Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 25th 2021

Activision and the 12 teams in the Call of Duty League 2021 season are gearing up for the next round of matches in the current second stage. The Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 matches are just about to begin, full of some rather exciting and intense match-ups across the board. 

Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2: Where to Watch, Current Standings

As always, the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 matches will feature all 12 teams competing this weekend across four days of competitions. Today, the matches begin Thursday, March 25, and will go through this weekend, ending on Sunday, March 28. 

Like with any other league content this year, you will be able to watch the action live on the official CDL YouTube channel, where the matches will be presented as they happen during the four days. Alternatively, if you miss out on the live matches, they will be on YouTube for you to watch after the fact.

In total, there are going to be 10 matches that will be spread throughout the four days of competition, with each team in the league competing in at least one match this week, with some doing two. This is in the middle of the three weeks of normal matches, so we are in the thick of the action at this stage. 

Before we jump into the preview of the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 matches, you can find the current standings below, with teams ranked by points from first place to last place:

  • Atlanta FaZe (still undefeated): 145 points
  • Dallas Empire: 110 points
  • OpTic Chicago: 90
  • New York Subliners: 90
  • Los Angeles Thieves: 80
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 50
  • Florida Mutineers: 40
  • Paris Legion: 40
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 40
  • Toronto Ultra: 30
  • Seattle Surge: 20
  • London Royal Ravens: 10

It is worth noting that, again, the first week of matches in Stage 2 saw teams compete in either one or two matches each. Some teams have only done one match this stage while others have one on them, so these standings aren’t as telling as they will be after this week. 

Matches are worth 10 points each. With some teams competing in up to two this week, some of those closer spots like the third to fifth-place and sixth to 10th place ranges might be changing up considerably this week. Without a doubt, this is one week of competitions that you will not want to miss in the Call of Duty League 2021 season, even if you watch it on-demand after they have concluded. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

As mentioned, the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 matches will feature four days worth of competition with 10 matches in total. Today, there are only two matches scheduled for happening. That isn’t a lot at all, as that means only four teams will get to show off their skills today, but it is still exciting.

After all, the two matches that we will get are pretty exciting ones nonetheless. The first one to kick off the weekend is Paris Legion versus Dallas Empire. We have the current world champions up against a team that is potentially a better group than they were last year. 

I will be giving you my predictions for each of these matches, so be sure to take it with a grain of salt, of course, when placing your bets. After all, the Pick’ Em Challenge is happening in the league, where you can win prizes for getting so many matches correct and topping the leaderboard. 

For the first match with Dallas and Paris, I think that the Empire will likely come out on top in this one. I will be honest, though: I wonder if Dallas is not as strong as it was last year as we have seen way too many close calls and some interesting upsets this season already. 

There is a chance that Paris Legion could somehow come out on top during this match in a very surprising upset, but I do think that this will still go in favor of the defending champs. It will be a closer-than-average match for Dallas, but they will win this one still. 

The second match of the weekend is a really interesting one, too, with the third-place team, OpTic Chicago taking on Minnesota Rokkr. As I’ve mentioned before, Rokkr is a fan of a team, even if they have underperformed quite a bit this season. 

I do believe in Rokkr and think that they will find a way to improve soon. With the addition of a new player on the roster, there is a chance that the team could do better this weekend, or they could do a whole lot worse with the changing of dynamics. 

We will have to wait and see, but, for now, I do think that Chicago will come out on top in this match as much as I would like an upset from Minnesota. Chicago is even more of that dominant team this year than they were last year, really destroying the competition so long as it isn’t Atlanta, Dallas, or New York. While I think Rokkr could win, it will be a tough one for sure. 

Day 2 Preview

When it comes to the second day, there are, well, two matches that will happen here. These are where we will have some rather intriguing match-ups, too. The first one is the London Royal Ravens taking on the LA Thieves in a very intriguing match. 

As you likely already know, the Royal Ravens are at the very bottom of the leaderboard, but the one positive is that they have had one match this stage. They won it in an overwhelming landslide upset against the Guerrillas, three to nothing. 

That was an upset that London needed and its first win of the season, especially to do well in the arguably much harder group this stage. Meanwhile, it is the opposite story for the LA Thieves, who barely won the match against the Toronto Ultra last week and then lost against New York after that. 

This comes after a very underwhelming performance for the Thieves at the Major after dominating the entire first stage before that. We could see the same inconsistencies forming with the Thieves that their predecessor, OpTic Gaming LA, had before it in 2020. 

If London’s changes are going to stick here, we could see a shocking win for the Royal Ravens, especially given they destroyed a team that easily won against the Thieves in the Major. I will go out on a limb here and say that London will get an upset in a very close match here. 

Next up, the other match on Friday is the Los Angeles Guerrillas versus New York Subliners. As mentioned, this is a tough group. This match will be a decisive one for what happens next. The Guerrillas need a win here, but so does New York if it wants to win the next Major. 

This is one match that I could truly see go either way in the end. But in my personal opinion, I will say that I think that New York will come out on top in this one. 

Day 3 Preview

The third day of the Call of Duty League Stage 2 Week 2 matches is where things start to pick up. This is where we will get some intense matches, starting with the London Royal Ravens versus New York Subliners. Again, this match is entirely dependent on what happened before it. 

Do I think that London could win this match? Anything is possible, but it is something that would take everything from London to win. It depends on the outcome of the previous match. If they win that one, I think the chances are much more likely than otherwise. 

Even if they win against the LA Thieves, I think that New York will take this match and run with it, probably getting a full sweep three to nothing or something close to it. 

The second match on Saturday will feature the LA Thieves going up against Atlanta FaZe. This will be potentially the most exciting match of the entire week as we have two teams that stuck it out the longest in terms of being undefeated, even if the Thieves are slipping a bit now. 

When this match begins, Atlanta will still be undefeated. It will be a chance for the Thieves to control this group and stop them dead in their tracks. However, I think that this scenario will not likely happen at all. 

I think that this match will not be as close as you would hope it to be. I think that FaZe will show that it is truly the much better team here and win this one, either three to nothing against the Thieves or just three to one, despite being a hyped marquee match of the week. 

Then we come to the last match of the day: the LA Guerrillas versus the Toronto Ultra. This is an interesting one. Toronto and the Guerrillas will need this win, but I think that the Guerrillas will come out on top here, winning it in a probably close contest. 

Day 4 Preview

And the final day will begin with the first match of Sunday: Seattle Surge versus Paris Legion. Both teams also need this win here, but Paris will be the better team overall. It could go either way, though, as you can’t count out the Surge in this fight, but I think the Legion will win in the end. 

From there, we come to two of the most exciting matches of the entire week at this stage. The first one is Minnesota Rokkr and Dallas Empire. When it comes to Dallas’s overwhelming power, few teams have toppled them this season, even if there have been some close calls. 

But one of those teams is none other than Minnesota, who showed early on in the season that they do have what it takes to take down this giant. But here we are several weeks later. These teams are in some very different spots than they started in. 

I would argue that both teams are much weaker than before when they met in week one. As such, it is honestly hard to tell which team will come out on top. But I think that the deciding factor will come down to how Rokkr’s new addition does for the roster. 

I think it could help the team overall and, if that is the case, then I think that the Rokkr will be able to take down the Empire once more. That would be a devastating blow and shocker for Dallas, but I will go ahead and say that Minnesota will barely win this one. 

And the final match of the week is a marquee one, featuring Florida Mutineers and OpTic Chicago. Had this been 2020, this would have been a much more even match since Florida seemed to be one of the only weaknesses that Chicago had last year, besides Dallas and Atlanta. 

But this is 2021, and Florida is in a weird spot this year. Tragedy has struck this team. They are struggling but improving bit by bit. Do I think they could win this one? It is possible, but I think that Chicago has improved too much at this time. While Florida could win later this season with more improvements and changes, I think at this time that OpTic Chicago is the winner here. 


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