BLAST Premier Fall 2020 Regular Season Preview, Team Overviews, and Tournament Format

by in CS:GO | Oct, 19th 2020

Even though BLAST Premier Fall regular season was supposed to feature separate online events for Europe and the Americas, a last-second decision was made to put both events into a single spectacle. Yep, that’s right, you’ve read that correctly… We’re finally going to see the best European teams go up against the best American teams. The last time we saw them fight for a trophy was way back in early March during IEM XV Katowice… which just further boosts the importance of our BLAST Premier Fall 2020 preview!

However, that was an offline event! Even though we’re going to see the best of EU go up against the best of NA, we’re not talking about a LAN environment. All teams are set to compete from Europe, but they will be playing in an online environment that has become the standard for the CSGO pro scene.

Still, something is better than nothing, right?

BLAST Premier Fall Preview

Let’s talk business, boys!

RFRSH Entertainment pulled all the necessary strings to make this happen. They’ll help the three American organizations settle in Europe for the event, and will make sure everything goes according to the highest standards. After all, this is the first international event in quite a time, which means the expectations will be sky-high.

Interesting Facts

Needless to say, the most interesting fact about this event is the fact it packs three American teams alongside Europe’s greatest. FURIA, Evil Geniuses, and MIBR are the American teams of choice, and it’s going to be interesting to see how they square off against the likes of Astralis, NaVi, and G2, among others.

There’s a total of twelve teams set to participate in BLAST Premier Fall 2020, battling for a hefty $150,000 in prize money. There’s more to it than just money, though, seeing as the top six teams get a spot on the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2020. The bottom half will have to battle their way through the Showdown that’s been scheduled for late November.

Lastly, broadcast talent hasn’t been announced yet. But, knowing RFRSH’s past productions, we can rest assured they’ll bring forth the crème de la crème!

UPDATE – James Banks is set to be the main host for the event. Freya Spiers is going to be in charge of the interviews, and we’re going to have Maniac and Pimp as the analysts’ combo. Anders, Semmler, Iaunders and Scrawny will be our two commentating pairs, ensuring the action is properly covered from start to finish.

Prize Pool Distribution

1st – 3rd $25,0001600 Premier Points
4th – 6th $12,500800 Premier Points
7th – 9th $7,500600 Premier Points
10th – 12th $5,000400 Premier Points

Tournament Format

A quick reminder – we’re looking at the regular season here, meaning there won’t be a single winner here, but three group winners and runners-up that’ll advance to the Finals. The whole event is set up as a group stage, featuring three double-elimination groups.

Each group will have four teams and only best of three matches. Group winners and runners-up advance to the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. Two bottom-placed teams from all three groups advance to the Fall Showdown for the last chance to grab the Finals’ tickets.

The groups are as follows:

Group A

  • NaVi
  • NiP
  • EG
  • OG

Group B

  • Vitality
  • Complexity
  • BIG
  • Faze

Group C

  • Astralis
  • MIBR
  • G2

Key Team Storylines

As always, we’re bringing forth storylines of key teams that’ll be competing in this event. However, there’s something you should know right off the bat. The information regarding some of the teams might not be complete. That’s because some of them are currently playing on ongoing events and will be hoping to improve their form ahead of this one.

But, here goes nothing:

Evil Geniuses


Astralis is the one true king of European CSGO. However, when xyp9x and gla1ve stepped down from the starting roster, The Great Danes (or should I say its core) experienced a drastic fall. It was to be expected, though, you can’t really imagine Astralis without two of their key players, can you?

Well, the good old Astralis roster, the one that’s reigning supreme over CSGO Majors, is back in action for BLAST Premier Fall 2020! Not only is this event going to bring forth EU vs NA matchups, but it’s also bringing forth the good old Astralis. If that’s not a good reason to watch the action live, then I am not sure what is!

Astralis is group C with MIBR, FURIA, and G2. Last time out, during BLAST Premier Spring regular season, Astralis failed to reach the Finals. They lost against Complexity in the opening round, and once again against NaVi in the lower bracket. This time around, device and the boys will want to turn things around and qualify without any issues. FURIA will be the biggest threat here – I just can’t wait to see how these two teams perform against opposition from another region!


FURIA is the next team on our bucket list. The Brazilian sensation is still at the very top of the American CSGO food chain. They’re right up there with Evil Geniuses, having transformed into the only team in the region that holds the key to defeating Brehze and the boys. Who knows, perhaps they’ll transition their regional rivalry to BLAST Premier Fall Finals too.

How is this FURIA team so darn good? Well, the key lies in their teamwork. Every single member of the starting roster is pulling a fair share of the weight. Everyone knows what they’re doing at every moment, and they’re ready to trade with the best of them. They’re not scared of playing on maps that aren’t their natural picks, and if KSCERATO and yuurih start a map on the right foot, they’re almost impossible to take down.

FURIA’s 2020 has been absolutely spectacular so far! They won three notable events and had several additional campaigns that were pretty close to the gold. Consistency is FURIA’s greatest strength. Well, consistency and teamwork. They’re going to be a proper contestant in group C where they’ll square off against the likes of Astralis, G2 as well as their Brazilian brothers, MIBR. Fun-fact – at the time of writing this piece, there are ten days till the start of BLAST Premier Fall 2020 and MIBR only has two players in their active roster.


Is Navi really the best team in group A? Can the CIS side show themselves in good light following recent mishaps in Europe? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out in this part of our BLAST Premier Fall 2020 preview!

At the moment, Natus Vincere is playing on the IEM XV New York CIS event. They’re at the top of group A, following wins against Cyber Legacy and K23. They’re yet to play the likes of ForZe and, teams that should put up a better fight against S1mple and the co.

The brilliant Ukrainian fragger, often dubbed as the best player in the world, will want a taste of American teams. It’s been a while, and he’ll definitely have a ton of motivation going forward. He will, however, need the rest of his team to follow in his footsteps. As a reminder, NaVi is in group A with NiP, EG, and OG. It’s a highly competitive group, one NaVi will definitely have to play at their best to reach the BLAST Premier Finals.


Vitality is always up there with Europe’s finest teams… and they’re still consistently good even though all teams know their secret weapon – ZywOo. However, with misutaaa’s arrival, Vitality is starting to develop their tactical options to far greater lengths. They’ve started experimenting with different approaches, and have already captured some of their opponents off-guard. But, they still have burning issues they’ll need to resolve if they are to take the next big step forward and become the best team in the region.

Can ZywOo’s Vitality finally close an event out? I mean, it’s getting ridiculous, isn’t it? Three straight second-place finishes on three notable events? Luck is not a part of Vitality’s roster, or so it seems. True, their ESL Pro League S12 campaign ended up as a huge disappointment, but I doubt Vitality will let that faze them. The same goes for their recent IEM XV New York semifinals elimination, courtesy of Faze Clan.

If ZywOo has another one of those events, and if the rest of the team finally start pulling the weight in the grand finals, I’m sure we’ll see great things from Vitality on BLAST Premier Fall. They’re likely to go up against Faze again… talk about the perfect chance to get that sweet taste of revenge.

Faze Clan

Who are the Favorites?

I honestly can’t tell! This is the first NA+EU tournament in a while, and I’m pretty sure no one knows what to expect. EU is constantly being labeled as the superior region, and I reckon the first few matches will have the perfect chance to confirm that.

I’m mainly referring to FURIA vs. G2 and EG vs. OG. Those two matchups will pack all the excitement of the first round, and will surely pave the way for future encounters. There’s a big downside to all of this – we’ll have to return to regional online events which is going to be insane after finally experiencing proper international CSGO…

So yeah, we better enjoy BLAST Premier Fall 2020 while it lasts!


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