeLo. That addition could be the deciding factor in this match as we could see just enough changes to overcome Rokkr in the end. 

At the same time, Rokkr could take advantage of those changes and win once more against Dallas. No matter the outcome, this will be a great match to watch, so you probably won’t want to miss it either live or on-demand. As for me, my prediction is that Rokkr will win this one and likely tie with Dallas for second place in that group. 


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