Call of Duty League 2021 Week 1 Results: Atlanta FaZe and LA Thieves Dominate

by in Call of Duty | Feb, 15th 2021

We are happy to announce that the Call of Duty League 2021 season is finally underway. This past weekend was the first week of the first season, and teams competed in their first seasonal matches. With that, the Call of Duty League Week 1 results are here. 

Call of Duty League’s First Week Is Now Over

Now that the new week is here, the previous week of the 2021 season is now over, bringing an end to the first week of competitions. That week was jam-packed with tons of matches for fans and players to check out for several days. 

It was also the first week in which we got to see the new setup and format for the Call of Duty League in action. All 12 teams were there in attendance. They each had their chance to try and earn some points to get the season kicked off in a significant way. 

Some matches went the way that we pretty much expected them to, but there were one or two upsets and surprises that we didn’t necessarily see coming. In the end, the league is back once more. We are so happy since it means more exciting action from the pros.

Here is everything you need to know about the Call of Duty League Week 1 results if you missed any of the action. We will let you know what team won which match, what the leaderboard looks like right now, and even what’s next for you to look forward to. 

How to Watch If You Missed and General Schedule

But first, there is the case of the matches themselves. If you missed out on the Call of Duty League Week 1 results this past weekend, you might not want them spoiled for you just yet. However, if you are reading this post, you likely do want them to be rounded up and spoiled. 

But if you want to watch the matches for yourself or if some of the results catch your eye and want to see how it all went down, you are easily able to do so. The matches are broadcasted on demand on the official Call of Duty League YouTube channel, as always.

Just like last year, you can watch the matches that happened on that channel and likely on the official league website. Just search for the specific matches that you are looking for, and you should watch them anytime. 

The competition this past weekend started with the new format where teams only participate in one or two matches a week rather than the Home Series Weekend format that we had last year. This was divided up across four days of matches in total, with plenty of action spread throughout.

Stage 1 Week 1 Results: Day 1

Out of the four day, as that happened with the Call of Duty League Week 1 results, each day had its own set of matches. For the first two days of the week, they only had two matches on each of them, but the third and fourth days had three matches.

This led to a total of 10 matches that happened over the weekend. Each team, depending on the week for them, either competed in one or two matches. However, everyone will compete against their groups in one match against all five teams grouped with them. 

So, even if a team only did one match during Week 1, it will even itself out eventually. We had two matches that happened on Feb. 11. The first match to kick off the entire league was the match between Minnesota Rokkr and the Los Angeles Thieves. 

This was a match that I was excited for since these two teams are different from what they were in 2020. In the case of Rokkr, it is an entirely new team, while the Thieves are a new organization with mostly the same players as they had before. 

While I hoped this would be a chance for Rokkr to shine as one of the league’s top teams, that didn’t happen as they did give some effort, but the LA Thieves mostly dominated this match. LA won this one three rounds to only one for the Rokkr. 

The second match was the reigning champs’ first match of the official season with Dallas Empire up against Seattle Surge. Though Seattle has a possibly stronger team this season, they could not withstand Dallas’s strength and lost this one quickly three rounds to nothing in our first sweep of the season.

Stage 1 Week 1 Results: Day 2

Speaking of sweeps, that sort of not very fun, easy peasy match was what we came to see as well. The league certainly didn’t have an exciting start to it, as we could see in the two matches that happened on the second day of the first week in the first stage of the season. 

The third match of the week featured OpTic Chicago and Paris Legion’s first matches of the season against one another. This was one that I expected to see go in favor of OpTic Chicago. That was the case as the team easily won this one three rounds to nothing. 

The second and only other match on Friday was Los Angeles Guerrillas up against Atlanta FaZe. The Guerrillas were an impressive dark horse of a team who showed up and did well during the preseason warm-ups. Meanwhile, FaZe showed up and got destroyed by Florida in the same event. 

However, the opposite was true here as it was mostly Atlanta’s game here as they were able to win this one easily three rounds to nothing. This made for three sweeps in a row for the season opener, making for a pretty boring start to the league. But that all changed with the next two days. 

Day 3 Results

The third day was much larger than the past two ones as it featured three matches instead of just two. The first matchup was one of the closest games of the entire league thus far, with Los Angeles Guerrillas going up against Paris Legion. 

Both teams made some massive changes this season and have teams that look much more favorable than in the inaugural season. It was the closest match thus far as it went back and forth between these two teams, but the Los Angeles Guerrillas came through in the end to win the first three to two match of the season. 

The match between Toronto Ultra and Florida Mutineers followed. These two teams are interesting ones in similar places since last year, where they were able to do great things but then fell entirely by the end of the postseason. 

Florida was my guess for this match, though, after they showed up so strongly in the preseason, but they faltered here pretty badly, losing in the end to Toronto Ultra three rounds to one. Following that, the marquee match of the day featured LA Thieves vs. the New York Subliners.

The Subliners are a team that I root for, despite the overwhelming hardships they have faced this year. However, though the outcome was the same as I expected, New York did not show up as much as I thought they did. We had another surprising blowout as LA Thieves dominated this match, winning it three rounds to nothing and being the only team to win two matches at this point in the league (but they wouldn’t be the only one).

Day 4 Results

This led to the fourth and final day of the first weekend of the season. It was quite the doozy. While we only had one three to two match thus far and many of the other matches were blowouts, this day was filled with nothing but very close matches, so sorry for the spoilers. 

The first match of the final day was Seattle Surge vs. London Royal Ravens. The Royal Ravens made some unfortunate decisions for its roster for this year. I knew that Seattle would likely win this one. They did, but in a very close fight that ended three rounds to two. 

The most exciting and intense match of the entire weekend followed: Minnesota Rokkr vs. the Dallas Empire. Despite their loss against LA at first, I believed in Rokkr and still do, thinking that they could be the best team in the business if they figure out everything. 

The match started on a bad foot, though, for Minnesota as they were destroyed in Hardpoint. This was to the point where we questioned how bad they did. It turned out that there was a server issue. The match was restarted. It was much closer, but Dallas won the first round anyways. 

But then Search & Destroy followed. Minnesota showed up here with one of the strongest SND showings we’ve seen yet, winning six rounds to three in this mode. They then took a very close Control match after that, beating out the unbelievable reigning champs. 

From there, Dallas won again when it came to Hardpoint, where they are objective masters. So, it came down to a significant fifth round where it was SND again. Minnesota showed up once more, dominating SND and winning it and the match against the current world champions in a great upset.  

Then there was the weekend’s final match with another marquee match of rivals OpTic Chicago and Atlanta FaZe. This one went how I expected, unlike the previous match where I wanted Minnesota to win, but I betted that Dallas would win it three rounds to two. 

The first round of OpTic and Atlanta featured Hardpoint as always. It was a close one, but Chicago once again showed that it is one of the best for Hardpoint, winning it. But the Search & Destroy round that followed was hilariously bad as Atlanta destroyed Chicago six rounds to nothing in this mode. 

This was followed by Control, where Chicago won this one again in a close match, further cementing it as the objectives team to beat. Then it was Hardpoint, where many thought it might be over for Atlanta, especially as Chicago led this close match most of the time. But Atlanta came through and won in one of the closest Hardpoints we’ve seen to date, 250 points to 245. 

From there, it was confirmed that Atlanta would win the match as it came to SND again. Yet again, they dominated this one, winning it six rounds to only one for Chicago and securing the match as only the second team to be undefeated in two matches thus far. Chicago needs to figure out its problem with Search & Destroy. 

Current Leaderboard

With the conclusion of the Call of Duty League Week 1 results, we come to the overall leaderboard. Points matter this season as each match win gives a team 10 points. Getting a high number of points in a stage means that they will enjoy some solid benefits later on.

After the first weekend and 10 matches with some teams playing one match and others playing two, here is the current leaderboard from the first place team to the last place one along with their points:

  • Los Angeles Thieves: 20 points
  • Atlanta FaZe: 20 points
  • Toronto Ultra: 10 points
  • Dallas Empire: 10
  • OpTic Chicago: 10
  • Minnesota Rokkr: 10
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas: 10
  • Seattle Surge: 10
  • London Royal Ravens: 0 (only played one match)
  • Florida Mutineers: 0 (only played once)
  • New York Subliners: 0 (only played once)
  • Paris Legion: 0 (lost two matches)

While there are many ties, there are some notable positions like Paris being dead last due to losing not one but two matches, whereas the other three zero teams have only lost one. Then there is Atlanta and LA at the top with 20 points, with the Thieves in first due to only losing one game thus far, whereas Atlanta has lost two. It will be interesting to see this leaderboard again in a week when the next set of 10 matches have concluded, so stay tuned for that. 


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