Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend Preview

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 11th 2020

Activision has announced that the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League isn’t over just yet. Even though the champion team has been crowned through the championship weekend, there is still one more competition: Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend.

What Is the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend?

So, what is the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend? Well, it is the final competition that we know of for the first season of the league this year. As the name implies, this competition will feature the “all-star” players of the 2020 season and have them compete to see who will come out on top.

These are, presumably, the best of the best players (or at least the most popular ones) that will be competing in a final competition for the year. This event will be similar to that of the all-star matches and tournaments that other pro sports leagues have already.

In it, this is a more fun, free-for-all style tournament that will be there primarily for the entertainment and bragging rights. It will be less focused on any titles or trophies, but rather the pure enjoyment of seeing some of the league’s best players competing against one another.

However, there is something on the line, though, as there is some impressive prize money that will be offered this weekend to those who can do well enough to place near the top of the leaderboard. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend.

How to Watch the All-Star Weekend Competition

The Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend will begin this weekend and take place across two different days. It will begin (at the time of writing this) tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 12 through Sunday, Sept. 13, where the No. 1 player from the competition will be decided.

In total, 32 players will compete in this special tournament, and only one of them will come out on top. With 32 players, there will be a ton of matches throughout the two days, so fans should come prepared for a relatively long two days of competition.

As always this season, you will watch the matches live online as they happen remotely from the players’ homes’ comforts. All of the usual spots for live-streaming will be available this weekend, including the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel.

Also, there will be the Call of Duty League official website to enjoy all of the events live. There is also the companion app that you can use if you wish to watch your mobile device’s action. You may want to tune in, too, as there are some prizes available for fans who do one particular thing, and that is predicting what will happen.

All-Star Weekend Lineup

As mentioned already, there are going to be 32 players who will compete this weekend. They were chosen wasn’t based necessarily on their stats during the inaugural season of the league but, instead, based on the community’s fans themselves.

Fans voted for their favorite two players from the 12 teams in the Call of Duty League. The top two players from each team were chosen to participate in the event. But, of course, that only covers 24 players when 32 players in total are competing.

Two more were decided by the MVP awards given out during the season. Two players were picked as the MVPs, one for the normal season with the Home Series Weekends and one from the postseason, including the championship weekend.

Then the final six players were picked by the casters and a replacement for the Call of Duty League Championship MVP Crimsix, who is unable to participate in the event this weekend for an unknown reason. Other players were chosen, like Simp, who won’t be there, too.

In that case, the next highest player with the most votes from the community from that particular team was chosen to take their place. Several players were chosen but won’t be able to attend this weekend.

Those absent players include Crimsix and Simp as well as Skrapz from the London Royal Ravens and Octane from the Seattle Surge. Here is the full list of the 32 players competing this weekend plus their teams during the 2020 season:

  • aBeZy and Cellium: Atlanta FaZe
  • Envoy, Arcitys, Formal, and Scump: Chicago Huntsmen
  • Clayster, Huke, Shotzzy, and iLLeY: Dallas Empire
  • Skyz, Fero, and Owakening: Florida Mutineers
  • Wuskin and Seany: London Royal Ravens
  • Vivid and Blazt: Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • GodRx and Silly: Minnesota Rokkr
  • Attach, ZooMaa, and Mack: New York Subliners
  • Dashy, Kuavo, and SlasheR: OpTic Gaming LA
  • Kismet and Denz: Paris Legion
  • Apathy and Enable: Seattle Surge
  • Methodz, CleanX, and Cammy: Toronto Ultra

These are your 32 players who were among the best and will be competing this weekend. Keep in mind that this is just over half of the starting players in the entire league, as there were 12 teams of five players each, making for 60 starting players at the end of the season. Just over half of them will get a chance to shine this weekend.

How the Matches Will Work

So, the question you might have right now is how will the matches and this tournament work? After all, 32 players have been chosen for this event. Instead of drafting two all-star teams that will compete against one another, it is more of a last man standing-style event.

But it isn’t using Call of Duty Warzone or battle royale for the event itself. Instead, it will use Gunfight to reduce the roster until there is an overall winner. The Gunfight matches will be one on one with each player battling against another one in a duel to see who will come out on top.

The 32-player bracket will eliminate player by player until the finals when there are only two left, and one of them comes out as the overall winner. The Gunfight matches will be one on one and follow the same general rule of one life per round, but the only change is the weapon selection.

The weapons for this Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend have been chosen by the players themselves and include a random selection of SMG, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. The matches will be a best of three format where the first player to win two of the three rounds will win it all.

The actual matchups have been chosen randomly, so there is no seeding based on stats or their team during the 2020 season. They will all be competing for a share of the prizes, including a massive $100,000 prize pool that will be given out based on their placing, with the overall winner getting $15,000 in total.

Our Predictions for the All-Star Weekend

With any preview post for a new Call of Duty League, you know that I will give my predictions for what is going to happen. This will also allow me to go over the match schedule and matchups for those interested. Here is the match schedule plus my match predictions for who I think will win each one and the overall tournament.

The first match on Saturday will be iLLeY from the Dallas Empire versus GodRx from the Minnesota Rokkr. This is an interesting matchup since both have been strong players in the past. One thing that will come up a lot with these predictions is which weapons will be used in the matches.

In the case of the first matchup, I am going to go with iLLeY to win this one. The second matchup is between Skyz and Envoy from Florida and Chicago, respectively. I think this could be a rather hot match between these two powerful players, but I’m going to give this one to Envoy.

Then it is between Silly and Denz from Minnesota and Paris, respectively. Both players have potential but didn’t fully show it this season, perhaps because of their teams. It could go either way, but I am going to give this win to Silly.

Next up is Formal and Cammy from Chicago and Toronto, respectively. Cammy is a great player, but I have to give this one to Formal, unfortunately. Next up is another Toronto Ultra player, CleanX, and one of the stars of the Los Angeles Guerrillas: Vivid.

Vivid has the chance to show why he is one of the hottest newcomers to the Call of Duty scene here, so I will throw a wildcard in here and say that Vivid will win this match. Then, for a third match in a row, a Toronto Ultra player will compete, and this time will be Methodz.

Methodz will go up against Seany, one of the star players from the London Royal Ravens. This is another one that could go either way. Although Seany is a strong player, I have to give this one to Methodz. From there, we are going to have a heated match between Atlanta’s Cellium and New York Subliners’ Mack.

Cellium is a great MVP contender for a reason, but Mack is another wildcard this season, but I will take the safe route and say that Cellium will win this match. Then there is Seattle’s Enable versus the New York Subliners’ Attach. Attach is one of the stars of New York and should win this match.

Next up is Paris Legion’s Kismet and Seattle’s Apathy. For this match, I will say that Apathy will turn up and win this match. The next one is another heated match between Scump from Chicago and Fero from Florida Mutineers. Fero could win it, but I am going to give this to Scump.

For the following one, it is going to be ZooMaa from New York and Wuskin from London. I am going to give this match to ZooMaa. Following that is Kuavo from OpTic Gaming and Shotzzy from Dallas. While I want to give this to Kenny, I have to say that Shotzzy will likely win this match.

Then it is another matchup between Dallas and OpTic with Huke and Dashy this time around. Dashy is a great player and could prove himself here, but it depends on the weapons. I am going to give this one to Huke for my prediction.

Following that is the final OpTic and Atlanta players with SlasheR and aBeZy, respectively. It may come as a shock, but I am going to go with SlasheR for this one. Then there is Clayster versus Blazt from Dallas and the Los Angeles Guerrillas, respectively. Clayster should win this one.

The final match of the first day will be Chicago’s Arcitys and Florida’s Owakening. Owakening is a stunning new player to the scene. I think that he will win this.

When it comes to day two where the winner is determined, the first match will be iLLeY versus Envoy. For this match, I do think that it could be one of the more interesting ones and tougher matches to predict. But I will go with my gut feeling for this one and say that Envoy will win this match.

The second match of day two will be Silly and Formal. This shouldn’t be too hard of a match for Formal to win, making for two Chicago players moving on already. For the third match of day two, we will have Vivid going up against Methodz. This could go either way, but I think that Methodz will win this one.

From there, we have a really interesting matchup of Cellium and Attach. This is another where we have two fan-favorite players who are some of the best from their respective teams, but I will give this one to Attach as I feel that the versatile player will make the win happen.

From there, we have Apathy and Scump. I wish I had more to say about this particular match, but I’m going to be honest and let you know that I do think that Scump should win this one pretty easily. From there, we have ZooMaa and Shotzzy representing their teams.

Though ZooMaa is one of the best players from the New York Subliners, I think he will not beat the world champion Shotzzy. For the penultimate match of the second round, we have Huke going up against SlasheR. For this one, I will put my bets on SlasheR, but Huke could win this as well.

For the final match of the second round, we have Clayster versus Owakening. Though Owakening is a great player, I will give this one to Clayster as the winner.

From there, we are down to the quarterfinals where only eight players are remaining. The first match is Envoy versus Formal. It will be the battle of Chicago, and only one of them will be able to move on. This is a tough matchup with teammate against teammate, but I will give it to Formal.

From there, we have Methodz versus Attach. This could be another close one, but I am going with my gut again and saying that Attach will win this match to move on and represent his team. The third match of the third round will feature Scump versus Shotzzy in an amazing matchup.

Shotzzy is great, but I am going to give this win to Scump. This is followed by the final match of this round with SlasheR versus Clayster. I imagine that SlasheR will give his all in this match, but I do think that Clayster will come out on top as the winner.

Then we are officially in the semifinals where Formal will take on Attach and Scump will take on Clayster. Though I think either Formal or Attach could win the first match, I’m going with the safe choice and saying that Formal will come out on top to make it to the finals.

This will leave Scump versus Clayster in perhaps the most exciting matchup of the whole event, in my opinion. It could go either way, but I am going to place my prediction on Clayster. This leaves us with the grand finals match of Formal from Chicago and Clayster from Dallas. I think that the world champion Clayster will show his true talent here and win the final match.


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