Call of Duty League All-Star Weekend Preview and Predictions

by in Call of Duty | May, 21st 2021

It is almost time for the start of the fourth stage of the 2021 season for the Call of Duty League, but Activision is ensuring that fans and players alike have something to look forward to in the meantime. That event is the CDL All-Star Weekend, featuring some of the best competitors in the business. 

CDL All-Star Weekend Revealed

The CDL All-Star Weekend has been revealed, and it is the next iteration of what we had last year in the league’s inaugural season. During that time, it was seen as more of a filler tournament to tie the community over in the empty spot while we waited for more action to happen at the end of the season.

But, interestingly enough, the CDL All-Star Weekend 2021 is not happening at the end of the season, but, rather, right now as we gear up to start the second-to-last stage of the competition. The season still has 40% of its content, which is a fair amount, so it is intriguing to have this now.

The CDL All-Star Weekend is what it sounds like, representing some of the best players in the entire league at once, much like what you would find in other sports leagues. A group of the players from the 12 teams has been selected to participate in this event. 

It will kick off on Saturday, May 22, and end on Sunday, May 23. There are only two days in this event, but they are welcome, regardless, for filling in the gap this weekend in which we would not have had any content to watch in the league otherwise. 

That is because we are in the middle of the two stages, with the third stage concluding last weekend with the Stage 3 Major and next week being the beginning of the first week of the group stage in Stage 4. Usually, teams have a bit of a break this weekend, but some will have another competition to do with this CDL All-Star Weekend. Fans can watch all of the matches live or on-demand after the fact on the YouTube channel as always. 

Players Who Will Participate

One key thing to note is that not all of the main starting players in the league are participating, but every team is represented at least. Rather than having all 48 of the starting players participate in the tournament, only 16 (a third of them) will be in the All-Star Weekend event. 

It was decided through two main ways: fans selecting and the broadcasters who host the league’s other main events. Fans had the chance in the past to vote for the player from each of the 12 teams that they would like to see battle it out in this new tournament event. 

The fans picked and those 12 players have been selected. Meanwhile, four of the broadcasters in the CDL had the opportunity to pick four more players to participate in the tournament. Altogether, it means that 16 players will be in this small but exciting event. You can find the full list of them below, along with their respective teams currently:

  • Owakening: Florida Mutineers
  • Dashy: OpTic Chicago
  • Insight: Toronto Ultra
  • Octane: Seattle Surge
  • Methodz: Toronto Ultra
  • Shotzzy: Dallas Empire
  • Apathy: Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • Hydra: New York Subliners
  • PaulEhx: London Royal Ravens
  • Simp: Atlanta FaZe
  • Asim: New York Subliners
  • Envoy: OpTic Chicago
  • Skrapz: Paris Legion
  • Abezy: Atlanta FaZe
  • Huke: Los Angeles Thieves
  • Standy: Minnesota Rokkr

Those 16 players represent the 12 teams, with a few teams having more than one player in the event. Those four teams with two players in the tournament are the Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, OpTic Chicago, and New York Subliners. 

It will be interesting to see if some teammates like Abezy and Simp will have to go up against one another in the event or not. How the tournament will work is that each player is totally on their own for this particular CDL All-Star Weekend event. 

They are no longer judged by the actions of the other players around them but by their own merits. How they do in the event is solely up to their performance and talent. This is the chance to put to rest the truth about their skills and show off their talent here. 

It is also the chance for the league to truly prove who the best player in the league might be. Is it one of the rookies, like Standy or Insight, or is it one of the experienced veterans, like Huke or Dashy? 

That is something that we cannot wait to see, hence why I have come up with my predictions for the CDL All-Star Weekend event. Sixteen players will start in the first round, but only one will be crowned the weekend’s champion in the end. Here’s who I think that will be. 

Day 1 Preview and Predictions

The first day of the event will kick off with the 16 players competing in a single match. This way, we do know the entire match schedule for the first day, which is a jam-packed one. Though this is a filler event, there is a good bit of money on the line for each player involved, so that means that players will want to give it their all. 

The matches will begin promptly at noon PT on Saturday and will last until around 4 p.m. PT that day. That is four straight hours of matches (including some other side matches), with each one only having around 20 minutes allotted to it in total. That is not a lot of time in total, so it means that fans will have back-to-back insanity to enjoy this weekend. 

The matches will work because players will battle in one-on-one duels against one another on the Gunfight maps. The tiny locations featured in the Gunfight game mode will be here, with players using Gunfight as the means for each match. 

This is a single-elimination tournament, so a single loss means that someone is out of the running. Matches will be over when the first player wins six rounds of the single life duels, with each player having the same equipment as one another to even the playing field. 

The first match of the weekend that will set the tone for the rest of the event is Owakening from Florida taking on Dashy from OpTic. Both are two of the star players of their respective teams, so it will be interesting to see which one of them is the better player overall. 

In case you were wondering, I will go ahead and give you my predictions for this match. I think Dashy is a great player, but I think Owakening has unbelievable talent and has carried his entire team on his own in the past. I think we will see that crazy talent here with a win from him. 

The second match will feature the old vs. the new in Octane against the rookie player Insight. Octane is a storied player with a lot of talent, so it will be interesting to see how his expertise stacks up against the new talent in Insight. I’m going to give this one to Insight, personally. 

Next up will be Methodz vs. Shotzzy. The world champ has a responsibility to represent his team as the only Empire player in the tournament, so I will give this one to him where he will show off why he is an MVP in the league. 

Next up will be Apathy taking on Hydra in an intriguing match. I think Apathy is a good player and probably one who is better on his own, but I think the overwhelming talent of Hydra is just too much. I think he will win this one, showing why the Subliners are the championship-worthy team they are now. 

For the next match, we have PaulEhx and Simp going up against one another. This is another case of the new vs. old. PaulEhx is arguably the best on London’s team, but then again, Simp is one of the best of all time. It could go either way, but I’ll, personally, give this one to Simp. 

After that, we will have Asim take on Envoy. Envoy is a star player and, in my opinion, the best that OpTic has right now. But you could almost say the same for Asim as he is insane on his own. This is another one that could go either way, but I will give this one to Asim. 

After that, we have Skrapz and Abezy taking each other on. I’m sorry, Skrapz, but I will have to give this one to Abezy. And the final duel of the day is the most exciting one for me, which will see the true battle of the old vs. the new in Huke taking on Standy. 

This will be a great match as I believe that Standy is probably the best solo rookie player in the business right now, while Huke is a deserving champ for a reason. But, in my opinion, when it comes to this sort of one-on-one duel situation, I have to give this one to Standy in what is essentially a surprising upset. 

Day 2 Preview and Predictions

The second day is where the CDL All-Star Weekend event gets fired up as only eight players will remain. Given the smaller number of the players left at this time on Sunday, all of the rest of the matches will occur on this day with the conclusion. The winner of the event decided. 

It is solely my predictions from here on out, so you may have something different on your bracket predictions. Or, I could be wrong, so keep that in mind. But this is my judgment based on how I’ve seen these players perform this season and in Black Ops Cold War, specifically.

It is hard to guess sometimes, though, as it is different in these one-on-one duels than the four-on-four matches that we normally get. But based on my predictions, the first match of the second day will be Owakening vs. Insight. 

This will be a fantastic match and one that I cannot wait to see (if it happens). I like Owakening and am a huge fan of his, but I would give this one to Insight. The next match would be another great matchup with Hydra and Shotzzy going up against each other. 

I think this will be a solid one that could go either way, but I’m going with Hydra winning this one. The next one will be the battle of Atlanta vs. New York all over again for the second weekend in a row. This time around, I think it will go over a bit differently from the third Major. 

My prediction is that Asim will come out on top of this one and move on. The final match will be Abezy vs. Standy, where I think the talented Standy will continue his dominance, eliminating the other member of Atlanta FaZe

This brings us to the top four players where Hydra will take on Insight first in the battle of the newcomers. I imagine that it could go either way, but I’m handing this one to Hydra. And the other match in this round is Asim going up against Standy. 

I think that Asim’s run will end here as Standy will come out on top and move to the finals. The finals of the weekend will then be Hydra vs. Standy in the battle of the newer talent. In terms of solo power, though, I think that Hydra will come out on top and win a chunk of that sweet cash. 


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