Call of Duty League Power Rankings Season 1

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 3rd 2020

Activision has created one of the greatest esports leagues that we have ever seen with the Call of Duty League. Its inaugural season came at a tumultuous time in the world, but we are near the end. As such, we have come up with our Call of Duty League power rankings 2020.

Call of Duty League Is Nearing the End of Season 1

Sure, the official standings for the end of the season are here, but they are the results of everything that has happened in the season thus far. All of the Home Series Weekend events, the launch weekend, and so on. But it doesn’t necessarily take into account how good the teams are now.

This is why we have our Call of Duty League power rankings 2020. We based the rankings on the teams’ current strength, and we are getting ready for the playoffs season that will start very soon.

The playoffs season will feature all 12 teams battling it out against one another to see who will make it to the championship weekend and win the trophy for the season. That team will become the winner of the inaugural season and be the best team in the league officially.

Call of Duty League Power Rankings 2020

The standings, though, are that while they do act as the determining factor for the seeding in the playoffs tournament, they aren’t necessarily accurate to how good all of the teams are. Some teams are lower but have done much better than others recently.

While at the same time, there are higher placed teams that have been doing awful lately that we would rank lower in our Call of Duty League power rankings 2020. The purpose of these rankings is to not only place importance on how good the teams are at the end of the season but also determine how things might go in the playoffs.

Our Call of Duty League power rankings 2020 is based on many factors but mainly focused on how the teams are doing right now after completing their ninth and final Home Series Weekend event. It takes into account their recent wins, losses, map wins, and how they compare to the other teams around them.

In some cases, it will match up with the placements of the final standings for the league while it won’t in other cases. Without further ado, let’s jump into our Call of Duty League power rankings 2020.

12. Minnesota Rokkr

The bottom three is the hardest part of the Call of Duty League power rankings 2020 to figure out the hardest part of the Call of Duty League power rankings. These teams are rather close to one another in terms of points and recent game history. At the end of the day, there is one team that is placed last in our opinion.

That team is none other than Minnesota Rokkr. In the official Call of Duty League standings for the end of the season, they are in eighth place and get to be in the upper bracket where they can lose a single match and still be in the running for the championship.

But if we’re 100% honest, Rokkr doesn’t deserve to be there based on what has come before. The only reason Minnesota Rokkr is in that decent place is that they did so well at the start of the season. But it didn’t take long for that to disappear. They’ve become the worst team in the league at this point. They haven’t won a single match since the Seattle Surge Home Series in May.

11. Seattle Surge

The second-worst team in the league, in our opinion, is the Seattle Surge. This is one team that has unfortunately not done too well in the inaugural season. They have the same number of points as the Los Angeles Guerrillas but are technically placed higher.

Despite that, we don’t think they are as good as Los Angeles, but they are currently not as bad as Minnesota Rokkr. This is mainly because they at least have one more recent win than Minnesota and lo and behold, that win is against none other than Rokkr themselves. They were able to eliminate them from their own Home Series Weekend.

10. Los Angeles Guerrillas

The Los Angeles Guerrillas is a team that isn’t that great but at least got a few wins and made it to the finals a few Home Series events ago. This team has consistently been at the bottom of the leaderboard for the season, and that is no different now.

While I don’t necessarily expect the Guerrillas to get too far in the playoffs season, I don’t think they are the worst team in the league. They are arguably doing better than both Seattle Surge and Minnesota Rokkr as they have more or equally recent victories.

Those victories come from the Minnesota Rokkr Home Series event. The Guerrillas made it to the finals round and nearly beat Atlanta FaZe after that already beating Toronto Ultra and Chicago Huntsmen.

9. London Royal Ravens

From a glance, one of the more shocking placements in these Call of Duty League power rankings 2020 might be London Royal Ravens. They are placed sixth officially and have been around that place for most of the season. However, they slipped up towards the end of the season.

They haven’t done terribly at all, but they haven’t done as well as other teams. They did pretty well at their own Home Series Weekend a couple of weeks ago, where they were able to defeat Florida to make it to the finals but ultimately lost to Paris Legion.

And the event before that, they were only able to get one win against Minnesota Rokkr.

8. Paris Legion

Next up is Paris Legion, a team that was consistently in the top half of the leaderboard for a very long time but then dropped off in the second half of the season. In the official standings, they are ranked 10th, but because Minnesota is doing so poorly, Paris has to move up.

But more importantly, Paris Legion did have some excellent performances recently at the second-to-last event of the season, the London Home Series Weekend. They made it to the finals and won against the London Royal Ravens.

Though they did lose in a clean sweep in the grand finals against Dallas Empire, they did marginally better than the higher-ranked London Royal Ravens and proved that they could potentially win a match or two in the playoffs season.

7. OpTic Gaming LA

OpTic Gaming LA is a team that was, in my opinion, robbed of the eighth-place spot. Unfortunately, this decent team could end up in the bottom bracket of the playoffs, where they cannot lose a single match or be out of the playoffs for good.

They were going to be in the top eight, but a specific team coming up next decided to wow everyone with some shocking developments. If we’re going to be real, OpTic has been one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. They either do fantastic or bad, and you don’t get too much in-between.

And what is wilder is that they don’t follow the patterns of other teams. One week might be a fantastic week but don’t necessarily expect the next one to be great, too. They might suddenly do terrible and vice versa. That said, they didn’t disappoint during the final event of the season. They were able to defeat even Chicago Huntsmen to make it to the finals.

6. Chicago Huntsmen

If you would’ve told me that I would even remotely consider putting Chicago Huntsmen in the sixth spot, I would probably find you crazy. But going based solely on the last couple of events in comparison to all of the teams that will follow from here, Chicago makes the most sense.

To be clear, every team that follows from here on out is impressive in their own right and could be your champion for the season. In particular, Chicago did great in the New York event, beating Atlanta FaZe in their first and only meeting on the battlefield this season in a clean sweep.

Though they were unable to win the Home Series Weekend, they did well but then faltered quite a bit in the final tournament. Chicago won one match against Seattle but lost in not one but two significant upsets to not even make it to the finals in an insane twist of events.

5. Toronto Ultra

Like Chicago Huntsmen, if you were to tell me that I would put Toronto Ultra in the fifth spot and that they would place seventh overall in the standings, I’d probably believe you. But lo and behold, Toronto has been steadily climbing through the ranks for a while now.

Only them and another team we’ll get to in a bit are the only teams that I can genuinely say have considerably improved from the start of the season. It has been a very gradual improvement over time for Ultra, but it finally paid off at the end of the season.

They came through in the final event of the season and went undefeated to win it all. But not only that, but the teams that they took down to get to that point are impressive. They defeated OpTic, who we thought would win that match, then took down Chicago, even Dallas, and finally Atlanta FaZe in the finals.

It was a wild run for Toronto. If they pull this off again in the playoffs, you could be looking at your surprise champion this season as they have proven they can beat anyone.

4. New York Subliners

The other team that has slowly improved over time is New York Subliners, but their improvements came a little faster and slightly stronger than Toronto’s. The Subliners were a fan favorite at the start and a bet from many when the season began for one of the best teams, but failed to live up to that then.

But they have improved and improved, and are now finally the team that we thought they would be. Fortunately, now is the time to do it as this means that they could certainly be the champion this season. Like Toronto, New York came through in their own Home Series and won it all.

To do that, they defeated Minnesota, London, Toronto, and even Chicago. And this comes after a solid performance during the Paris Legion Home Series as well. Though they didn’t do too hot in their final event, they are a solid team that could go all the way to the championship.

3. Florida Mutineers

When it comes to the top three teams in the power rankings, these are the teams that you should watch out for. Since the beginning, they have been at the top and will likely make it to the end of the playoffs.

The first of these is Florida Mutineers, who are quite close to the Dallas Empire, in our opinion. Though Dallas has a lot more points, both teams have a strong rivalry that has persisted this season. They have gone back-and-forth, winning and losing against one another.

The fact that Florida Mutineers has an insane number of Home Series Weekend wins isn’t the No. 1 team can compare to. With profitable changes like bringing Owakening into the mix, Florida is in its prime right now. They will be tough to take out in the playoffs.

2. Dallas Empire

Dallas Empire is the second-place team in the league and, rightfully, the second-place team in our power rankings. Dallas has been one of the most consistent teams this whole season, always in the background of the top four or five teams plotting their takeover.

While other great teams were failing and falling apart at times, Dallas Empire kept its high-quality teamwork, and it finally paid off at the end of the season. They shot up through the top teams at the last minute and secured its place in second, winning two bye rounds in the playoff season.

This was by doing well as usual in the Paris Legion event, despite losing to rival Florida but then making it up by defeating Florida in the London event to win that one entirely. They delivered in the final event of the season, beating Florida not once but twice and cementing itself as the better team.

1. Atlanta FaZe

When it comes to the best team in the league, there is no arguing that it is Atlanta FaZe right now. The team has been the No. 1 team or closely after that for the entirety of the season. There was a time briefly recently where it looked like that was not going to be the case.

But Atlanta did show back up in full force in its final event to show that the team has learned its lessons. They were able to get a clean sweep against Minnesota, Dallas, and OpTic to make it to the finals where they, unfortunately, lost very close to Toronto.

Atlanta FaZe is back and in its prime, so teams should be concerned when coming into the playoffs against the No. 1 team that also has two free rounds to sit and wait for the competition.


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