Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic Results

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 25th 2021

Activision has begun the Call of Duty League once more with its second season ever since it began in 2020. The season kicked off with a bit of a preseason showing, as the teams fought it out with some intense action in the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results. 

Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic Results Kicked Off the 2021 Season

The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results were the very beginning of the season. This kickoff event was seen as the preseason event to give the teams and fans a nice warm-up for the year and to give us an idea of who the teams are that we should keep an eye on. 

It wasn’t an official event for the new season in the way that the Home Series Weekends will be later this year. It was just a scrimmage-like event where teams could participate in a couple of matches and see how they fare against the other teams who have changed.

Given that the entire league has changed this year with the team rosters because of the switch back to four vs. four matches, there is no telling how this will affect the rankings’ dynamic. The teams that dominated last year may not be the best still and vice versa. 

The Kickoff Classic featured some matches that the fans voted on, determining who would go up against one another. As such, this gave the chance to see some new and old rivalries spring up, have some nice rematches that fans have been waiting to see, and more. 

The community did not disappoint in picking some excellent matches for the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results, as they turned out pretty impressive in the end. For sure, there were some blowouts, but there were some other matches that were much closer and more surprising than we expected.

We will go over the full match lineup for the weekend and let you know the entire Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results for the weekend. We will be sure to break down each match, let you know our thoughts on it and what the results could mean for the future. 

Match Lineup

To begin with, there is the match lineup that happened this past weekend. It happened across two days, with each of the 12 teams participating in one match each for a total of six matches. Three matches happened on each day of the event. Some other interesting stuff happened in between.

If you are interested in checking out the action for yourself, the videos on demand are still available online to watch on YouTube. So, if you want to see any of the six matches, even if you were unable to be there live, you can still do that right now. 

On day one, the first match between the current reigning world champions Dallas Empire and the New York Subliners. An exciting, promising match from afar and one that we were excited about as the community made a good choice here. 

The second match of day one was the Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. the Seattle Surge. Both teams were at the bottom of the leaderboard almost the entire first season, so it would be interesting to see how their changed rosters would work against one another. 

The third match for the first day was the Florida Mutineers vs. the second-place team Atlanta FaZe. Both teams had some minor changes, but this was one match-up that we weren’t too excited about as there wasn’t any rivalry between the teams.

For the second day, the first match was a rivalry going for a while now and between Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens. The only two European teams in the entire league have changed their rosters almost entirely, so it would be interesting to see who the better team is this year.

The second match of day two was Minnesota Rokkr and Toronto Ultra. This one was yet another match that just seemed to be a leftover one as we didn’t know of any real rivalry between these two teams. And the final match of the event was the new team LA Thieves vs. the also pretty much new team OpTic Chicago. 

Day 1 Results Breakdown

To begin with the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results, let’s take a look at the first day of competitions. The first match to start the weekend was an exciting one with Dallas Empire and New York Subliners going up against one another. 

Many people were looking forward to this one because they are the only two teams out there currently who have world champions from the 2020 season. The Empire has four of the five champions on its starting lineup, staying the same last year. 

Meanwhile, the New York Subliners took in Clayster, who was the only loss from the Empire with the switch to four on four matches this year. In this way, it was a highly anticipated match to see if Clayster and the already terrific Subliners could overpower the Empire.

However, fate didn’t align for the New York Subliners. ZooMaa was one of the two returning players on the roster, but unfortunately, he had to retire once more from Call of Duty due to this returning hand injury. It was a sad scenario and one that happened suddenly before the event. 

With no chance to play and train with his replacement in time for the event, the team was likely under stress and unprepared for this match, especially against the current No. 1 team. This match was not going to pan out the way we hoped it would.

In the end, Dallas Empire didn’t have to do much at all to win this match, getting three rounds to zero to start the Call of Duty League preseason. The only match in which New York gave a bit of trouble was in Hardpoint, but even that was just a little bit close. 

We got a lot closer and more surprising for the second match than we originally anticipated. Los Angeles Guerrillas and Seattle Surge looked to be a fun match, but we initially thought that Seattle had the much better and more improved team over last year. 

However, don’t count out the Los Angeles Guerrillas this season as this relatively close match went in favor of the Guerrillas as they were able to win this one three rounds to two. It is hard to say how these two teams will pan out this year, so it is too early to say, but we hope that at least one of them is a surprise sleeper team this year. 

And the last match of day three was Florida Mutineers vs. Atlanta FaZe. Like the Subliners, the Mutineers had a shocking development for the 2021 season, and that was the tragic passing of Fero last year. We thought that this would likely diminish the team’s skill but perhaps not.

Also, the Atlanta FaZe seemed like they would be potentially better than they were last year, so we gave it to them in our predictions. However, don’t underestimate Florida’s power as they could win this narrow match barely three rounds to two. 

This was not a good start for Atlanta this season as they needed to prove they wouldn’t come off the championship’s severe losses, so we hope they learn from this in time for the Opening Weekend. On the other hand, Florida showed up and didn’t back down. We hope they can keep that up this year. 

Day 2 Results Breakdown

On day two, we started with the very close and personal match of Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens. We said that it might be close, but we ultimately gave it to Paris Legion, who we think has the slightly better team overall this year. 

It was pretty close with a part in the middle where it looked like it might go to London after all, but Paris pulled through and won the match in the end, showing that it is likely to be the better team of the two this year. It is a switch from last year. London may come to regret after its fantastic run at the playoffs in 2020. 

The next match was Minnesota Rokkr and Toronto Ultra. The Rokkr’s team is stacked this year and one that we genuinely believe to be much better than the horrible results they had in 2020. And they didn’t let me down as they were able to win this close match three rounds to two. 

Both teams showed up in Search & Destroy, proving that they can nearly match each other in that mode. But like with a lot of these matches, Control turned out to be the deciding factor. Some teams don’t do well with this new game mode for the season, and it showed. If there is anything Toronto needs to fix this season, it is that right now. 

Overall, I am satisfied with the Minnesota team thus far. I can’t wait to see them gear up even more in the Opening Weekend. Following that match was the final one: Los Angeles Thieves vs. the OpTic Chicago team. 

Both teams have some history and rivalry. 100 Thieves has a lot to prove as the only new organization this season. But in the end, while I do like the LA Thieves roster a lot given how much I loved their team last year, they didn’t have much chance at all against the new and improved OpTic Chicago.

They gave a bit of a fight in Search & Destroy, but it wasn’t much at all, also destroyed at Hardpoint and Control. OpTic Chicago looks strong and powerful this season, potentially a match for the current champions, but the LA Thieves need to tackle their weaknesses. 

Teams to Watch for in the 2021 Season

With the Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic results here now, there are a few teams that I would say to keep an eye on in the 2021 season. Of course, we only saw each team do one match against teams they might not be well-suited to, but it has given some interesting ideas nonetheless.

For one, there are the two dominating teams from the weekend: Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago. The current champions surprise no one as they are the league’s powerhouse and remain that, but OpTic Chicago has shown up in full force once again. They like that at the beginning of the 2020 season, so let’s see if it sticks this time.

From there, we come to Florida Mutineers and Minnesota Rokkr. The former surprised me a bit this past weekend, while the latter has proven what I already expected from them this year. Lastly, there is Los Angeles Guerrillas. I didn’t expect them to win that match and, while it was close, I want to see the Guerrillas be a dark horse this season like they were supposed to be last year. 

What’s Next Up for the 2021 Season?

Next up for the Call of Duty League 2021 season is the true start to the year with the Atlanta FaZe Opening Weekend Home Series event. This is the first Home Series event for the year and where the 12 teams will battle to get their first bit of points for the year. 

It will be where the new format for the year truly gets its start and shows us whether or not our impressions of these teams will stick or if some more practice and training in the next couple of weeks will help. The first event looks to be a weird one with 10 matches in total over four days of competition. 

Eight of the teams will get two matches during the first weekend event, while four will only get one match. It seems that they will switch the next week with those four teams then getting two matches while a different four teams only get one match. It is a weird format, so we will have to wait and see how it turns out. Stay tuned for our full breakdown of this event very soon. 


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