Blissey Pokemon Unite Builds: How to Play Blissey

by in General | Aug, 30th 2021

Blissey is here in Pokemon Unite as the latest Pokemon in the MOBA title and the newest supporter to join the ranks. The Blissey Pokemon Unite is a welcome one as it adds what we consider to be the best supporter in the entire time. 

Blissey Pokemon Unite Released

The Blissey Pokemon Unite is an important one for how powerful the Generation II, loved by Nurse Joy Pokemon it is, and for the fact that it is the only Generation II-exclusive playable character date. It finally fills the missing link that was in the game’s roster at launch. 

Every other one in the series had at least one Pokemon representing, if not more than that, except for the Gold, Silver, and Crystal games. This was a huge problem, especially for a generation considered by many to be the best in the series, but that is now being rectified here. 

With the Blissey Pokemon Unite release, this is one playable character that we highly recommend that players consider choosing, especially if you are a fan of the defender and supporter classes. She is among the best in these roles, and I would argue that she is the best of them all. 

Blissey will be a highly recommended Pokemon moving forward, essentially as a permanent choice for any team that wants to do well and be balanced, so you must understand how it works. This goes for those who want to play like it and those who do not. 

It is key to know how Blissey works even if you do not intend to use it in the game yourself. This is because it is important to know what Pokemon pairs best with it and what you can do to utilize the strongest abilities that this Pokemon offers.

That is why we will break down the best Blissey Pokemon Unite builds that we can think of at the launch of this new Pokemon. Keep in mind that nerfs and balancing changes could come in the future, so this is mainly meant for the launch version of Blissey. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Blissey to its moveset explained and more. 

Blissey’s Role Explained

To start, we must go over the Blissey Pokemon Unite role in the game. It is a supporter class, meaning that it has the role used mainly for the healer, buffer, and sometimes pseudo-tanking Pokemon in the game. Notable Pokemon that also have this role are Wigglytuff and Eldegoss.

When the game launched, I noted in our Pokemon Unite tier list that Eldegoss was the best supporter in the game and, by a long shot, making it a must-have for parties that want to do well. However, Blissey is here and has changed that, surpassing even Eldegoss in the process, in my opinion. 

What Blissey mainly excels at is healing teammates and giving buffs. Depending on the abilities that you pick for it, you will be doing a mix of those or focusing mainly on one area. At the same time, though, what makes Blissey so amazing is the flexibility of this character. 

Not only can you aim for a more healer-centric role in the game, but you can be a buff master or even be pretty solid at dealing damage and almost be like pseudo-speedster support. And this is all before including the fact that the Pokemon has a solid amount of health, making for a possible damage sponge like other supporters.

With all of this in mind, it comes down to the abilities you choose to have in the match that will determine what sorts of roles that you play. Like the other Pokemon on the roster, there are two main abilities you use. Each of them has two options for you to choose from. 

When it comes to the first base ability known as Heal Pulse, it is a simple recovery move that will heal you and your ally for a short time. It can be morphed into Soft-Boiled, an amped healing move that restores both you and a partner, but it can have reserves that charge over time that you can use multiple of in a row. 

The other option is Safeguard, a buff ability that cancels out status effects for a partner or yourself and later upgrades can give a shield. The other main ability is Pound, which is more of an offensive attack. It can upgrade into Egg Bomb, which is another offensive attack. 

Egg Bomb has a solid area of effect that will deal decent damage and throw the enemy. Later upgrades can even slow enemies down briefly. The other option is Helping Hand, a buff that grants the user and its nearby allies a boost to movement and attack speeds. Here’s how to use these abilities well and which ones to use to play Blissey. 

How to Play Blissey Pokemon Unite

When it comes to playing Blissey, the gist is that you are a partner supporter to a Pokemon on your team. You should not be playing alone, though Blissey is one of the better supporters at doing this when necessary. The only time you should play alone is defending for a brief moment or taking on wild Pokemon. 

This means that you should go to the top or bottom lane on the map in a normal ranked or unranked match, along with a partner or two. Blissey is fine only having one Pokemon alongside them, so feel free to be on either of the two lanes; you do not have to go on the one with three players. 

When you team up with a partner, the goal here is to support them, which means they should be leading the charge unless they are a speedster class or a weak Pokemon. You follow their lead and will support them in healing and buffing ways. 

What you should be doing as a general rule of thumb for matches is supporting your partner(s) when necessary, taking out wild Pokemon when you can, and scoring goals when you have the chance. When it comes to fighting other Pokemon, this is something that you should leave up to your partner. 

You do not want to necessarily be the one to instigate fights since you may not know what the other player on your team is going to do. Let them do that job and you support them when you can. I also find that Blissey is pretty good at taking out the powerful wild Pokemon, like Rotom, so long as you keep your level up, but it can be risky so keep that in mind. 

If you find that a team is destroying your teammates on another lane and you think your partner(s) is good on your current one, feel free to switch over and lend the others a hand. Like the speedster class, you should be willing and able to switch around to different parts of the map when necessary, as you can be the game-changer in the group. 

Who Blissey Should Team Up With

As for what Blissey should team up with, that is pretty simple: any character that is not a defender or supporter class. This means the attackers, all-rounders, and the speedsters. However, I would put on a side note that a speedster and Blissey together is an interesting combination but may not work for everyone. 

In general, the more traditional route would be to pair up with an attacker or all-rounder that can deal damage and lead the charge while you support them. Speedster could be a third party in this situation, or you could go the non-traditional route of partnering up with only one of these. 

In this situation, you can play a more aggressive Blissey, speeding up you and the assassin to finish the kills on the opponents. I do not recommend this daring and risky style to most players, but it could be devastating to enemies if you constantly communicate with the speedster. 

For the most part, I recommend teaming up with just about any of the Pokemon from those classes, but here are some specific Pokemon that I like for Blissey. If you go the risky speedster route, Zeraora is the way to go without a doubt, so try to get your partner to pick it. 

Otherwise, some of the attackers and all-rounders that pair well with Blissey are Cinderace, Pikachu, Machamp, and Charizard. But, in general, any of the ones from these classes will do. Feel free to leave it up to your teammates in the end. 

Blissey Builds: Recommended Moves and Items

When it comes to the recommended Blissey Pokemon Unite builds, there are only three of the four main abilities that I recommend using. I do not recommend Safeguard at all, as its utility is fine. It works well even compared to other supporters, but you are missing out on some of the best abilities in the game otherwise. 

So, without a doubt, always pick Soft-Boiled for the healing move that you carry around. On the other hand, this one can go either way when it comes to what you should change Pound into. It depends on your preferences and who you are teamed up with. 

If you want to be a pseudo-attacker and/or play a more aggressive build, the Egg Bomb is the way to go. You will be able to deal some serious damage for a range of enemies and it can be solid. The other option is Helping Hand, which is what I will use for my ability. 

It is the must-have ability for the risky speedster build, but it can work with any attacking partner. Helping Hand will boost you and your partner’s movement and attack speed, which is unbelievably powerful in battle. Pair this with Soft-Boiled. You can heal your team up while chasing down enemies to finish off quickly. 

When it comes to items, it is mostly up to you in this regard as well. Given the passive that Blissey has, Full Heal is pretty useless, so I would focus mainly on the Potion, X Speed, and Eject Button. Either of these three will do, depending on if you want to stay alive for longer or be a useful assassin’s partner. 

How Blissey Compares to Other Supporters and Defenders

It is outstanding when it comes to how the new Blissey Pokemon Unite character compares to the other supporters and the defenders class in the game. It is bar none the best supporter in the game. While you still cannot go wrong with Eldegoss, I would, personally, choose Blissey every single time, no matter the team composition. 

So, if you’re looking for a supporter, Blissey is the one right now. From there, we have the defenders. I have mentioned this in my previous guides, but I think it is unnecessary to have both a supporter and defender on a team. 

I think this is a bit of overkill. It can reduce the quality of your team’s damage overall most of the time. As such, I think that Blissey should be the only one of these two classes on your team if you pick it. The question then remains: do you pick a defender or Blissey?

This is a tough one to answer. It depends on your team’s preference. I would, personally, pick Blissey over a defender most of the time, just because we do not have a defender on its level just yet. But you could still go for Snorlax or Slowbro if you wanted that more traditional damage sponge.

Blissey is not necessarily that great, except when healing itself and staying alive for long periods. It can be a decent tank in the right hands, but it is not its sole purpose. This is worth keeping in mind, but I would still pick Blissey over one of the defenders most of the time. 


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