Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken Map Guide & Tips

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 27th 2021

The Final Call of Duty Cold War Zombies map Forsaken is here and so is our guide, breaking the mold from previous round-based maps and coming out as soon as the next season launched. Now, players are going to be able to check out the map at the same time as all the new content. Speaking of content, the final map is filled with all manner of content from replayable side easter eggs and a brand new perk, players are going to have their hands full completing this new map. Although, the main quest for the map is already complete. The map is actually doesn’t tell the players how to complete the other parts of the steps, so finding out how to complete the Main quest is a little more confusing compared to the other maps in the game. Here’s a Heavily Detailed Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken Guide on how to complete the main quest for the newest map. 

Forsaken Main Quest Guide

The map is actually doesn’t tell the players how to complete the other parts of the steps, so finding out how to complete the Main quest is a little more confusing compared to the other maps in the game. Here’s a Heavily Detailed Forsaken Guide on how to complete the main quest for the newest map in the Call of Duty Cold War Zombies lineup. 

Step 1: Find Pack-a-Punch

For the first step in our Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken guide,There’s no power in this map, instead, the power is going to be on from the start of the map. When player’s spawn into the map, they’re going to be greeted with something different compared to other maps in the game. For Forsaken, Treyarch has decided to start this map off like Moon, with a No Man’s Land for the spawn area. 

While in this section of the map, the game’s going to start speeding through rounds on a timer, making it more difficult for players to keep up with their arsenal. For those who have their melee weapons class upgraded to at least Tier 3, they’re going to be able to use the bowie knife during this mode. This is going to give them the ability to melee kill zombies in one hit until round 13. 

It’s recommended that players stick around in No Man’s Land, otherwise known as The Staging Aera until round 8.

Players can do this beforehand, but activating the teleporter to go into the map before round 8 is recommended, as the teleporter won’t let players enter the game world until they’ve survived the boot-up sequence. The sequence lasts around 20 seconds. Once it’s complete they’ll be able to enter the full map. 

Once inside the first perk available is Juggernog, picking up Death Perception in spawn is also a good option seeing that one of the tiers for the perk allows players to gain more salvage, which is useful for high rounds and making more tactical grenades and special weapons. The first location is Main Street. Inside of Main Street players will be able to pick up Stamin-Up from the restaurant Beach Pizza on the left side of the map coming in from Checkpoint. Be sure to grab these, players will have enough essence to pick up the perks if they stayed from round 8. Proceed directly to the teleporter, and enter Anytown USA.

Once inside Anytown, the bridge leading to the rooftops from the right of the teleporter has Speed Cola, Pick that up as well to have 4 of the most important perks for this run. Player’s can then move to the end of the map behind Bugertown, where they’ll be instructed to repair a teleporter. There are 4 items players will need to pick up, and the locations will be marked. However, I’ll list them here. 

  • Find the Deep Fryer Cage in Burgertown
  • Locate the Projector Lamp in The Cinema
  • Acquire the Circuit Board either inside or in the alleyway of The Arcade
  • Lastly, Pick up the CRT Monitor inside of the TV Store

Take all of these items back to the broken teleporter, and repair it to unlock the way to the Bunker. Once inside the bunker, players will have to find the next teleporter, which will lift the lockdown, and open up the Pack-a-Punch as well as make the Main Quest for the map accessible. 

The Teleporter is in The Amplifier, It’s hard to miss it. Once approaching the amplifier, a new enemy called the Abomination is going to appear, players are going to have to fight this enemy if they wish to make it to the Observation Tower, where Pack-A-Punch is. Killing the enemy works similarly to the way that the Margwa works, so players are going to have to shoot it in whichever head is glowing for maximum damage. Once the abomination is taken care of, players can move into the Observation tower.

Once inside, it’s imperative that players don’t stay too long. Since the tower is unable to be attacked by Zombies, Treyarch has decided to make the tower filled with radioactive Atherium. This means that spending too much time inside of the tower will start doing damage to the player and can possibly lead to them going down. The tower also lets players go to all previous locations from the tower, whether it’s a zipline to Anytown or Main Street, or taking the teleporters to the Staging Area of the Bunker. Lifting the lockdown on the map is as simple as pushing the big red button inside of the observation tower. Once the lockdown is lifted, players will be able to make their way around some of the newly opened parts of the map. This includes the Wonderfizz machine that’s inside of the Hallway, leading into the board room of the Bunker. 

However, to start the game’s main quest, there’s a button in the tower next to the shuttered window on the map. The button doesn’t have a prompt to use it, but this is the button required to properly start the easter egg. Pressing the button will play a cutscene in which Omega unleashes the forsaken onto the facility, however, while the forsaken is about to leave Samantha Maxis shows up and starts fighting the forsaken, helping Requiem hold him back. The shutters on the door will then close, and the players will then see that the world has changed, with some locations becoming infected with the essence of the Dark Aether. Now, they’re going to have to work together to defeat the enemy before the Forsaken takes over the world. 

Step 2: Building the Wonder Weapon & Breaking the Crystals

With the world changed, there are going to be three massive crystals in The Staging Area, Main Street, and The Amplifier. Breaking these is imperative to continuing the Main Quest. However, before players can break the crystals, they’ll have to build the wonder weapon first.

Like all of the other zombies maps, it’s possible that players can get the wonder weapon earlier by completing legendary challenges, however, for those who want one for free, they’re going to have to put some work into it. 

To build the new wonder weapon, affectionately named, the Crysallax. Players are going to have to acquire three crystals to complete the weapon. The first one comes from a large Crystal sitting in Jim’s Donuts on Main Street. Player’s will have to stand by it, and complete a short holdout mission, killing all the zombies and special enemies until the crystal’s force field disappears, allowing players to pick up the item. The next Crystal can be found by having an abomination use their long-range attack on one of the Dark Aether Crystals found after the change in the world. Breaking the crystal will allow the players to pick up the second crystal. The third crystal can be found by killing tempests, as it is a chance drop, and won’t show up all the time. Once all the crystals are found, players will have to go to The Amplifier and place the crystal in a pool of liquid behind the cylinder to the right of the portal. 

The pool is a soul box, and won’t fill with souls unless they’re melee kills. This can be done quickly during an instakill, or with another melee weapon. Once enough souls have been filled, the Wonder Weapon will reveal itself, allowing players to pick it up and use it during the game. 

The Wonder Weapon, the Crysallax, has two modes, one Is the Ax, and the other is an automatic weapon. Player’s who have their Melee Leveled to Tier V are going to notice that with the Ax’s High swing rate, and the fact that melee killing heals, they’ll be able to use this weapon as their primary. When Pack-A-Punched to level 3, it becomes extremely powerful and can last many rounds. 

Moving onto the Crystals, Three massive Dark Aetherium Crystals will spawn around the map. There’s one in The Staging Area, one in Main Street, and one in The Amplifier. Player’s will also notice that around the crystals, there are 3 orbs floating around them. Players aren’t going to be able to break the crystals without breaking the orbs first. Shooting them with normal weapons works, but it’s much faster to use the gun Configuration on the Crysallax to take out the orbs. Once one breaks the others will start moving faster. However, once the player starts attacking the crystal, they’re going to be surrounded by a large number of enemies. This includes not only the zombies, but Mimics, and Manglers as well. Once all three of the orbs are broken, hitting the crystal with the Crysallax is the only way to destroy the crystal. Once that’s complete the Crystal will leave a single shard for players to pick up, which goes inside of the tactical slot, much like the Essence traps of the previous maps. 

Completing all three crystals is required to move on to the next step of the Main Quest.

Step 3: Obtaining, and Filling the Fuel Tank

To get to the final boss, and Samantha, players are going to have to build an atherium neutralizer. To do this, they need three parts to complete it. The Fuel Tank, the Monitor, and the Housing for the Engine. These steps can be done in any order. However, we’re going to be focusing on the fuel tank first, since they’re related to the previous step. The first thing players are going to have to do is go to the area on the map named Fuel Processing. When arrived there, there will be four fuel tanks. Walking up to the panel on the fuel tank, there will be an option to begin a sequence. Playing this solo, interacting with it will start a lockdown. However, if there’s more than one player, then every player on the team is going to have to interact with the tanks to start the lockdown sequence. If they’re not pressed at the same time, then the tanks will be put into cooldown, and the player will have to wait before attempting to start the sequence again. 

Once the sequence begins, Mimics, Manglers, Disciples, and Zombies will invade the area. Players will then have to fight until the lockdown is over. Once the lockdown is complete the first part of the Atherium Neutralizer will spawn in the middle of the lockdown area. Picking it up adds it to the inventory, but players will now have to fill the canister with fuel before continuing. 

Doing this involves the crystals from the beginning and the Abominations that sometimes spawn in. Using the shards dropped from the Crystals players will have to find an Abomination, and throw the Crystal into one of their 3 mouths. 

It’s easier to launch the Crystal into the mouth if players aim just a little bit lower than the mouth, considering all throwables aside from the tomahawk follow an arc in the game. Players will know if they do it right if the Abomination stops to eat the crystal and the zombie torso on its tail starts glowing. Killing the Abomination will drop a red crystal, which when picked up will add fuel to the tank. After this is complete the throwable will stop spawning from the crystal. 

Perform this same sequence on the other crystals around the map, and the tank should be filled. Now, it’s time to find the rest of the parts to complete the neutralizer. 

Step 4: Finding the Housing, and the Monitor

The next step is pretty straightforward when it comes to finding the other pieces of the neutralizer, and actually take some pages from previous maps in the game. 

Finding the housing for the neutralizer is inside of the bunker. Entering the bunker from the portal at Fuel Processing, and taking the door to the left that was closed during the lockdown. Player’s will find the Boardroom and the Wunderfizz. Inside of the Boardroom, there’s a satellite hanging on the ceiling just to the right of the door players will come in from.

The housing is inside the satellite, but there’s only one way to get it down. Wait for an abomination to spawn, and then let it charge at you. This attack is done most commonly after its electric laser attack. Bait the Abomination to charge into the wall, and if it hits the wall, it should drop the satellite. Pick up the Satellite, and move on to the next piece of the neutralizer. 

The next part of the Neutralizer is the Monitor. There’s a TV Store in Anytown, however, there’s no monitor to pick up, instead there’s a half-open vent behind the register. Now, the fact that the RCXD has been added to the game, it’s possible that players can open it with the RCXD. However, just picking one up and using it isn’t going to do the job. Instead, another RCXD is needed. This one is inside of the arcade. 

Going into the arcade, there are machines that players can play. But that’s not what players should be focused on. Instead, they should look to the lone Grand Prix machine directly across from the Der Eisendrache Pinball Machine on the right side of the arcade. The only issue is that the machine isn’t on. However, the way to activate the machine is actually very similar to Opening the hotel door in Mauer Der Toten. By equipping a gun with Dead Wire. Shooting a zombie next to the arcade machine will cause the Zombie to turn on the machine through the electricity coursing through its undead body. Instead of the machine costing one Arcade token, it actually costs 2000 Points to use. The RCXD will also emit red pulses instead of purple. Players will then have to drive the RCXD through the map to the TV Store and use one of the pulses it emits to knock over the vent. Then driving up to the wall at the end of the newly opened area, detonating the RCXD will reveal the final part of the Neutralizer. There’s also a slight chance that the RCXD will fall under the map. This happened to me while I was playing, but attempting to drive it again seemed to make it work fine the second time around. 

Now, all that remains is to finish building the machine. 

Step 5: Building the Machine, and Escorting It

This is the Penultimate step to the Main Quest. Take the parts to Main Street, there’s a specific workbench that players are going to be able to interact with to build the machine. Once the machine is built, it will start warming up. While it’s warming up, Kravchenko and Peck will start arguing with one another and looking up to the observation tower, players will see the two characters seemingly meet their demise due to an explosion. Now that they’re out of the way, the machine will finish warming up and will prompt players to escort the machine. However. Once the escort mission is activated, there is no going back, and players will be thrown into the boss fight. Make sure all players are ready, or at least, have enough money to purchase perks or upgrades before continuing. 

Once the machine is activated, it will open up a path behind the Neutralizer’s workbench, and players will be able to escort the machine. While it’s moving, the neutralizer is going to start depleting in fuel. This will make the safe zone smaller, and slow the pace of the machine until it comes to a complete stop. Players can prevent this from happening by finding red Atherium crystals in the environment. These crystals will drop the same fuel that was acquired from the Abominations. Players can then deposit the fuel into the machine, and continue on its escort mission. Once the Machine makes it to the door, it will stop, leaving enough of a safe zone for players to walk around in. This will also cause the Pack-A-Punch, Armory, Crafting Table, and WunderFizz to spawn in as well. Player’s will be able to use these to make their final adjustments before stepping into the boss battle. However, I do recommend no changing attachments while in this part of the map, for some reason, doing this will cause the weapon the player is holding to lose its Pack-A-Punch level. It also apparently made my character completely invisible to the teammate I was playing with. It’s also highly recommended that everyone makes a Death Machine to use during the battle. If players have a Tier IV Death Perception Perk Equipped throughout the duration of the game, they’ll have enough salvage to make one. 

Once all Players are geared up, interacting with the door will open up the final boss arena, and allow the players to fight the final boss, the Forsaken. 

Step 6: Fighting the Foresaken

Teaming up with Samantha, players will be taking on the mastermind of the Dark Aether, and the one controlling the hordes of the undead. 

There are 2 Massive Turrets on the map, and they’ll be powered up by feeding zombie souls to Sam, this can be done by killing them in the circle underneath her. Once this is complete she’ll charge up to one of the turrets that can be used by the players to fire at the forsaken.

However, it should be mentioned that players should shoot the crystals on the Forsaken to open the weak points to shoot with the turrets. There are four of them, but once the battle is started, only the shoulders are going to be accessible. 

Use normal weapons, or the minigun to remove the crystals before shooting the weak point with the turrets. The Crysallax’s gun mode works better than any bullet weapons, but the Minigun works the best, and it doesn’t use the entirety of the Minigun. 

Once the weak spot is open, one player can jump on the turret and unload into the forsaken, whittling down its health.

The forsaken has some of their own attacks as well, such as their Freezing winds, and shockwave attacks. These can be avoided by standing behind the turret platform. Or hiding behind the massive cube in the middle of the arena. Once the forsaken has been shot once with a turret, they’ll use a massive area of effect attack that players will have to avoid, while also spawning some Kransy Soldats. 

Perform the same steps three more times, and the boss battle will be complete. However, In a last-ditch effort, the Forsaken will attempt to open up Outbreak Zones around the entire world, and the players will all go down. While it may look like the battle is lost to anyone not reading this Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken guide, the start of the cutscene will signify that the Main quest has been completed. Spoilers Ahead for the End Cutscene

Players will then see Samantha sacrifice herself, by flying into the forsaken, and trapping it inside of the giant cube in the arena. The players will then get up, and they’ll be rewarded with a new calling card, as well as some Atherium Crystals. 

After the forsaken has been captured, another cutscene will play, With the outbreak zones being removed from the world Sam’s sacrifice saved Earth. However, the mysterious director of requiem will call for the arrest and dispersement of the strike team. Player’s will watch as Weaver, Carver, Grey, and Strauss, are all arrested by the military police. This is then followed by the players and Raptor 1 being held up at gunpoint by army soldiers as they return home. Then, players will finally learn the identity of the director. The game then reveals that the director of Requiem is none other than Edward Richtofen, who leaves his office after giving the order. 

The game then tells players that the story will continue on, and that Requiem isn’t over yet, even though they’ve been arrested. With that concludes the main quest and main guide for Call of Duty Cold War Zombies final map, Forsaken. 

Side Easter Eggs in Forsaken

However, there’s still a few more side Easter Eggs to be found in the map that reaps more rewards than previous maps, so I believe their inclusion in this Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken guide will be helpful for players who want a leg up in the Main quest. 

Side Easter Egg 1: Delivering Pizza for Ronald Raygun

For our first Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken guide easter egg, players who find themselves in the area of the map Main Street should turn their attention to the building labeled Beach Pizza. Looking through the door in the back of the restaurant players can see a zombie dressed in punk clothing behind a door. He’s not hostile and is in fact an inside joke found in Outbreak. The Zombie’s name is Ronald Raygun, and he has a job for players who know how to get inside of the room. 

The only way inside is by using Aether Shroud, which has been upgraded to Tier 3. With this ability, players are able to teleport forward a short distance, this will allow them to not only bypass, but open the door to the backroom of the pizzeria. They can then pick up 4 Pizzas that are sitting next to Ronald Raygun. Picking a pizza up will start a timer, and they’ll have to run to one of 4 locations in Anytown to deliver the Pizza. 

The four locations are: On the Bench in The Cinema, In a Booth at the Bar, In the Corner of the Video Store, and In a Booth in Burger Town. After completing all four of the deliveries, returning to the backroom, players can request payment from Ronald Raygun, who has a chance to drop a ray gun for players to use.

Side Easter Egg 2: Anytown Grand Prix

While there’s no way to drive around the car during the main quest, as it’s on a timer, there is another way that players are able to race on another during the game using the RCXD. On the second floor of The Bar, there’s a stark white arcade machine underneath a tarp. It’s turned off, much like the Grand Prix machine used in the main easter egg. However, there’s a way to turn it on. 

Picking up the next perk of the map PhD. Slider, players can lure a zombie next to the machine using a Decoy grenade, and slide into the zombie killing it with PhD. Slider. Doing so will turn on the Machine. Now, to activate the machine, players will have to use an arcade token that they can find either as a drop from one of the zombies or by purchasing one from the arcade for 10,000 points. 

Interacting with the machine will put the player in a 3 lap race around Anytown, and completing the race in the shortest amount of time will net the player one of many rewards, from Legendary to Epic, to Rare, to Common. Players can also play with their other friends If they too possess a token, allowing more than one player to compete in the race. 

Side Easter Egg 3: Bubby’s Dance Party

In the previous Call of Duty, Advanced Warfare, the zombies mode also included a Burger Town Location for players to interact with. One of the features of the map was recruiting the Burger Town Mascot, Bubby to the player’s side, making him a robot with a metallic bone to pick with the infected. 

This side easter egg won’t have players fighting alongside the Mechanical character, but it does include him. To activate this easter egg, players are going to need PhD. Slider upgraded to Tier V. This allows the player to send out a devastating explosion which is going to happen when they fall from a high height. 

After acquiring the perk, the player is then going to have to find two spots on the map to drop onto, making an explosion. The first one is outside of the Tv Store, across the street from Burger Town. Player’s will know what spot to aim for if they see the remnants of an explosion on the ground. The second one is in Anytown West to the left of the Arcade, against the wall. The player doesn’t have to land directly on them, as long as the explosion reaches the spot. There are multiple things that can launch from the spots, from powerups to monkey bombs. However, the item that players are looking for, is the Aether Bunny. 

Picking up the stuffed animal is crucial to making the easter egg work. Once the bunny is acquired, bring the bunny to Bubby at Burger Town. Once there, players will be able to interact with the back of Bubby and open a hatch. Once the hatch is open, players can insert the bunny into his back. This will start a Lockdown, but there’s a catch to this lockdown. Players will be deprived of Health regeneration. It’s highly recommended that Juggernog is already a part of your arsenal before starting this lockdown. Bubby will also spawn in Cheeseburgers, which can be eaten for health. It will replenish up to 250  health, which is the max amount with Juggernog. 

Once the lockdown is complete, players will be given a chest, which contains a free perk, some salvage, weapons, and the Map’s easter egg song, Samantha’s Ballad. 

Side Easter Egg 4: Slacking off In the Arcade

Lastly for our Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken guide; while players can play the Grand Prix in the Bar, or use the Grand Prix Cabinet for the main quest, there are 3 other cabinets with their own little minigames that can help players gain the upper hand during a match. While they’re not really easter eggs, they are small additions and nods to other titles, and also provide minigames that players can enjoy. 

Aside from the aforementioned cabinets, there are 3 other minigames players can try out solo. However, there’s a prerequisite before players can take a load off. All games cost one Arcade token. These tokens can be found either from zombies or from the token machine, which costs 10,000 points. 

The first game is a Light Gun Version of Call of Duty World at War. While it’s not actually a light gun game, interacting with the machine will put player’s in the starting room of Nacht der Untoten, with only an M1911. This isn’t the Die Maschine version of the starting room either, as it’s a faithful replica of the map that started it all. Player’s will have a time limit to make it as far as possible, and killing all the zombies as quickly as they can award the player with more weapons, and more salvage in return. Once their time runs out, they’ll be brought back to the map with the salvage, and if they have a weaker weapon than the one they used in the minigame, they’ll be gifted the weapon they were using in Nacht. 

The second game is a Pinball version of Black Ops 3’s Der Eisendrache. However, it’s not pinball. Instead, players will be teleported to the top of the map, on the roof of the facility, where they’ll be presented with a Dragon Rocket from outbreak. The goal is simple, fill the rocket with Zombie essence within the time limit. Depending on how well players do, they’ll be gifted a chest from Outbreak, it could be a golden chest, or it could be a normal chest. The contents of the chest vary, but there’s a possibility that players can get the Crysallax from the chest if they managed to fill the rocket to capacity. 

The Final Game is Enduro. This game will put players inside of an RCXD on the other side of a barrier. Players will then be able to drive the car around, and pick up canisters of the essence, and bonus points. However, there’s a bounty of bonus points at the top of some scaffolding, and the only way to get to them is by driving the car and performing some particular platforming. 

Players are also on a time limit, so completing this will be tricky, but rewarding. 

And that covers everything players need to know about the Call of Duty Cold War Forsaken in our guide, from how to complete the main quest for the map, to completing the game’s many side quests. With the map only being out for a few days at the time of writing, it’s incredible how quickly the map was finished. Now, players will have to wait another month before the next Call of Duty launches, alongside new Zombies content for the foreseeable future. 


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