Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List 2020

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 28th 2020

Treyarch released the very first season of content for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War recently. With it came a few new weapons and interesting changes to the existing arsenal to switch things up considerably from where the balance of the game was at launch, affecting our Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020 in the process.

Black Ops Weapons Have Gone Through Many Changes

The Black Ops Cold War weapons that are in the game at launch and even the ones that were added with the first season of content have changed up weapon tier lists already. Though there are only a few new additions at this time, they are each worthy of being unlocked in the game. 

There is the new SMG Mac-10 that is here now for players to unlock in season 1 as well as the release of the new assault rifle known as the Groza and even a new shotgun that is still on the way at the time of writing this. There is a lot that is here and even more on the way. 

But as we near the end of 2020 and the beginning of the new year, here is everything that you need to know about our Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020. Besides just the new weapons that have been released for the game, there are some major changes that have happened for existing ones, too.

The MP5, for instance, ruled the metagame for the first several weeks that the game was out and it still is a major part of it today. But there have been changes to affect it and make sure that it is more in line with the other guns in its class. 

Similar changes have happened for other weapons and classes in the game, making sure that the game is balanced and ready for any player to really pick up whatever gun they prefer and be good with it. To help you decide, though, we have our Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020. 

Black Ops Cold War Weapon Tier List 2020

After all, let’s face it: there are so many weapons in Cold War even at launch and especially with the release of season 1. While the classes do seem a little trimmed down compared to other first-person shooters, there is still enough there to make it complex for some players. 

That is where we come in with our Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020. We are going to let you know about the best weapons that are available in the respective classes in the game. This is here to let you know which weapons will work best most of the time to help you find one that works for you.

But here is the thing that you should keep in mind: these are our personal recommendations after dozens upon dozens of hours of game time for both the launch and the first season of content this year. This has allowed us to see what is popular and effective in combat. 

Keep in mind, though, that what works for one player may not necessarily work for you. For the most part, we have seen cases where players are actually able to be powerful and amazing with a weapon that no one else uses because of the attachments and skill they have with that weapon. 

So, be sure to take our Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020 as a recommendation but not necessarily as meaning that your personal favorite weapon won’t work if you don’t see it at the top. For this list, we are going to rank the weapons from the very best to the least best in the group. 

For some of the bigger categories, like the assault rifles and SMGs, we are going to just only bring up the very best three or four guns that are in that particular category and leave out the ones that we don’t think are worth talking about at this time. 

Assault Rifles Tier List 2020

First off, we have the assault rifle line of guns that are here in Black Ops Cold War. Unlike Modern Warfare 2019, Treyarch made it so that the assault rifles are much more viable again in combat and we highly expect to see them more prevalent than ever before in the competitive scene.

The assault rifles is tied for the largest category of guns in the game and for good reason. These are your fan favorite weapons that many players will be using, especially in the larger game modes like Combined Arms and Fireteam: Dirty Bomb that are here. 

XM4: Above all else, I still believe that the XM4 is the best assault rifle in the game at this point in time. It is the very first one that you have already unlocked in your custom class loadout and it is one that you don’t really need to go away from as it is versatile, flexible, accurate, and powerful. 

Krig 6: After the XM4, there is the Krig 6. While the XM4 is a pretty flexible weapon on its own, the Krig 6 takes it even further and is the most flexible gun in the entire class. If you want it to work better at longer ranges, you can make that happen or even trick it out to be a strong mid-range contender. 

Groza: The latest weapon to join this category is the Groza, which happens to be a pretty solid and interesting assault rifle. While I wouldn’t consider it the best in class, it is a worthy addition that is your typical assault rifle: fast, decently powerful, and has a darn good handling to it. 

FFAR 1: Once a weapon that I didn’t like too much, I have come to appreciate the FFAR 1. Even now, I do think that it is a weird weapon in the game but one that is niche and works for some players. With the right attachments, I have seen this weapon tear players apart in matches and be the best around but it will take some skill and time spent with it. 

SMG Tier List

The large size of the assault rifles category is matched only by the submachine guns. When you want something more powerful in close-range for the smaller maps and corridors in places like Raid and Moscow, the SMG is something that you will want to consider. Here are the best weapons in this class. 

MP5: Even with all of the changes that have happened over the last month and a half or so, I still think that the MP5 is the best weapon in its class but only by a very thin margin. It is the SMG of SMGs: devastating at close-range, fast, and having decent handling.

MAC-10: But while the MP5 is one of the best, the new Mac-10 SMG is easily tied with it in my opinion. This is a beast at close-range that is unmatched. It will tear opponents apart in fights and seems to be the main weapon that can match the MP5 and truly compete against it on an even level. 

AK-74u: The AK-74u tells you in its name what it is and that is that it is an SMG that is very similar to how assault rifles work. As such, you are going to have stats with this one that are reflective of that. Good range, damage, and more give it a nice in-between spot for SMG and assault rifle fans. 

Milano 821: The Milano 821 is similar to the AK-74u in that they go for something different in the SMG class. For this one, though, it is more all about the handling and damage that you have with this weapon. You trade those off, though, for the fire rate, making it a powerful but much slower SMG all around. 

Sniper Rifle Tier List

The sniper rifles are viable once more in Cold War and, while many would like to see them buffed still, I do think they are in a good place at this time that is balanced well. There are still only three rifle options and I think they aren’t the best around in the Call of Duty franchise, leaving only two real options here. 

Pelington 703: The Pelington 703 is the most standard sniper rifle that you will find in Black Ops Cold War. It is accurate and destructive, making for those classic one-shot kills that you know and love. It is the number one choice for this class with little competition at all from the others. 

LW3 – Tundra: While I’m going to completely ignore the third sniper rifle in this category, the LW3 – Tundra is worthy of your attention if you don’t like the Pelington. It falls short of the stats that the previous rifle has but you can definitely do quite well with it, especially by tricking it out in the Gunsmith.

Shotgun Tier List

At the time of writing this Black Ops Cold War weapon tier list 2020, there are only two shotguns in the game currently. That is set to change in the near future with a third option and I have a good feeling about it, but for now, these are the options that you have in this category. 

Gallo SA12: The two shotguns available are very different from one another and there is a clear winner between the two. The Gallo SA12 is the semi-automatic one where you can keep firing from round to round without having to pump it every single time. It is faster, more welcoming to all players, and strong enough to get the job done in close-range. 

Hauer 77: The other option is the Hauer 77, which I do think falls short of the Gallo due to its pump shotgun nature that is less welcoming to everyone. With skill, you can beat someone with the other weapon but, otherwise, you are better off sticking with the easy-to-handle Gallo. 

Tactical Rifle Tier List

The tactical rifles are an interesting weapon category in the game. Never really that popular, they are decently strong in Black Ops Cold War to the point where you could certainly run around with one. They are a hybrid between assault rifles and snipers, blending the two together in interesting ways. 

M16: The M16 has shot through the ranks of the weapons in Black Ops Cold War to literally become one of the best guns around, especially in Warzone. Unlike other guns that have gotten worse or more balanced over time, the M16 has only improved. Taking cues from the assault rifles side, this burst gun is a strong and accurate weapon worth checking out. 

DMR 14: The DMR 14 is the other main weapon in this category that I recommend to players, especially if you like the more sniper side of things. It embraces the standard DMR-style, having speed and powerful shots that will take out enemies in quick succession. 

AUG: The AUG is another weapon that is a burst rifle but it is even more flexible and balanced between a sniper and assault rifle than the M16 is, which is a good and bad thing. However, I have seen some amazingly skilled players pick attachments that make this weapon unbelievable and the best in matches against them. 

Type 63: The first tactical rifle that you will get in this category is the Type 63 and it is one that is best left once you unlock one of the other ones. Sure, it is a decent sniper rifle-lite but the other weapons outclass it easily. With some messing around in the Gunsmith, you could make it work but I only recommend that for the most diehard Type 63 fans. 

The light machine gun category is there for those players who like massive guns that are fast and pack a punch. There are only three options available at this time and only two of them are really worth actually using, as the third one is pretty disappointing. 

Stoner 63: The Stoner 63 is yet another weapon that you unlock first for the class by default and is one that you don’t really need to ever switch from in the LMG category. It is the LMG you think of: huge magazine, good firing rate, and accuracy that makes it a mid-range killer. 

RPD: Meanwhile, there is the RPD that is a solid choice for players who like this style more. It is just behind the Stoner in my opinion but definitely recommended for fans of it. It has damage and speed that the Stoner 63 lacks, but this does come at the cost of accuracy. You can definitely fix that in the Gunsmith, though, making it a worthy gun. 

M60: And last but not least, there is the M60. In all honesty, if you are looking for an LMG, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It’s slower than the others to the point of being an odd choice and, sure, it can be made better in the Gunsmith but it takes time to get to that point. I think you’re better off with one of the other two. 

Pistol Tier List

The final category is the pistol list. There are only three at this time and they are all radically different options. It really comes down to which style works for you, but if we’re being honest, you might be better off picking a perk or shotgun that lets you use something else, instead. 

Diamatti: The Diamatti is the best weapon in the pistol class and one that we have seen players do some impressive stuff with. It is a burst-style one that is faster than its counterparts and strong enough to work as a solid secondary weapon in your loadout. 

1911: The 1911 is the initial pistol that you have and is the most standard semi-automatic handgun that you will find, all things included. It is alright and good enough if you are good with headshots, but still one that we would recommend another weapon, instead, at this point. 

Magnum: For those players who like the more revolver-like style, the Magnum may be for you. It is unbelievably powerful and capable of decimating enemies as a secondary weapon but it is not for everyone. It takes some time and skill to be good with this, and even then I would still recommend something else, making it only viable for a very small section of players. 


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