Black Ops Cold War Zombies Content Is Lacking

by in Call of Duty | Dec, 21st 2020

One of the most important things in a Call of Duty game, especially one that is made by Treyarch, is the Zombies mode. For many players, it is even more important than the classic online multiplayer as it is a beloved Black Ops game mode. But, unfortunately, the Black Ops Cold War Zombies content is lacking at this time, in my opinion.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies Content Is Pretty Lacking

I do think that the Black Ops Cold War Zombies content is severely lacking in the game, especially as we are now more than a month after the launch of the game. At the time of writing this, season 1 just dropped for Black Ops Cold War and my sentiment remains exactly the same.

Sure, Treyarch has tried to throw a bone to the fans of this game mode by offering two new modes for you to try out on the map that we already know pretty well by this point but it really isn’t enough. They are mainly palette swaps that just change up the looks and that is really it honestly.

There is nothing truly substantial that has dropped for the Black Ops Cold War Zombies content in season 1, which is pretty disappointing to me. I was hoping for at least one new map or some sort of game mode that truly shakes up what we know and love about the fan favorite mode but, alas, that isn’t the case.

Instead, we basically just have the same old Zombies experience that we had at launch that was pretty disappointing in terms of longevity. I have no doubt that we will get more content in the near future, especially since we have heard plenty of rumors and theories, but there is still nothing to date.

To go into this, I have come up with the reasons behind why I think the Black Ops Cold War Zombies content is lacking — perhaps you agree — and what I would like to see happen to address these specific problems. But before anything else, I want to give some positive thoughts on this current Zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War.

What We Have Is a Good Foundation

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really like what we have currently in Black Ops Cold War. I’ve never really been a fan of the whole remake thing for Zombies maps that happens in basically every single Black Ops game, but I do get it for those who really like those classic maps.

But what we have here in this rendition of Zombies is a single main map for you to check out: Die Maschine. It is a remake of the very original Zombies map that we ever had and that makes perfect sense for the start of the new Dark Aether storyline, the first new story since the beginning of Zombies.

Overall, I really like what Treyarch did with this map. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original but they have brought this one back and made it much better with a fresh coat of paint, new areas, and a huge expansion to make this sweeping map much more appealing and interesting to players.

Overall, there is a lot of variation to this rendition of the fan favorite map that makes it much more fun to play on, at least for me. I really do like it and it has become an instant favorite for me to date. But even as a fan, I can see the cracks that are easily beginning to form for this singular map.

That said, this is a solid foundation for what’s to come. If Treyarch is able to take the ideas that it has put forward for Die Maschine and bring it to other Zombies maps in the future, then this could end up being one of the greatest Zombies experiences of all time; it just isn’t there, yet.

Add in the excellent ways that the progression system is handled in Black Ops Cold War and you have something that is solid at launch. The way that you are able to progress through Zombies and still earn and unlock stuff as you would in multiplayer is fantastic, as well as being able to use your favorite guns in your base loadout.

It is all a very solid foundation that should be built upon with even more or else it will go down in history as one of the lamest Zombies modes ever made. Here’s what’s wrong with it and how it can be fixed in the future.

Dead Ops and Onslaught Don’t Help Much With Content

Perhaps one of the biggest issues with the Zombies experience is that so much time and effort was spent on other content that you can do in the mode that isn’t the normal Zombies experience. Sure, there is only one map but you do have two other side things you can do: Dead Ops Arcade 3 and Onslaught.

The former is the long-awaited return of this top-down experience with some minor changes and a new map to explore. It is a large and interesting map, one that I enjoyed for the brief period of time that I played it but, like Die Maschine, that enjoyment only lasted for so long.

Before I even spent a few hours with the game mode, I was already done with it and not interested in picking it back up. This is something that is unfortunate when I think about the fact that the development on this mode or the slot that it filled could have been replaced with a more traditional Zombies map.

The same can be said, mostly, for Onslaught. I like this mode a lot more and would play it more but the design of it is flawed in some major ways to be a huge turn-off for me, personally. The fact that you can only play it with up to two players is pretty lame and would have benefited more from four players, especially in some of the more difficult later waves.

Not to mention the fact that it is only available on the PlayStation consoles at this time. If you are on Xbox or PC, you are completely out of luck for roughly the next year or so to check this out. So, for those players, the Zombies experience is even more lacking overall.

It sucks that there are two additional Zombies modes to experience in the base game and they are both rather disappointing, and do little to add to the total experience. It would have helped if they had but they don’t and it only makes the omission of other quality content more apparent.

There Needs to Be More Zombies Maps

I’m going to be real here: the Black Ops Cold War Zombies content is lacking mainly because it needs more Zombies maps overall. That is the sole problem that would have solved my issue with the lack of content and potentially other players in the community.

It runs, looks, and plays great but we don’t have the maps that we should have for this game. There is a single normal Zombies map and that is it. Sure, there are plenty more with Onslaught included but, again, that is a flawed mode that isn’t appealing to me with only two players and it isn’t available to everyone.

So, if you want that classic wave-based first-person shooter Zombies experience, you only have one map to choose from in Black Ops Cold War even after season 1 has dropped. This is a massive mistake and one that needs to be fixed as soon as possible by Treyarch.

Even one more map at launch would have helped the game out considerably and made my arguments likely be erased, so long as it was a quality map that was worth playing. Die Maschine is good and all but it is clear to me that it really can’t carry the entire Zombies experience on its shoulders. We need more maps.

We Also Need Original Maps

More importantly than we need more maps in Zombies, there are some specific maps that I would like to see. I think that Treyarch does interesting things when it launches with an original map for players to explore. In fact, every single mainline Black Ops game has done that to date.

Oh, well, except for Black Ops Cold War that is. It is the only mainline Black Ops game to not launch with a unique map all its own and that is a darn shame as it would have really helped this game out a lot. Not all of the original maps are ever good — I wasn’t a fan of the Black Ops 3 ones, for instance — but they always show Treyarch at its finest.

These original maps are where the developer gives it its all and showcase something that they have never done before. More importantly, it allows the developer to create something that is wholly built from the ground up for that particular game and everything that makes it work so well.

Die Maschine is a testament in that it feels like it was built for this game but it does have that old nature to it still at the same time that it is unable to actually brush past. I’m okay with it being here in the game at launch but it would have been better to have something unique and new this time around.

We could have it and a brand new map that we have never seen before at launch and then both sides of the community would have been catered to. Those players who like remakes and returning to older maps would have been able to do that and players like me who enjoy new experiences could have that, too.

For now, only the one half of the Zombies fans have the remake stuff going for them and those who like original experiences are going to have to wait a good while longer as I don’t expect a new Zombies map to drop randomly so it will likely be season 2 in a few months when we see one.

Past Zombies Experiences Launched With More Maps

Above all else, one of the most problematic things that Black Ops Cold War does is break the tradition of at least having two maps available for Zombies when it came out. Every single Black Ops game to date had at least two maps for players to check out in Zombies, if not more than that.

Even the original Black Ops had two maps for players to unlock and check out, with plenty more, of course, coming later down the road in the map packs. Black Ops 2 followed a similar format, which was especially important for that particular game.

Many players didn’t like TranZit all that much. While I really liked it, I understand that many in the community didn’t and it was good for them that there was another map to play. Black Ops 3 continued this trend, even if I didn’t like the maps in that game all that much and Black Ops 4 really knocked it out of the park.

Black Ops 4 is my least favorite game in the series but I have no problem admitting that the game did an excellent job with Zombies, even if it didn’t make up for the lack of a singleplayer campaign. You would think that Black Ops Cold War would at least match past games in this way but, lo and behold, here we are with only one normal Zombies map to play on. Hopefully, Treyarch is quick to change this in a massive way in the near future.


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