Call of Duty League Champs 2021 Preview and Predictions: Who Will Be the New Champs?

by in Call of Duty | Aug, 18th 2021

It is finally time for the conclusion of the 2021 season of the Call of Duty League. With the playoffs around the corner, it is time to crown a new (or returning) champ team for the season and find out who is truly the best among them all in the Call of Duty League Champs 2021 event. 

Call of Duty League Champs 2021 Is Here

The Call of Duty League Champs 2021 will begin on Thursday, August 19, and will conclude with the season’s final match on Sunday, August 22. This will all be on LAN and take place at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, so fans will be able to attend and watch everything happen live and in person. 

There are, of course, some restrictions in place that you should know about, like having to prove your vaccination for COVID-19 or a recent negative COVID test. You will also have to wear a mask the entire time you are at the venue, so this is something to keep in mind if you attend in person. 

But if you are unable to attend in person or are choosing to watch it from home like myself, you can do so on the official league YouTube channel as always. All of the matches will be shared live on the stream there, and you will be able to watch any you missed after the fact anytime. 

The Call of Duty League Champs 2021 event is the marquee experience for the league. We anticipate it to have some insane moments. Though it is not as detailed and spread out as the Major 5 was recently, it will have a lot at stake for the teams in attendance there. 

After all, this will determine the champion for the 2021 season. We highly recommend that you put in your predictions now while you still can, as there is a lot of money on the line for the person who can most accurately predict the outcome of this event. 

Brackets and Placements

The Call of Duty League Champs 2021 will feature only eight of the 12 teams in the league at this time. As we already knew for a while, the bottom four teams — Seattle Surge, London Royal Ravens, Paris Legion, and Los Angeles Guerrillas — have already ended their seasons with the Major 5. 

Their time may be over this year, but that does not stop the top eight teams from having one final hurrah this year. How it works is that the top six teams from the overall standings will be starting the Call of Duty League Champs 2021 event in the upper bracket of the event.

There are two brackets in total, with the bottom bracket being the elimination one. In this bracket, teams who lose here are out of the event for good. They are done with their season. But teams in the upper bracket can lose once and still make a final run in the bottom. 

Unfortunately, the two bottom teams for the year are the LA Thieves and the Florida Mutineers. The Thieves once were in the top six, but that has since changed with the impressive, record-breaking Major 5 run Minnesota Rokkr had in Arlington, Texas, to close out the normal season play. 

On the other hand, the other six teams are in the upper bracket, with the top two teams having a one-round bye. Those six teams are Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, Dallas Empire, OpTic Chicago, New York Subliners, and the Minnesota Rokkr. 

Toronto and Atlanta have a one-round bye as the top two teams and will have a rather easy run to the grand finals. In this Call of Duty League Champs 2021 event, it is truly anyone’s game, so after Major 5, almost anyone can walk away with the championship title. 

We could see Dallas Empire reclaim their throne, OpTic Chicago close out what has been an impressive end to the season for them, Atlanta not let go of their number one spot, and so on. New York could surprise everyone, LA could make a great run with its finally amazing team, and Florida could remind us that it can defeat anyone and everyone. 

Then there is Minnesota Rokkr, who has the high of winning Major 5, who could come in there and dominate once more. And then there is Toronto Ultra, a team that has been consistently fantastic that could see their hard work pay off here. There are so many possibilities in this tournament, and I have the full match schedule and my predictions below. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

We only know about the first day of matches in the Call of Duty League Champs 2021 at this point. As such, everything that comes after this part will be my predictions. If you disagree, feel free to input your thoughts on the league website and have a chance to win some prizes.

The event will kick off with the first round of the winners bracket, where Minnesota Rokkr will take on the Dallas Empire. This is an insane match to start with as we have the current Major winners facing off against the current reigning champs of the league. 

Without a doubt, how this match goes will determine what is to come in the rest of the tournament. In my opinion, there is a chance that either team could come out on top. Dallas has a lot to prove. They have beaten Rokkr about just as many times as they have defeated them. 

However, I do think that Rokkr is in a higher place now where the possibility of Dallas winning is very hard as Minnesota has proven time and again to be one of their main weaknesses. That is why, unfortunately, I do think that the reigning champs will lose here and be sent to the bottom bracket. 

The second match will be in the winners bracket and feature OpTic Chicago taking on the New York Subliners. Some parts are worth noting here. For instance, Clayster is coming back for the champs, which will be the number one factor determining how this match goes. 

Clay has been away for a bit and only practicing for a short time, plus the possible drama on the team with his sudden departure. On the other hand, we have Chicago who is essentially in its prime and looking better than it ever did in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. 

I think that New York is at a severe disadvantage here. I would almost say that with Diamondcon instead of Clay, they might have a better chance here, given the factors at play. There is still a chance for a Subliners upset, and I think it will be a close match, but I have a hard time seeing OpTic lose here. 

From here on out, my predictions are as the next match on day one shifts to the bottom bracket, where I believe that the Dallas Empire will now go up against the LA Thieves. This is an interesting matchup and one that I think is a huge wildcard for the rest of the event. 

In my opinion, I like where the Thieves are right now. They continue to grow exponentially together in every match they do. They are also one of the least predictable teams here, so I’m going to hand this win to them. 

Yes, I think Dallas will be eliminated from the playoffs without a single win or a shot at reclaiming its throne. I think Dallas has one of the worst chances of winning the Call of Duty League Champs 2021 out of the eight teams there. 

From there, we move over to the other elimination match with the Florida Mutineers and the New York Subliners. This is a tough one, and I think it could go either way, even more so than the other match. But I am holding out hope for a comeback from the Subliners for a win here to end the season for Florida. 

Day 2 Predictions

That brings us to day two, where the matches will kick off in the winners bracket with the two teams with one-round byes: Atlanta and Toronto. I have the first match in my predictions, Minnesota taking on Toronto in the first of two rematches of the century. 

The upset in Stage 5 Major finals was insane and something that Toronto has not forgotten. In all honesty, I am a little worried for Ultra. They are still one of the best contenders for winning champs, but that loss was devastating and could have killed all of their morale. 

Hopefully, enough time has passed since then. Toronto is back in its dominant place once more. If not, I do think that my boys at the Minnesota Rokkr will come out with the win. However, I am going against my team here and saying that Ultra will win in the end in this close bout. 

The other insane rematch is Atlanta and Chicago. Chicago proved once and for all that they could beat Atlanta, making this battle a lot more interesting than it would have been before Stage 5. I think the crowd is worth mentioning, too, as they will play a factor here cheering on OpTic. 

So, I think it will be a very close match that will be fun to watch, but I think we will see the return of the unstoppable FaZe in this match that will result in OpTic being sent to the bottom bracket. From there, we will take things to the elimination bracket for some more defeats. 

First up, I think that we will have the New York Subliners versus the Minnesota Rokkr. Subliners don’t have a chance of winning this match, but maybe Hydra and Clay will make the difference here. But I do think that Rokkr will eliminate the Subliners in this fight. 

Then we come to the OpTic versus LA, which is sure to be a fight in the crowd as LA will have home advantage, but there will be many OpTic fans there. I think that this will be a lot closer than you might anticipate and that the Thieves will give OpTic a true battle. 

In all honesty, I played it pretty safe with my predictions thus far and will do so for the rest of the tournament mostly, but I think that we will see an upset here and that the Thieves will eliminate Chicago from the tournament and season. 

Day 3 Predictions

Then we come to the third day, where most of the matches will occur in the Call of Duty League Champs 2021 tournament. Oddly enough, we will start with the winners finals, where Atlanta will take on Toronto to find out who will be in the grand finals and guaranteed at least a top two spot. 

This is where we will get a surprising moment where Atlanta will falter some. Toronto will come in there and win the match to guarantee a chance at the championship title. Again, though, this is all dependent on the Toronto that we see in this tournament. 

Then we move on down to the eliminations semi-finals for Minnesota and the LA Thieves. I think the Thieves have a chance of an upset here, but just being in the top four would be such an accomplishment for both of these teams this year. 

In the end, I think that Rokkr will win this match and move into the elimination finals against Atlanta. This is another match where I could see it go both ways, so I think it will be very close. However, I am going out on a limb and saying that Rokkr will win and close out Atlanta’s chances of being in the grand finals again this year. 

Day 4 Predictions: Who Do We Think Wins It All?

There is only one match left. The championship Sunday is all about this premiere experience. Yes, I believe that the finals will be a repeat of the Major 5 finals with Toronto Ultra and Minnesota Rokkr. This is something that I stand by. I believe that the champion of this year’s season will be one of these two. 

It is worth noting that this match is yet another best of nine rounds, and I do not think it will be as wild as the last one. I think this one will be a much more traditional finals with that classic back-and-forth, give-and-take type of experience. 

While I love Rokkr, I think that their chances of winning this tournament after the last one are slim. But I have high hopes that they can make it to the finals at least. Instead, I will give this one to Toronto again if they are still here mentally and emotionally. 

I think Toronto has been the favorite to win champs for most of the year due to their unmatched teamwork and talent. They make the most sense to me as the winners of this season, but it all depends on them. If we do not get the Ultra that we saw for the entire season until Stage 5, they have no chance of winning. 

But if they show up once more as they did in the past, they have the stars aligning for them to win. So, what happens if we do not get the Toronto of before? Well, in that case, I think that Atlanta will take their spot and win the championship. 

I think in that scenario, it will be difficult for Rokkr to defeat Atlanta again, especially in this sort of grueling finals match. But I think that Rokkr has the third-best chance of winning champs. From there, I think the next team that has the best chance of winning champs is not my fourth-place pick, LA Thieves, but OpTic Chicago. 

After that, I would say that the LA Thieves have the next best chance of coming out on top, followed by the New York Subliners, who have a decent chance for Clay to keep his title, the Florida Mutineers, and lastly, the current champs Dallas Empire. 

I ruled Florida out for this tournament. They are a dark horse here, for sure, capable of defeating anyone at any time, so there is always the opportunity for this team to have a surprising Cinderella run unlike any other before it, which I would love to see. Stay tuned for early next week when we reveal who your new Call of Duty Champions are. 


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