BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2020 Event Preview & Team Storylines

by in CS:GO | Dec, 3rd 2020

Are you guys ready for another major CSGO event? As you all know, 2020 failed to give us a proper CSGO Major Championship, but quality tournaments were still there, spreading their lucrativeness left and right. BLAST Premier Fall Finals is the next big thing, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Eight teams have found their way into the BLAST Premier Fall season finals. Six of them got here through the regular seasons while two (FURIA and Mousesports) clinched the last remaining tickets via the Showdown last month.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals Preview | Interesting Facts

As always, we’ll start with the most interesting facts!

Tournament Format

BLAST Premier Fall Finals will last for six days, starting on Tuesday, Dec. 8. The format is pretty straightforward – a double-elimination bracket featuring bo3-only matchups. That’s it!

Qualified Teams

Here’s a quick look at the eight teams who’ve qualified for BLAST Premier Fall Finals:

  • OG
  • Vitality
  • G2
  • NaVi
  • BIG
  • Astralis
  • Mousesports

Prize Pool Info

There’s $425,000 in the BLAST Premier Fall Finals prize pool with $225,000 going to the winning teams, alongside 4000 BLAST Premier points and a direct invitation to next year’s Global Finals. The full prize pool distribution can be found here.

BLAST Fall Finals Team Storylines

Now let’s talk a bit about the participating teams. For starters, there are just eight of them. Usually, in this section, we give a few paragraphs on the most notable contestants, but I reckon we should switch things up and say a word or two on all of them! After all, we’re talking about BLAST Premier Fall Finals here; it’s a pretty big occasion worthy of special treatment, right?


Let’s start with FURIA. The Brazilians came to Europe to try and cement their spot as one of (if not the) best teams in the world. Their first European campaign was a big mishap, following two tough losses right off the bat. Later on, they settled in the old continent and clinched the BLAST Premier Fall finals through the Showdown. They had a couple of scares but managed to do the hard work in the end. 

As far as FURIA’s opening round goes, they’re set to play against G2 once again. We’ve seen these two go up against each other just two days ago in what was a pretty stellar encounter. G2 tied the game on Mirage, all thanks to NiKo’s incredible performance…. but failed to be as lethal in the decider. G2 allowed FURIA to stomp over them on Nuke, and I reckon they won’t forget that easily. We might be in for a real cracker here!

VIN1 was FURIA’s best player against G2 last time out; his display on Inferno was phenomenal. But, I reckon the Brazilians will need all of their players to show up for the occasion, especially HEN1 and yuurih, who’ve left much to be desired over the last few weeks.


It’s only logical to talk about G2 next! One of the best European teams out there finally has a Godlike roster. NiKo has finally settled in and is already showing off the full pallet of his CSGO brilliance. He’s still prone to significant oscillations, though. Luckily for G2, they have more potent fraggers, so they won’t have to rely on good old NiKo all the time.

G2 swept through the BLAST Premier Fall regular season to clinch a spot on the Finals. They also had a solid run on IEM XV Beijing before NaVi stopped them from reaching the grand finals. That defeat against FURIA must’ve taken a toll on players’ morale, but I’m sure that will be an extra motivator for their upcoming replay against the Brazilians.

G2 vs. Astralis was hard to watch. NiKo pulled off another spectacular performance, but Magisk was doing the same thing on the other end. Unlucky timings aside, kudos to Astralis for qualifying for the playoffs.


What’s up with OG? They almost went all the way on IEM XV New York, having successfully reached the grand finals. Faze Clan was too much, though, but OG didn’t let that loss faze them (pun intended). Just three weeks later, against all odds, OG finished at the top of their BLAST Premier Fall group and clinched a spot on the Finals.

Besides that, OG is still in the title race on the second season of Flashpoint. They’re waiting for their lower bracket r2 opponent and are likely to be in a real uphill struggle. But you know how they say – cometh the hour, cometh the man… and valde is that man! The 25-year-old Danish rifler has been outright excellent over the last month or so. Mantuu is right up there too, but the Dane has to be pointed out as the crucial figure in OG’s roster. If he gets things going, you can rest assured OG will be aggressively contesting the W.

OG will play against BIG in the opening round. They’ve met five times this year, with the score being 3:2 in favor of BIG. Nothing surprising considering BIG’s form this summer. Even without the h2h info, I still would’ve labeled this as a tight contest. BIG are the favorites, that’s for sure, but they’ll have to vary of OG’s upset potential. Fun fact – if beats BIG in Flashpoint S2 upper bracket finals, OG will play against BIG twice in four days.


Vitality is in excellent form; it takes no genius to realize that. The Frenchmen are coming into this event after taking the IEM XV Beijing title last month. The only downside is the fact this will be their first competitive match in more than two weeks. This is always a double-edged sword! The lack of competitive outings means players might not be 100% sharp in their first post-break encounter. The upside is that players feel refreshed and relaxed, which could positively impact their performance. Which will be prevalent with Vitality? Well, I guess we’ll see soon.

As you’d come to expect, ZywOo is the first name on Vitality’s team sheet. The brilliant Frenchmen continues to impress, showing off superb consistency last month. If he’s able to transition it to BLAST Premier Fall Finals, I’m sure we’ll see Vitality snatch another excellent result. ZywOo and the boys face Mousesports in the quarterfinals. This will be their third head to head match in 2020, with the first two ending in a win on both ends. This one is difficult to call; that’s for sure!


What can the Germans do on BLAST Premier Fall Finals? Mind you, in-form BIG can wreak havoc no matter who’s on the other end. Besides, they’ve already shown their true selves this summer. Their form was crazy; they swept through the European scene and grabbed three notable titles. Can they snatch another one?

Another notable one, to be more precise. You see, BIG comes into this event after conquering Merkur Masters Season 2. The quality of teams was meh at best, but a title is still a title, and BIG players will surely fancy more of the same here.

BIG has to be grateful for having syrsoN and XANTARES in great form. They’ve been the keys to BIG’s success and are still leading the charge in terms of overall contribution. As stated earlier, OG will be a tough opening-round opponent, but BIG are the favorites. I reckon they’ll cement that label!


Natus Vincere is taking things slowly these days. They haven’t played a single competitive map since IEM XV Beijing’s grand finals, where they lost 3:2 against Vitality. That’s a double-edged sword, though. Sure, they’ll have plenty of time to focus on their gameplay, but the lack of competitive clashes will take a toll on their readiness and sharpness.

There’s one man who won’t be lacking any of that, and his name is pretty s1mple (pun intended). Over the last month (across eighteen played maps), S1mple has astonishing 1.42 K/D with +119 kills to his tally. That rounds up to a 1.30 HLTV rating – pretty sick stats considering they’ve played against teams like Astralis, G2, and Vitality.

Talking about clashes with top-tier teams, NaVi will have another one at the start of BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Their opening-round opponents are the Great Danes. Yep, we’ll get to see NaVi vs. Astralis right off the bat! That’s bound to be a thrilling match, right?


Now let’s say a couple of words about Astralis! Of course, we need to mention their triumphant lower bracket run on DreamHack Masters Winter right off the bat! As you may have heard, Astralis lost to GODSENT in the opening round in what was a massive upset. Since then, though, the Great Danes turned a new page and eliminated Team Liquid and G2, two prominent, I’ll even dare to say, title-contesting teams. 

That match against G2 almost went the extra distance, but Magisk and Device had other ideas. As I’ve stated earlier, it was painful to watch for G2 fans… but I can only imagine how awesome it was for people in camp Astralis. Astralis are now through to the playoffs, where they’ll square off against the event’s biggest surprise – Gambit. What do you guys think – can the Russians swing a fast one by Astralis?

Gla1ve is back in the IGL role for Astralis, and that ought to help the Great Danes reach their old heights. I’m not belittling Magisk – Astralis won several events under his IGLing tenure, but Gla1ve’s game sense is something else. I’m positive his in-game calls and decision-making skills will help Astralis reach a remarkable result here.

Given the way they’ve been playing on DreamHack Masters Winter so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if Astralis win two consecutive events – DH Winter and BLAST Fall Finals! You’ve heard it here first, folks!


Mousesports has been rather busy in recent months! They’ve secured BLAST Premier Fall Finals via the Showdown, I’ll dare to say against all odds. Their DreamHack Masters Winter campaign is coming along nicely. Mousesports triumphed in the group stage and are now waiting to tackle Cloud9 in the quarterfinals.

Even though I love Cloud9’s potential, I reckon Mousesports will dismantle them and build their confidence even further. Plus, it’s going to be interesting to see Woxic play against his old team. Mouz should come into this tournament with winds of victory in their sails. I’m not saying they’ll win DreamHack Masters, but I reckon it’s not an impossible scenario!

If ropz continues to impress; if frozen and Bymas keep up with their consistency… I wouldn’t be surprised if Mousesports get a good result on BLAST Premier Fall Finals, too… assuming they can keep their composure if they drop to the lower bracket.  

BLAST Fall Finals 2020 Schedule (CET)

We’re not done just yet! We still haven’t talked about the schedule:

Tuesday, Dec. 8

  • Vitality vs. Mousesports – 4.30 p.m.
  • NaVi vs. Astralis – 7.30 p.m.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

  • GS vs. FURIA – 1.30 p.m.
  • OG vs. BIG – 4.30 p.m.

Remember, BLAST Premier Fall Finals incorporate a double-elimination bracket, which means that teams who lose in the opening round will get another chance in the lower bracket. It’s a more complex, more forgiving system, but it generally brings forth better CSGO action.

One last thing – you can watch the action live starting next Tuesday via the official BLAST Premier Twitch channel.

That’s all, folks!

Fingers crossed BLAST Premier Fall Finals exceeds our expectations!


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