Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 Paris Home Series Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 28th 2021

It’s that time of the week again when we get some new Call of Duty League content to enjoy this year as part of the ongoing 2021 season. This week, the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 matches will be happening, and there is a lot of crazy action waiting in store for us. 

Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 Preview

The Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 matches mark only the second week of the current stage. This is also the point in the current season where we can say that we are halfway through the 2021 CDL season. This is right in the middle of the middle stage for the year, after all. 

There are only three weeks of normal matches that happen in each stage before the next Major event, so this week will be extremely important for every team. Teams that didn’t do so well last week will want to recover this week while leading teams will want to keep that group lead going. 

The Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 event is known as the Paris Legion Home Series, though that doesn’t mean too much in the long run. Without in-person or hosted events that we had last year for the first part of the 2020 season, there isn’t much to this without those Home Series tournaments.

But what it does guarantee is that Paris Legion will at least have two matches for you to watch this week, so fans of the team can look forward to that. And there is also a chance that the spotlight being on the team will give them some more momentum to do well this week. 

If you are interested in watching the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 Paris Legion Home Series this week, when it happens, you can watch all of the action on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel as always. This includes all of the matches that will happen this week, with 10 in total.

But if you miss out on the matches this week, you can always watch them on-demand after the fact on the YouTube channel, too, or check back here for any news regarding some of the major upsets and crazy events that happen this week in the CDL. 

Current CDL Standings

Before we hop into the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 match schedule, it is important to look at the current standing this season. The overall leaderboard changes every week with the matches that happen. There are some slight changes from the Major in Stage 2 to the first week of Stage 3 that are worth checking out. 

You can find the list of the current standings below, with each team’s points noted and ranked from first place to last place:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 225 points
  • Dallas Empire: 190 points
  • OpTic Chicago: 160
  • New York Subliners: 150
  • Toronto Ultra: 145
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 130
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 110
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 80
  • Florida Mutineers: 70
  • Paris Legion: 50
  • Seattle Surge: 50
  • London Royal Ravens: 30

As mentioned, there aren’t too many changes worth mentioning other than the fact that Toronto Ultra is quickly gaining on the top teams in the league, already surpassing the LA Thieves and narrowing in on the Subliners next. From there, it won’t take much to get past OpTic Chicago as well if the Ultra continues on this current path.

Meanwhile, this week, when it comes to our hosting team, Paris Legion is tied for the second-to-last place in the league with only 50 points to their name. But if they can do well this week, they might be able to bump up to ninth place, depending on tiebreakers and how well Florida does. 

For each team this week, 10 or 20 points are up for grabs, depending on the number of matches they are playing. Each team is playing at least once, if not twice, as they will have to fight all five teams in their group before the end of the normal weekly portion of Stage 3. Here are the matches this week. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

As always, the 10 matches in Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 are going to be divided up into four days of competition, beginning on Thursday, April 29, and ending on Sunday, May 2. Two matches will happen on the first day of the competition, which isn’t a whole lot, but there is at least one great one to look forward to.

The first match of the week will be the London Royal Ravens vs. the New York Subliners. The Royal Ravens have made some changes once more with the start of the third stage, but they weren’t enough to topple the LA Thieves and OpTic Chicago giants last week. 

That is not too surprising, but that means it is perhaps even more out of reach to take down a team like the Subliners, who I think is probably better than both Chicago and the Thieves. It will especially be hard for almost anyone to defeat the Subliners after the well-earned victory against the top team, Atlanta, last week with the long-awaited addition of Hydra. 

As such, I give this one to New York easily. The second match is going to be a more interesting one. This will feature the LA Thieves taking on the Atlanta FaZe. FaZe is coming off of two losses in a row, which is insane for this first-place team, while LA is coming off of two straight wins. 

If there is any chance for the Thieves to become the next team to overcome Atlanta, now is the time with Drazah starting to fit back in with the LA starting roster. They are definitely in the best possible place to get an upset and possibly secure themselves as the group leader, but I will still give this one to Atlanta and play it safe. 

Day 2 Preview

The next match to happen this week will be the Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. the Toronto Ultra to kick off the second day of Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2. This will be a fun match no matter what, as we have the Guerrillas who started the year strong but then faltered and Toronto, who was the exact opposite. 

The Guerrillas are once more a seemingly inconsistent team this year, randomly doing great at times and other times when you would expect them to win, so anything could happen in this match. For now, I am placing my prediction on Toronto Ultra, likely sealing the deal for them to be the Group A winners. 

Following up after that is Paris Legion going up against Minnesota Rokkr in their first match of the week as the hosts. Paris hasn’t had a win in several matches, with the last one being against Florida, and before that, the previous win was, interestingly enough, against Rokkr in a full sweep. 

Can Paris replicate that win here as the hosts of this week’s events? That’s the question that remains here. Both Paris and Minnesota had some roster changes since their first bout that switched things up with Rokkr, particularly doing much better now. 

This will be a nice fight for some former teammates. Temp now part of Legion and taking on two of his former teammates from their Subliners squad in 2020. Like with the LA Thieves and Atlanta match, if Paris will win this one, this is their chance. However, I’m placing this prediction on Rokkr.

Day 3 Preview

On Saturday, the competition spices up as we get three matches instead of just two. The first of these three is going to be the London Royal Ravens vs. the Atlanta FaZe. The Royal Ravens once had a chance to almost beat Atlanta in a pretty close match in the past. 

Will they be able to pull it off once more here and potentially nab the biggest upset of the season? For sure, it would be a crazy event, but I will play it safe for now and give this one to Atlanta, who will likely not want to see yet another loss happen in the group play. 

The second match will be the LA Guerrillas vs. the Dallas Empire. I’m all for the Guerrillas returning to greatness as I like them, but we will have to see. I think that Vivid’s move was potentially a huge mistake for the team. They will probably lose this match to Dallas. 

And the third match of the third day will be Seattle Surge up against the New York Subliners. This group will be a dangerous battle between the Subliners and Atlanta for the top spot, so I have no doubt that New York will pull through here to keep the winning streak going in Stage 3. 

Day 4 Preview

From there, we come to the final day of Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2. First up, we have the second Paris Legion match where the hosts of this week will take on Florida Mutineers. As mentioned earlier, this team’s last win was against the Mutineers, but there is more to this story.

Since then, both teams have shifted rosters, with Florida’s return of Havok looking pretty good thus far with their upset win over Minnesota last week. I think the Mutineers are looking better thus far, but this match could go either way, honestly. However, I’m sticking with Florida for this one.

Next up is, personally, the most anticipated match for me: Minnesota Rokkr vs. Toronto Ultra. Minnesota was the group winners’ last stage, but they have had a rough start to this third stage. However, if there is any team capable of stopping Ultra at this stage, it is Rokkr.

If they can’t, I believe that we are looking at the only other team thus far to go undefeated in the group play other than Atlanta. Ultra could win this match, but I will not play it safe here and give this one to Minnesota, despite the winning streak that Toronto is on. 

And the final match of the week is a marquee one, for sure, with the LA Thieves taking on OpTic Chicago. Both teams have two wins in time. LA could even have a third by this match. Regardless, they will be group leaders at this point. 

Previous match results with Chicago winning are pretty irrelevant as both teams are in very different places compared to the first stage. I believe that Chicago is becoming more inconsistent while the Thieves are finally beginning to get their footing again with Drazah back. 

I think that this match will go either way, honestly, and I will go ahead and place my prediction on LA Thieves. OpTic is probably the smarter choice here, actually, but a Thieves win would be a great upset to see happen, in my opinion. Either way, the results of this match will greatly shape the future of this particular deadly group. 


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