Call of Duty Blackout Perks – Analysis

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 30th 2018

Blackout is similar to other battle royale games, with one major addition key to the Call of Duty franchise: perks. Blackout perks give you the boost you need to make it to the finish line.

There are 14 perks in Blackout. Perks aren’t pre-selected; rather they act like equipment. That means you’ll find them randomly scattered across the map. You’ll know you’ve found one if you see a green briefcase lying on the ground.

Interacting with a perk box puts it in your inventory. Blackout Perks are temporary buffs, so you need to activate them at the right time to get the most use out of them. The minimum perk duration is two minutes; the maximum is five minutes.

Players can have up to six active perks at a time. However, perks don’t stack in your inventory and each takes up a slot until the perk is discarded or its time has expired. You’ll need to strategize before activating a perk and think about what compliments your playstyle. It’s all about survival.

Blackout Perks

Listed below are the 14 perks found in Blackout. Each perk offers a different buff to give you a competitive edge.

Awareness (Duration: 2 minutes | Uses: 2) – Remember when people raved about Turtle Beach headphones in MW2? Awareness is like that in perk form. The awareness perk makes enemy footsteps louder. This will help you determine if an enemy is walking into your ambush or sneaking up behind you.

Brawler (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses: 1) – Zombies have hogged the spotlight long enough! This perk turns your knife into a vampire, and it’s one of the most useful perks at the beginning of the game. The brawler perk increases melee damage and awards 50HP for each successful melee attack. While this perk is very useful early on, it quickly loses its effectiveness in the mid-late game.

Consumer (Duration: 5 minutes | Uses: 1) – A handy perk, if used properly. The consumer perk decreases the use time for health items and other consumables by 50%. Basically, it turns you into a Bethesda RPG character. A great option when you’re wounded and need a breather.

Dead Silence (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses: 1) – The best Blackout perk, by far. Noise plays a huge factor in the battle royale game mode. This perk allows you to move quietly and make less noise when opening a stash. It’s the perfect perk for sneaking up on a sniper with tunnel vision.

Engineer (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses: 2) – The engineer perk is ok. It reveals nearby vehicles and equipment. The perk becomes obsolete after the early game because you’re likely to hear a vehicle before seeing it.

Iron Lung (Duration: 5 minutes | Uses: 2) – Call of Duty fans already know what this is, is since it has been a perk in previous games. Iron lung increases steady time when aiming with sniper and tactical rifles. It also increases maximum time underwater.

Looter (Duration: 2 minutes | Uses: 3) – Looter is an excellent early-game perk. It highlights nearby items and lootable stashes. It’s like Engineer, but for guns. This one quickly loses its effectiveness, so make sure you pop it off in a popular area.

Medic (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses: 2) – The medic perk helps players revive and heal faster. Medic also increases health when using bandages and other healing items. The perk is most valuable to duos and squads as it gives revived allied more health.

Mobility (Duration: 5 minutes | Uses: 2) – There’s a lot going on here. This perk is similar to the sleight-of-hand perk in previous Call of Duty games. Mobility allows for faster weapon swaps and movements. Players take no fall damage while this perk is active. Additionally, you can fire weapons and use equipment while sprinting and move faster when reloading.

Outlander (Duration: 3 minutes | Uses: 2) – Outlander has its moments, but it’s still competing for precious inventory space. This perk causes you to take less damage and move faster in the circle collapse.

Paranoia (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses: 2) – Your very own spidey sense. The paranoia perk makes an audible alert when an enemy targets you. Paranoia is a good perk, but if you’re already in the crosshairs, it might be too late.

Reinforced (Duration: 4 minutes | Uses 2) – Reinforced is like the Flak Jacket perk in the previous Call of Duty games. While active, you take less damage from fire and explosives. It also improves your resistance to flashbangs, razor wire, and concussions.

Skulker (Duration: 3 minutes | Uses: 3) – Skulker is a great perk when combined with mobility. It allows you to move faster while prone or crouched. Skulker is ideal for a run-and-gun type player.

Squad Link (Duration: 2 minutes | Uses: 2) – This perk allows you to see teammates through walls. As the name suggests, squad link is only useful when playing with a squad. I don’t know why this perk exists. Building layouts aren’t complicated, and if you get lost, you can just use voice chat.


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