Call of Duty League Playoffs Season Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 18th 2020

Activision is getting ready to host the upcoming Call of Duty League playoffs postseason. Many months have passed since the inaugural season of the league began, and it isn’t over just yet. The best part of the entire league is just about to happen with the postseason action.

This Week Is the Biggest One Yet for the Call of Duty League

This week, in particular, is the biggest one for the Call of Duty League’s first season. It could be the overall most important one, depending on who you talk to. That is because the Call of Duty League playoffs begin this week, as 12 teams compete for the top spot this season.

For several months, the Call of Duty League teams have competed to see who would move up and down on the leaderboard. But that leaderboard was permanently set last month, and now it is time for the grand finale.

Similar to how the NFL and NBA handle their seasons, the normal season of the league is over. Now, it t is time for the postseason. Though all 12 teams are competing this week in the playoffs, they are judged and placed based on their final placements in the normal season.

This week, we will see all 12 teams compete in the Call of Duty League playoffs tournament. This is the first time that we will see all 12 of them compete in the same week since the launch event back in January, which was a much different time then.

Call of Duty League Playoffs Start Date and Time

The Call of Duty League playoffs will kick off on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at noon PT sharp, so we don’t have to wait too much longer for the action to begin. The postseason is getting broken up into multiple parts to spread it out.

For some reason, Activision opted for a lengthier postseason this week as the 12 teams will compete on different days with only one round at a time happening on most days this week. This means that there will only be about two matches happening per day for at least the first few days.

That isn’t a lot at all, but the action picks up a lot more on Saturday and Sunday when there will be around four matches. For Wednesday through Friday, though, there are only two, and the first match will begin promptly at noon PT each day.

The second match takes place on those days for 1:30 p.m. PT. On Saturday and Sunday, though, the matches begin at 10 a.m. PT. There will be matches throughout those days with the final ones at 2:30 p.m.

Fans will be able to watch the playoffs tournament the same way as usual for the Call of Duty League through the official YouTube channel. The community can also watch matches live as they happen on the official league website and mobile apps.

Those latter two are where fans will be able to earn some actual rewards for watching live so long as they have their Call of Duty accounts signed in. And if those rewards aren’t enough, the community can create their postseason bracket today and potentially win if they are the top bracket.

How the Playoffs Will Work

As for the setup of the playoffs tournament and how it will work, it is essentially the same as sports league and how they do it. It was recently changed where, initially, only the top eight teams would compete this week to be at the championship weekend.

But with the pandemic and everything else, things have changed quite a bit with the esports league now being played remotely and online only. This major shift was likely why Activision decided to let all 12 teams participate in the playoffs, rather than leaving out four of them.

But what is great about this way of handling the postseason is that every single team technically has a chance to be the overall winner of the league. Even teams at the very bottom of the leaderboard could technically still make a comeback and win, like Los Angeles Guerrillas and Seattle Surge.

Though all 12 of them participate in the event this week, they are not all on even playing fields. This is because some teams are going to be in a much worse place than the others in a standard starting position or even those who skip rounds.

The tournament itself is divided into two brackets: an upper one and a lower one. This double-elimination way of having the bracket means that a team in the lower bracket will be eliminated for good from the event. In contrast, teams in the upper bracket are allowed a single loss before it’s game over.

Starting Placements of All 12 Teams

The bottom four teams in the league’s final standings start in the lower bracket portion of the tournament. If any of them lose a match in this bracket, they will be eliminated from the entire playoffs event. Those four teams are placed at the bottom of the leaderboard at the end of the season.

They are Paris Legion, OpTic Gaming LA, Seattle Surge, and Los Angeles Guerrillas. They will compete against one another in the first round of matches. Two of them will not make it to the second round of the tournament.

On the other hand, the middle four teams on the leaderboard will start in the very first round of the upper bracket. Those four teams are London Royal Ravens, Toronto Ultra, New York Subliners, and Minnesota Rokkr.

From there, we have the final four teams who came out at the very top of the leaderboard in the normal season. Those four teams did the best in the league and rewarded by skipping a round or two. They will wait for some of the teams to already be eliminated.

Chicago Huntsmen and Florida Mutineers get one bye round each. Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe will get to skip two rounds. This allows these top four teams to have a better chance of winning and guarantee that they will get some solid prize money no matter what.

Day 1 Matches and Predictions

The first day of the competition will begin with the first two matches of the Call of Duty League. Aug. 19 will mark the first two matches in the lower bracket where two teams will get eliminated that day. The first match will be Paris Legion versus Seattle Surge.

This is an interesting match up because Paris Legion is a strange team. It started somewhat strong at the beginning of the season and then fell over time. But at the last minute in the league, there were some wins that the team had.

Seattle Surge, on the other hand, isn’t that great of a team. They’ve had close calls at taking out great teams. Technically, it could go either way if Seattle Surge wants to at least not be in last place in the playoffs. For now, we’re going to give this to Paris Legion for our predictions.

The second match will be the triumphant return of the battle of Los Angeles. OpTic Gaming LA and Los Angeles Guerrillas will take each other on. The latter is a team that has been in dead last for most of the season. The former has slowly grown over time, even if its success is sometimes inconsistent. While the Guerrillas could win this match, we will give this one over to OpTic Gaming LA.

Day 2 Matches and Predictions

This is where the upper bracket kicks off with its first round. In the first match of this group, we will see London Royal Ravens versus Toronto Ultra. Toronto is a team that came out of nowhere at the very tail end of the normal season and rose through the ranks considerably.

On the other hand, London is a good team that had a solid start to the season but failed to show its true strength until it was a little too late. This is probably the closest match so far, but we are going to go on a limb and say that Toronto Ultra will take the win here.

Next up is New York Subliners and Minnesota Rokkr. Rokkr is a very unfortunate team that has done almost nothing for several events now after a decent showing at the start of the season. New York, on the other hand, is most certainly the most improved team.

Going into the season, many looked to the Subliners to be one of the best but that wasn’t the case. But unlike any other team in the league, New York has grown event after event into finally becoming one of the best teams in the entire league.

With all of that said, this match is likely going to be the easiest one in the event. I fully expect New York to have a blowout and easily defeat Minnesota to move on to the next round.

Day 3 Matches and Predictions

On this day, the number three and four teams will join the tournament. Based on our predictions, New York Subliners will take on Chicago Huntsmen. Florida Mutineers will go up against Toronto Ultra.

The New York and Chicago fight will be a wild one because both teams have proven that they can take each other out. But even when Chicago did win against New York, it was by a slim margin while the Subliners’ win against the Huntsmen was a blowout sweep three to nothing.

Because of this, I will go ahead and put it out there that New York Subliners will win against the Chicago Huntsmen in the Huntsmen’s first match of the playoffs.

On the other side of the winners bracket, I see Toronto Ultra going up against the Florida Mutineers. This is a tricky one. These two teams haven’t had much of a chance to fight each other before. Based on its strengths and weaknesses, I will say that Florida will win this match.

Day 4 Matches and Predictions

This is where things start to pick up as there will be more matches than usual. On the elimination side, we predict that we will have OpTic Gaming LA face off against Minnesota Rokkr. This match shouldn’t be too hard for OpTic to win given Rokkr’s track record.

Then Paris Legion will take on London Royal Ravens, where it will be a rematch between these rivals. They have gone back and forth many times before with one team winning, then losing the next time, and so on. It is going to be a close one that could go either way. But I am going to say that London Royal Ravens will win this time.

Then on the winners side, this is where the top two teams Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire will enter the scene. Atlanta will take on the New York Subliners. Dallas Empire will face off against their longtime rivals of Florida Mutineers.

With Atlanta FaZe taking on New York Subliners, this is one where New York could win. However, Atlanta has seemed to come back into its own recently. Because of that, I do think that Atlanta will come out on top in this particular match.

As with Dallas Empire and Florida Mutineers, these two teams have proven that you really can’t predict who will win as they keep going back and forth. But given Dallas’ recent record against Florida, we will go ahead and say the Empire will win.

Day 5 Matches and Predictions

Then we come to the final day of the playoffs before the Championship weekend the following weekend. Sunday will feature the eliminations bracket. So, there will be four matches that day. You will subsequently see four teams get dropped just like that.

The first match will be OpTic Gaming LA versus Chicago Huntsmen. This is going to be an interesting one as OpTic most recently eliminated Chicago from the final Home Series Weekend of the year. If OpTic shows up as it has recently, I do think that they can go a little further and even beat Chicago.

On the other hand, we have Toronto Ultra versus London Royal Ravens. If we had to guess on this one, Toronto would come out on top here if they can channel the great strength they’ve had in their last couple of Home Series.

This will lead to the final two matches of the playoffs week. We predict OpTic Gaming LA will take on New York Subliners in the first one. Though OpTic has a chance of winning, I think that this is where their strong run in the elimination bracket will end as New York will probably win this one.

And the final match of the weekend will be Florida Mutineers versus Toronto Ultra. This is another matchup that we haven’t seen recently, so it could go either way. Both teams have the potential to defeat the other, for sure. So, it will come down to how they’ve been doing up until this point.

If I had to guess, though, I will go with the safer bet and say that Toronto will lose to the Florida Mutineers. This will lead to the championship weekend the following weekend, where the final four teams will be Atlanta FaZe, Dallas Empire, New York Subliners, and Florida Mutineers where one of these will win it all.


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