Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Apr, 22nd 2021

It’s time once again for the Call of Duty League to reenter the 2021 season. The season was put on a short break after the conclusion of the last Major for Stage 2 but that is now over. It’s finally time for the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 set of matches. 

Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1: Groups and How to Watch

The Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 is officially known as the London Royal Ravens Home Series. For some reason, Activision is weird about having these Home Series when there is no major event like there was last year for each of them. 

Regardless, it’s time for London to have its time to shine, and potentially, this can help the team grow past the last-place team. If you are interested in checking out the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 matches for yourself, you will be able to watch it in the same place as usual: the official YouTube channel for the league. 

Even if you aren’t able to watch all of the matches as they happen over the four days, you can still watch them on demand on that channel afterward. With the start of the third stage this season, there will be new groups in the competition as well. 

The two new groups are led by the top two teams in the league based on the last major results, and those teams are the Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe. This is the first stage in which Dallas Empire isn’t one of the leading teams for the groups.

Group A, led by Toronto Ultra, also includes the Florida Mutineers, Dallas Empire, Paris Legion, Los Angeles Guerrillas, and Minnesota Rokkr. The second group, led by the Atlanta FaZe, includes the rest of the league teams with the New York Subliners, Seattle Surge, Los Angeles Thieves, London Royal Ravens, and OpTic Chicago. 

Current League Standings

Before we begin the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 matches, it’s important to look back at the current standings based on the end of the recent Major. You can find the full list of the teams ranked from first to last place, based on their current points in the 2021 season:

  • Atlanta FaZe: 225 points
  • Dallas Empire: 180 points
  • OpTic Chicago: 140 points
  • New York Subliners: 140
  • Toronto Ultra: 125
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 110
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 110
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 70
  • Florida Mutineers: 60
  • Paris Legion: 50
  • Seattle Surge: 50
  • London Royal Ravens: 30

Based on the placements and points, it’s clear that the second group is the one that is the group of death this time around. With four of the top six teams in the entire league in the group, this is the one to watch. Not to mention, London is also here, which will, hopefully, be much improved this time around. 

Four teams will be aiming for the top of the group in a close fight, while I would argue that the first group has four strong contenders as well, but some of them, like the LA Guerrillas, are mixed at times. But this could lead to some interesting surprises and upsets, too. 

Day 1 Match Preview and Predictions

Now, it’s finally time to dig into all of the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1 matches with our previews of them and our predictions for what will happen. As always, all 12 teams will participate in one or two matches this week and for the next few weeks until each team has battled everyone in their group. 

The four days begin on Thursday, April 22, with the first day of competitions. This first day will include only two matches in total, but there is at least one that will be interesting. The first match to kick off the third stage will include the current world champions, Dallas Empire, taking on Paris Legion. 

The Legion is a team that has been problematic this season. Though I expected more from some of the players from the terrific London Royal Ravens of last year, it has yet to truly capture the greatness they were able to during the playoffs last year. 

That said, they have had some great moments randomly at times this season. However, they are up against the Dallas Empire, so I don’t expect this to go the Legion’s way. I expect that this match will easily go in favor of Dallas and potentially in a simple way. 

The second match is where things get a bit more interesting with the Florida Mutineers up against Toronto Ultra. Toronto is the team to watch right now with their Cinderella story win in the second Major. But was that just the team doing great under pressure in this limited event, like London in the playoffs, or are we seeing the rise of the potential champions this season?

This is something that could be proven in this match. Florida is going to be bringing the heat with the return of Havok to the roster. This is going to be hard to predict for now. But I am going to go out on a limb for this one and go ahead and give this one to the Mutineers; it’s crazy, I know. 

Day 2 Preview

The second day of the competition will follow suit after the first day, featuring only two matches in total. The first of these will include the match between Seattle Surge and the Los Angeles Thieves. This one should follow up on the new Thieves run that we saw in the Major. 

With the addition of Drazah, this team has quickly returned to the greatness that we saw in the first stage. I have no doubt that we will continue to see this here with the unfortunate but simple loss of the Seattle Surge against the Thieves in a strong start to the third stage. 

The other match that will be happening on the second day is none other than the London Royal Ravens and OpTic Chicago. Normally, this wouldn’t be a super exciting match, but I am personally interested in what will happen here. 

The London Royal Ravens have come close to winning some great upsets but fell short each time. Fortunately, with the addition of Zaptius, PaulEhx’s former teammate in the Challengers division, we could be seeing the completion of the starting roster that London has needed. 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, I have made it abundantly clear that I’m not a fan of the direction that OpTic Chicago is currently headed in. They have been decreasing over time and, if this is the case, we could see a possible upset right here. But I will play it safe for this match, unlike the first day and give it to Chicago.

Day 3 Preview

The third day is on Saturday, so that means that it will be a longer day than the days of the week for matches. There are three matches on this day rather than just two. First up is the Los Angeles Guerrillas versus the Paris Legion to kick off LA’s third stage. 

Interestingly enough, Paris is already having its second match of the week on this third day. Both teams have a lot to prove as they were both swept and eliminated from the first round of the last Major tournament in Stage 2. 

Paris, in particular, will have a lot to prove in this match as I predict that they will have lost the first match of the third stage against the Dallas Empire. While they could benefit and momentum because of this, I will give my prediction to the Guerrillas due to how strong this team can be; I want to see them succeed. 

The second match of the day is going to be the Florida Mutineers up against the Minnesota Rokkr. The last time we saw these two teams match up, Florida swept the Rokkr entirely three to nothing at the beginning of the second stage.

However, that was before we met Standy. With his addition, the Rokkr turned around completely and is remaining as one of the best teams in the entire league this season. I don’t expect a similar outcome here, as I think that the Rokkr will show up and win this one.

The third match of the day is going to be the Seattle Surge versus OpTic Chicago. This is another match where there is a chance for an upset against Chicago, but it depends on the Seattle team. I also think that Chicago’s first match in the week could influence this, but I will give this one to Chicago for now. 

Day 4 Preview

The final day is where we will have the last three matches of Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 1. Interestingly enough, they are some of the best matches that are going to happen this week. The first up is the London Royal Ravens up against the LA Thieves. 

The Royal Ravens could show up and do better this week, but I honestly don’t expect them to take down the Thieves at this time. I expect this to be a pretty simple win for the Los Angeles team at this time. But, from here, the matches get a little bit wilder. 

The second match is New York up against Atlanta. The Subliners are one of the best teams, but they have a lot to prove in this group of death. A win here would be an insane boost to their chances of leading this group and having excellent chances in the next Major. 

However, I don’t see New York being able to defeat Atlanta. Though FaZe is no longer the undefeated team it once was with two losses, both teams aren’t in its group. I don’t think the Subliners can beat Atlanta at this time, so I’m giving this one to the FaZe for now. 

And the final match of the week is going to be Dallas Empire versus the Toronto Ultra. For many players and fans, this will probably be the most exciting match of the entire week, including myself. This is the rematch of these teams after Toronto had an upset against Dallas three to one. 

That was a pretty impressive upset and one that led to the Ultra winning the entire Major. But this was also in the middle of the insane momentum that the team had, coming off of a previous win against Chicago and Rokkr, the latter of which had happened just before that. 

Was that just a fluke because of the momentum that Toronto had now, or are we seeing the evolution of the amazing team that we had at the end of the 2020 season to greater heights? This is truly where this will be determined, as Toronto will want to win this rematch if it wishes to claim the top spot in the group. 

But, as for me, I am going to go with the Dallas Empire for this one. It’s not that Toronto can’t win this one, but I think it will just be a close competition. Without the momentum of before, I think Dallas can win this, and I will go ahead and give it to them. 


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