BlinkerGreen Review: Are These the Perfect Glasses for the Digital Generation?

by in General | Mar, 28th 2020

Today, we’re going to talk about another eye-protection glasses aiming to take control of the digital generation. As the title suggests, the brand behind them is called BlinkerGreen. It’s a relatively small company based in Ireland that aims to make it big on the eyewear market.

They’re bringing forth two types of glasses aimed at reducing eye strain, visual stress, and headaches. Their goals are quite clear, and their design is simple and easy on the eyes… quite literally. While they are primarily targeted at gamers, they aren’t tacky and can be used by anyone who works behind any type of a display, be it a tablet, computer, smartphone or something else.

However, the first thing most gamers/office workers think about when facing the so-called “gaming glasses” is the good old question – do they work?

That sounds like the perfect topic to start off our BlinkerGreen review with! After we briefly explain the science behind blue light and gaming glasses, we’ll dive deeper into the two BlinkerGreen models and see if they’re worth purchasing!

DISCLAIMER: The kind folk over at BlinkerGreen sent us a review copy of their SoftPro glasses. However, our BlinkerGreen review is not a sponsored piece, meaning everything written below comes from my personal experience with the glasses and readily available facts regarding blue light exposure and protective lenses. Eye protection is something I deeply care about, and you should too!

The Science Behind Blue Light

First things first – blue light exposure is among the biggest threats to our eyes in today’s digital world. Overexposure to blue light can lead to several health issues, such as circadian rhythm interference, reduction of melatonin levels (sleep hormone), obesity, diabetes, and even more serious heart issues.

We already have a piece on the importance of gaming glasses. It’s a must-read if you want to understand how they work and why they are so important. Feel free to check it out!

Long story short – high-quality (ready expensive) gaming glasses do work. They help reduce visual stress, eye strain and can improve vision clarity, especially if you are sitting behind a display for hours on end. Sunglasses combat harmful UV rays. Gaming glasses reduce eye strain, screen glare, and visual stress.

BlinkerGreen Review | Blue Light Blocking Glasses 101

As explained above, gaming glasses serve as a layer of protection from screen glare and blue light exposure. At the moment, BlinkerGreen features two products, which are capable of blocking up to 90% of blue light, ensuring your eyes are protected at all times.

Two Available Products

BlinkerGreen SoftPro is the cheaper model, coming in at €49.99 which is roughly $55. It features clear lenses, medium blue light protection, and is made from hypoallergenic materials.

The Shield+, a pricier model, is identical to the cheaper model but bears two distinctive differences. First, it has amber lenses. Second, it boasts with the highest level of blue light protection, which is probably why it costs roughly ten extra bucks.

Key Characteristics

  • Hypoallergenic frames: Both models feature hypoallergenic, plant-based frames that eliminate contact dermatitis and protect your skin from allergies.
  • Visual stress reduction: By reducing blue light exposure and screen glare, both BlinkerGreen models effectively help with visual stress reduction.
  • Headaches reduction: Reduced visual stress means gamers/office workers wearing BlinkerGreen glasses won’t have frequent headaches.
  • Plastic-Free Packaging: The folk over at BlinkerGreen have joined the fight for environmental protection too, featuring a plastic-free, plant-based packaging.

BlinkerGreen Review | My Two Cents

First things first – I already own a pair of prescription glasses that feature photosensitive and anti-blue-light lenses. I’ve used prescription glasses all my life because, quite frankly, I can’t live without them. My eyes aren’t any good on their own, and I need all the help I can get via prescription lenses.

As for photosensitive and anti-blue-light lenses, I got those alongside new frames roughly two years ago. It might sound like a cliché, but I could feel the difference right off the bat! Even though they didn’t help me with my sleeping pattern (I reckon nothing can help my circadian rhythm at this point), my eyes felt much fresher during extended working/gaming sessions, and eye-strain headaches were a thing of the past. I can’t say that they were all gone with absolute certainty, but much rarer, that’s for sure!

The only way I was able to test these glasses was with contact lenses. Let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of sticking things to my eyes. The frame (I got size M) was a perfect fit. It’s not overly nose-heavy, and looks pretty stylish too… if you’re into minimalistic frames, of course. I didn’t have any issues with contact dermatitis. Since they’re made of plant-based hypoallergenic materials it is expected.

The lack of prescription lenses is the only downside in my books, especially with direct competitors (who shall not be named) featuring prescription solutions. I understand it’s difficult to set up, but it leaves people with poor eyesight who aren’t the biggest fans of contact lenses (like myself) unable to use non-prescription gaming glasses.

The lack of prescription solutions is not a major issue. In fact, it’s not even an issue for the vast majority of people. But, it’s still worth mentioning because, after all, we’re trying to keep our BlinkerGreen review 100% objective.

Should I Buy BlinkerGreen Glasses?

Here comes the big question, the one we’re basing our BlinkerGreen review on – should you buy these glasses?

Once again, there are two models available:

  • SoftPro Clear Lens go for €49.99
  • Shield+ go for €59.99

So, should you spend roughly $55 – $65 for gaming/office glasses? Well, that mostly depends on how much time you spend behind a monitor each day. If your answer is 10+ hours, and you’re not wearing any sort of eye protection, then you should definitely go for one of the two aforementioned models.

Remember: Naked eyes are not designed for staring at digital screens and artificial blue light for extended periods of time!

If, however, you’re just a casual gamer and you don’t spend that much time behind your computer screen/TV, perhaps it’s best to spend your money somewhere else. Even though BlinkerGreen glasses would definitely help reduce screen glare, give you a slight boost in clarity and minimize blue light exposure, there’s no need to spend upwards of $50 for something you won’t be using all that often.

In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference…

If you want to buy these glasses, you can do so via the BlinkerGreen official website. The website doesn’t just serve as a dedicated webshop but offers a ton of information regarding both products as well as fact-driven info on the importance of eye protection and dangers of blue light exposure. If you still think gaming glasses are merely a gimmick, make sure you give BlinkerGreen’s website a chance!

That’s it for our BlinkerGreen review. I hope this closer look will help you make the right decision!

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