Call of Duty League Major Results: Atlanta FaZe Remain Undefeated

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 8th 2021

The Call of Duty League Major results are in. It was a wild tournament to end the first stage of competition for the year. All 12 teams competed in the event. Only one team came out on top, solidifying themselves as the best group in the league. 

It was a wild competition and one that you can still watch right now on the Call of Duty League YouTube channel if you missed any of the matches. Otherwise, we are here to help you out with the Call of Duty League Major results so that you can know everything that happened this past week. 

Call of Duty League Major Results: Day 1

The Call of Duty League Major results encompass five days in total of competition that began on Wednesday, March 3, and went through Sunday, March 7. Each day, it was a different round in the two-bracket tournament with an upper and lower group. 

The lower bracket group was composed of the bottom six teams using the bottom teams from the two groups. They were out of the event as soon as they lost a match. However, the top bracket was for the top half of the teams from the two groups. Losing there meant moving to the bottom bracket. 

Only the top eight teams from the event earned some cash for their efforts, so it was imperative that teams showed up in full force to win it all and earn some money. It all began on day one with only two matches: the first two matches of the bottom bracket. 

First up was Toronto Ultra vs. the London Royal Ravens. Here, we thought London might get its first win of the season. They almost did, giving a hard fight much as they did against Dallas. However, it was not enough in the end as Toronto came out on top three rounds to two. 

The next match was not nearly as close, though, with Florida Mutineers vs. the Seattle Surge. Though the Surge has been doing better this season and Florida has been doing worse, the Mutineers did show up here and win this match three rounds to one. 

Because these two matches were in the bottom bracket, this meant London and Seattle were immediately out of the running and unable to earn any money from this tournament while the other two moved on to compete in the next wave of matches. 

Day 2 Results

On the second day, it went from only two matches in total to four. From there, we went to the first round of matches in the upper bracket. The next one was LA’s battle as the Los Angeles Guerrillas and the Los Angeles Thieves met on the battlefield for the first time this season.

Both teams are in much better places this season. Or, well, one particular team showed it here as they dominated this match. We thought it would be much closer than this, but that wasn’t the case. And while you might think the Thieves dominated, that wasn’t the case. 

Some close parts like the first Hardpoint that was somewhat close and the Search & Destroy that the Thieves usually win at but lost here. That sealed the deal for the Control mode where the Guerrillas had complete control here, three to one. This ended in an unbelievable finish for the Guerrillas, winning this in a clean sweep three to zero. 

Following up on that was the New York Subliners vs. OpTic Chicago. As expected, Chicago didn’t have too much trouble in this match and won it easily three rounds to nothing. From there, we came to the next bottom bracket match with Florida vs. Paris Legion. 

Florida continued its streak of winning, winning against Paris Legion three rounds to one in a reasonably unchallenged match. And then there was Toronto Ultra and Minnesota Rokkr. We expected more from the latter, but Toronto showed up here, winning this close match three rounds to two. This eliminated Minnesota and Paris as the other two teams who didn’t earn some prize money. 

Day 3 Results

The competition started to heat up on the third day. The first match of the day was Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Atlanta FaZe. Though the Guerrillas are doing great this season, Atlanta is still a dominant powerhouse team for a reason. They easily won this one three to nothing. 

Next up was the hyped match of Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago. It could honestly have gone either way, but our bets were on Chicago because of the unbelievable performance they’ve had this season. That said, it was an amazingly close one that Dallas barely won three rounds to two. 

It was then time for some elimination content as New York Subliners moved to the bottom bracket and took on Florida on a comeback streak. It was a very close one, but New York showed up here and made a comeback itself, winning this narrow match three rounds to two. 

The next was another similar match with a team that had been defeated and a bottom bracket team on a comeback. It was Toronto Ultra and the LA Thieves. But unlike the last match, this was not close at all. We saw the return of the powerful Thieves here as they won this one quickly three to nothing. The day ended with both Seattle and Florida’s reigns done. 

Day 4 Results

We came to a strong showing for the league as there were three main event matches for the competition’s second-to-last day. Only six teams were left, but they were the top six teams in the league at the time. And this was likely true if you look at the results. 

After all, all six teams that were left were the ones that started in the event’s upper bracket to prove that they deserved those places. Unfortunately, we did not get any of those dream team underdog appearances here except for the suddenly impressive Guerrillas.

The fourth day began with the Guerrillas taking on the New York Subliners in a hyped match. Both teams were giving their all unlike ever before, but it was simply not enough for the Guerrillas. They were unable to do much here. They lost this match three rounds to one, ending their time in the Major. 

Next up, we had the LA Thieves vs. OpTic Chicago. We had hoped that we would get an upset here and see the Thieves show up after losing a match and winning another one in the Major, but that was not the case. They were barely able to keep up with Chicago in its full force, losing to the new OpTic three rounds to one. 

From there, OpTic Chicago had the challenging situation of having another match immediately after its last one, while New York had a bit of a break but then had to compete, too. The final match of the day was the New York Subliners vs. OpTic Chicago. 

Any other time, we would have given this one to Chicago, but we saw the New York Subliners finally step into its championship-worthy shoes. They were able to easily win this match, destroying a team that had been a nearly unstoppable force in a monumental three to nothing match. 

Day 5 Results

Only three teams were left in the competition on the fifth day. New York was in the elimination finals, waiting for the losing team from the Atlanta FaZe and Dallas Empire match to fight them. In the meantime, the first match was the winner finals, with Atlanta and Dallas taking each other on. 

This was the first time the two teams had met one another since the playoffs last year. In the playoffs, Dallas showed it was the better team, beating Atlanta in the winner finals and then again in the championship. This was going to be a tough match for the FaZe to win. 

But Atlanta proved once and for all that it is the team to beat this year once again as it was not quite ready to give up its undefeated streak. This was a very nice upset as the team won this one easily three rounds to nothing. This bumped Dallas down to the eliminations finals. 

New York and Dallas met once more as the only two teams in league with current world champions. While we hoped that New York could pull off an upset, that wasn’t going to happen. Dallas Empire won this one easily three to nothing. 

That put them in the overall finals back against Atlanta FaZe on the same day. This match was a special best of nine rounds, much like the championship that Dallas dominated against Atlanta last year. Both matches in the playoffs saw Atlanta destroyed by Dallas with little to no chance of winning. 

But here, we saw the opposite happen as, yet again, Atlanta was the team to beat in the Call of Duty League Major results, easily winning this match with little competition five rounds to only two. This was so similar to last year’s playoffs but the exact opposite results. 

It has us wondering if we see Atlanta at its peak while the Dallas Empire is not nearly what they once were without Clayster or perhaps the five-on-five match format. This meant that Atlanta won it all, earning some solid cash and cementing itself as the team to beat this year.

What Happens Next for the Call of Duty League?

Once again, we move out of the first phase of the Call of Duty League season, and Atlanta FaZe is undefeated. While we don’t know if the team will continue to be for much longer this year, we know when we will find out whether or not that will happen. 

The season is just getting started with the end of the first stage of the 2021 season. There are five in total this year, so we are a fifth of the way done with the competitions. Stage 2 will begin soon and feature a somewhat identical style to this first stage. 

There will be three weeks of matches with two groups dividing up the 12 teams. Teams will earn points through winning matches and seeded into the second Major based on their performance. How the groups are determined are based on the top two teams this Major. 

It just so happens that it is very similar to the beginning of the first stage with Dallas and Atlanta on top. They will lead the next two groups and have the first picks to go into the opposite group’s roster. We don’t know when that will happen or when the second stage will begin just yet. 

But we do imagine that we should find out more about it in the next week or so. Since it is switched this time with Atlanta having the first pick, we should see some slightly different teams this stage, like, perhaps, one with Chicago and Dallas together and so on. 

There will be many teams going into the next stage to watch, from Atlanta and Dallas to New York and Chicago to even the London Royal Ravens as the only team yet to win a single match this year. Stay tuned for more info about the next stage of the Call of Duty League 2021 season soon. 


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